Summary: Carlisle, a young doctor, walks into Esme in the park. What happens when their lives keep seeming to cross paths? Is it fate?

"Carlisle!" I heard the high-pitched squeal from behind me. Why me? I thought desperately. Fake smile already plastered in place, I turned round to greet Heather. The new receptionist at the hospital had been following me around for days, and I swear she was deliberately screwing up the files on the computer, just do she could ask me to help her redo them. I was the new doctor at Seattle Hospital, just out of med school and not remotely concerned with my love life, something she didn't seem to understand. My career was way too important to me. "Can you help me sort out some patients files?" she was standing only a few inches in front of me and was fluttering her eyelashes behind her glasses in a manner that I guessed was supposed to be seductive.

"I'm sorry." I tried not to sound too happy that I always had already made plans and wouldn't have to lie to her this time. "I'm meeting my parents. I haven't seen them since I moved to Seattle." My parents lived in a rainy little town called Forks. It wasn't a particularly long drive away, but I had been busy with my studies while I was training to become a doctor and hadn't had much time for my family, something I did feel bad about, but was determined to put right.

"Oh. Never mind then." Her tone of voice sounded slightly unhappier, and her face had slipped into a pout. She turned to walk away and I breathed a quiet sigh of relief that she had not pursued the matter further. "Hey!" She spun round on her heel to face me again; the wide smile was stretched across her face again with her sudden thought. "Why don't you take a friend to meet your parents? I could come with you."

I had been on a date once with Heather. When I hadn't been able to think of an excuse. She was very young, only 20 years old and some teenage tendencies slipped through. She wore bright, flashy colours, her shirts were a little too low cut and sometimes I wondered how she had managed to get a job in a hospital. The date hadn't gone well, and I hadn't called her back, I avoided her in the corridors for a while until I plucked up the courage to tell her that I wasn't looking for a serious relationship. She hadn't seemed fazed by the rejection, but she didn't give up on me. If anything it only made her more eager.

"Thanks, but I think they just wanted to see me. You know, catch up on what's been going on." I answered her hastily. Silently praying that she wouldn't pursue the matter further.

"Ah." Her eyes hardened. Maybe she was beginning to get the message. "Some other time then." And she stormed off, probably to harass another doctor somewhere.

I sighed and walked out of the brightly lit reception and out into the car park. I hadn't brought my car I preferred to walk home. My shift ended at five o'clock and I liked to take a walk through the city occasionally, it gave me time to think about things, something that with my busy schedule was hard to do. Work started at 9am, I was having difficulty with the heavy workload, and it wasn't like I could take my work home with me, and the patients were always whining. Sometimes I wished, just for once, to have a patient I could talk to, someone who wouldn't demand for everything and would actually think about what I wanted and not just themselves, this didn't just apply to patients. Most of the women I met were so into themselves it was unbelievable. Any dates that I want on with them: they just ranted on about themselves and all the amazing things they had done, they didn't care at all about me, and hardly anything changed into anything serious. I wanted to meet someone who genuinely cared. But it wasn't like that was going to happen any time soon.

I walked in the direction of the park and it didn't take long for me to reach it. It was quiet and I didn't pay much attention to where my feet were carrying me. They knew the route well enough. I didn't take the main path through the park. I preferred to take a quieter, albeit slightly longer, route that took me round the side, close to the wall.

I was watching the ground while I walked until I felt something, or someone crash into me suddenly. My arms flailed instinctively to try and catch whatever it was, but they only met air. I looked down at the floor again and saw a young woman with caramel coloured hair sitting on the ground looking up at me, her hair hiding her face. She was curled round slightly: clutching at her ankle.

"Oops. I'm so sorry." I stammered and dropped to my knees immediately to help her. I lifted her ankle gently, feeling for any sign of swelling. She seemed to be fine; it wasn't even twisted. "You're okay." I told her standing up and holding out my hand to her.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks so much for the assessment doctor." She snapped sarcastically. She shook her hair back so she could look at me, and I let out a very audible gasp. Her bright blue eyes pierced me and I felt my gaze moving across her perfect heart-shaped face, taking her in, and down to her delicate lips. She was beautiful. Her eyes had a look of honesty that wasn't found in most people, and I reached down instinctively to lift her by her arms to her feet.

"Let go." She hissed. "Creep." She brushed my hands away and glared at me, unfathomable hatred in her eyes.

"Huh?" I was slightly shocked.

"Don't touch me."

"What? I didn't do anything." I hurried. She thought I was some kind of pervert. Great, just great, like I needed this.

"Whatever." And she rushed straight past me and left the way I had entered.

Alrighty, here's the beginning to my Carlisle and Esme story. This chapter is tiny, and I promise the next one will be longer, I'm so sorry. If I get five reviews I will update tomorrow. Thanks!