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" Did you do what I think you did?" Roger said an astonished look was on his face. I stared at them and continued to think of what I did to confuse them, and then I realized my mistake. Great, now my whole cover is blown. I just cocked my head to the side, feigning innocence.

" Maybe we heard wrong. It doesn't look like—"

" Don't base your thoughts on looks alone. I have studied him for some time, and I've caught snippets of conversations where our little Matt was talking to one of our students,"

I stopped, hearing the familiar voice of L.

" L-sama?" Watari wondered.

" Matt, you can stop your charade now. Don't go on pretending that you're mute or deaf. Sleep now and we'll talk later tomorrow in my room. Everyone else, go back to your rooms," the dark haired detective announced, heading out of the room and into the hallways.

I sat there on my bed, eyes down in my lap as everyone filed out of my room. The door finally closed, leaving me in the darkness.


The next morning, I sat in bed, holding down the lump that had form in my throat and the butterflies in my stomach. I screwed my eyes shut, thinking of the inevitable. Then I decided to once and for all, and face this. They had to know sooner or later; and the sooner, the better.

I walked out of my room to see Mello standing there, opposite me.

" So you can actually hear and talk after all. How long were you planning to keep this a secret from us?" I could hear the annoyance in his voice. It striked my heart, why do I feel like I'm hurting? I only did this for…you. Well, no it was for me. It was for my own gain by doing this.

" L's waiting for you, Matt."

I nodded and headed down the hallway towards L's room. I hesitated before entering, grabbing the door knob in my hands and turned the handle. The room was well lit by the sunny sky outside. The curtains were drawn aside as if to put the spotlight on me.

L looked as always, his dark hair ruffled and his thumb was under his lips as he had his knees up to his chest. His look seemed intimidating. I froze in my spot in front of the door, unable to think of whether to sit down or stand. I stood, waiting for L's command. Then the dark-haired detective bid me sit down in front of him. I walked over and sat down on the black leather sofa and waited for my fate.

" Tell me why you didn't reveal your secret from the moment the rumors started?" the dark-haired detective wondered. I looked down at my lap,

" Because it was better for me if I lived my life in the shadows," I stated.

" Shadows? Do you seek comfort there, being alone and in the dark? Don't you want to live your life to the fullest and be with the people who care about you the most?"

" No," I stated dully.

" And why is that, Matt?"

" I…don't know," I said, wringing my hands nervously.

" If you're here about your fate, I could only say that I'm not here to stop you. It's your decision on whether you want to continue staying here, or go somewhere else," L stated. I looked up in shock,

" But I thought--" I was shocked and happy at the same time. There was no way that this could happen; I wasn't going to be thrown out.

" Now, you have to get others to trust you again," L said. I looked down at my lap again, he was right. I had to get things back with Mello if only he would let me. I stood and quietly left the room.


I walked out into the hallway to see Kaito, Miri…and Near there.

" So what did L say, Matt? Are you getting thrown out of here?" Miri wondered, afraid for me.

" If he decides to throw you out because of this mishap then--" Kaito started, but was cut off when I spoke up,

" No, he's letting me stay."

The group let out a sigh. I looked down a bit, Mello wasn't here.

" I'll treat you to ice cream, Matt. Let's celebrate!" Kaito stated. Miri nodded, grabbing my hand,

" Yes! Please come, Matt?"

I shook my head, pulling my hand slowly out of her grasp,

" I need to make it up to Mello first. I'll take a rain check on that ice cream, Kaito. Sorry," I replied hastily as I ran down the hallway in search of the blonde.


The blonde was in his room, sitting and thinking about the shocking news. Matt was not handicapped at all, he was perfectly fine all along. Then a memory flashed in his mind,


Matt was struggling against his hold as he dragged the red head outside into the garden in the back of the school. He let go of the boy's arm suddenly and turned to look at the object of his affection. His demeanor suddenly changed from anger to one of nervousness as he continued to stare straight into the face of his crush.

" Matt, I-I like you," Mello had confessed suddenly. From the look on the red head's face that he was thrown for a loop there was no way he had seen that coming. I look at his expression and there was no shock written there. Then it all came to me,

" Matt's deaf, Mello! Sheesh! How embarrassing…"

End of Flashback

A blush graced his features and Mello smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand,

" Then he knows my feelings for him…"


Mello looked up at the door and replied harshly,

" Who is it?"

" Matt…" came a mumble reply. His eyes shot wide,

' What did the red head want now?'


I walked down the quiet corridor to the blonde's new room with Near. I stood in front of the wooden door, contemplating whether or not I wanted to face him. In the end, I summoned up as much courage as I could and knocked on the door.

A harsh reply answered from the other side and I stiffened, Mello was actually in his room.

" Matt…" I answered. I stared down at my feet when I heard shuffling beyond the door, coming closer and closer until the door swung open revealing the blonde. He had a pissed off look on his face that made me flinch a little.

" So, what is it? Saying goodbye?" Mello replied. I looked to the side; sadden that he would think I was leaving this place.

" Um, no…L, he let me stay," I answered.

" I see and what have you come here for?" the blonde wondered.

" I want to ask you to forgive me. I know that you might not want me here, but…" I stated.

" Whoever said that I didn't want you here?" the blonde said suddenly, catching me off guard.

" Y-You don't want me to leave?" I replied. I could see the light pink stains on his cheeks as he turned away from me,

" That's not what I said. I mean, what would Kaito say if he heard me saying that? We're going to get into an argument once again."

I smiled, so it was all for his relationship with Kaito that was bugging him.

" You're right."


Our very small talk turned into a more intimate talk when I told him of my feelings.

" Mello? There's something I want to tell you…"

" Yeah, what is it?"

" I like you."

There was silence and more silence until the silence became an enemy to my ears,

" Mello? Can you say something? You're scaring me."

" …do you really need me to respond? You already know of my feelings and I don't feel in the moment to repeat what I said before," the blonde replied, a blush etched on his face. I laughed a bit, getting a glare from Mello.

" What's so funny?"

" Nothing…" I shook my head, relishing the moment with him. Then the moment interrupted when something enclosed around my hand. I looked up to see Mello blushing even more as I noticed that it was his hand that was holding mines.

" Mello?"

His face was now inches away from mines, his breath hot on my face. We were so close, but the door opened abruptly and we flew apart from each other blushing madly.

" Mello…" the voice sang and it stopped, eyes focusing on us, " oops. Am I interrupting something?" There was a perverted smirk on the girl's face.

" What are you doing here, Natasha?"(1) Mello growled angrily, bearing his teeth.

" Just thought I'd call you down for dinner and you too Matt," Natasha giggled, disappearing out of sight.

We looked at each other before another blush made its way up our cheeks.

" Let's go, yeah?" I wondered, getting up from the bed and reaching my hand out for his. Mello was stubborn for a while, but grabbed my hand in the end. We made our way down to the dining hall and just when we entered, there was a flashing of lights and the sounds of confetti popping at us.

" WELCOME TO WAMMY'S ORPHANAGE, MATT!!!" the whole staff and students of Wammy cried. I stopped in my tracks, the whole dining room was lit up with lights and the table was filled with platter of foods. Everyone was smiling at me. I noticed Miri, Near and Kaito amongst the students even Kei and his little groupie were here celebrating for me.

" Thank you…" I mumbled tears of joy were threatening to fall.

" Aww, come on Matt! Why are you crying?" Kaito said making his way up to the front and over to me.

" I'm crying because I'm happy," I stated through sobs.

" Yeah! And your ugly mug," Mello added. I stifled my laugh as Kaito gave a pissed off look.

" Oooh! You guys are holding hands, finally confessed to Matt have you, Mello?" Miri cried. Everyone looked at our joined hands and I immediately let go, but Mello got a hold of it and stated,

" Yes, what's it to you?"

" Nothing! I'm just glad you finally made your feelings known!" Miri replied.

" Tch."

" Let's just get the party going," I said and everybody looked at me.

" You heard the boy, I'm getting hungry," Kei stated and everybody began talking to one another, getting food and sitting themselves on a seat and the festivities began.

I sat next to Mello, eating and laughing with the rest of Wammy's occupants and had a great time. I learned that being silent and invisible wasn't all that's cracked up to be. (2) I was happy to have someone to reach out to; Miri, Near, Kaito and Mello most of all. Being on the sidelines and watching from afar as the person I adore, the person that I love was having so much fun with someone other than me hurt me deep. But now here he is by my side, my eternal devotion, my love, my Mello.


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(1) Natasha is a friend of mines who happened to sit across from me during school as I wrote half of this chapter and I felt lazy in thinking of a girl name so, deal with it.

(2) This is from my own experience and still dealing with it too.