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Returning to Cybertron left the whole team with a strange feeling in their tanks. True, it was good to finally come home, but a lot had happened in both worlds that made them feel out of place, no matter where they went. It had been especially hart for Sari. After finding out she was a hybrid she had never been able to return to being human again and after her "father's" dead – he died of age, since restoring the Allspark and fighting the Decepticons off had actually taken that long – she hadn't found a reason to stay on earth any longer.

The Autobots had been celebrated and partly even worshiped as heroes, but the tolerance of humans had their boundaries. Accepting their existence had been one thing, that as a different race they had also a slightly different understanding of certain things had also been understandable, but when it came to gender related ... it wasn't so much that out of eight six were obviously "gay", but that gender was only just so a matter of appearance not reproduction was stressing it too far. There had been no violence or notable insults, but a gap between the humans and them that no amount of good will could bridge and no matter how much he loved earth Prowl wanted to have his and Jazz' sparkling rather on Cybertron.

The sparklet and Sari were also the main reasons why their return wasn't the celebration of the century – with the Allspark restored and the Decepticons somewhere in the deeps of the universe licking their wounds – but just a small maintenance ship docking on at an old repair bay in Iacon, with only Sentinel awaiting them. No crowd, no cheers, no lights, no music, but neither sneers or other remarks, just a considerable friendly welcome.

That was even better than expected.

"Follow me. I'll bring you to Ultra Magnus."

"Since when so subdued?"

"I rather not talk about it" the other replied and that was all he ever said on that matter with the exception of Optimus. After the rather long meeting with Ultra Magnus he would take the other Prime aside and apologies and then he would start and try to rebuild the friendship they once had, not knowing how much more would become of it.

More than expected was also what Optimus got. That Magnus would actually go through with making him his successor came as much as a surprise to him as the actual appointment. Yet, that he made a fair and with the years also wise leader didn't surprise anyone but himself.

Jazz and Prowl reopened their late master's dojo. It wasn't easy with Prowl expecting and the building in ruins, but Bumblebee and Wasp gladly helped out and so did Sari and Bulkhead, all four unsure of what they should do now. With no fragments to collect and protect and no Decepticons to fight it seemed like the best idea to stick together, but die ninja-bots made it clear that the easy way out was not an option, so they ended up travelling Cybertron.

It ended with Bulkhead returning to Iacon and settling down as a professional artist, after much encouragement of Sari. Ratchet, after paying some old friends a visit, took up teaching young wanna-be-medics, who didn't have much to laugh, but while his bedside manners had never become better the students had to admit he really knew what he was doing and so they put up with it and after a short demonstration of how fast the old medic could actually take someone apart and put them back together again nobody dared to say anything against Wreckgar being student and in a relationship with their teacher. It had nothing to do with each other after all and a wrench to the head was not a pleasant experience either.

With no better idea Sari started helping out one of Ratchet's friends, an engineer named Wheeljack, and became quite successful in that field. Rumour was she and Bulkhead bonded, but details about that never left their little circle.

That Bumblebee and Wasp came back from their travels as a bonded pair was a well known fact and everything but unexpected. Ever since Bumblebee's solo-mission/vacation they had been inseparable after all, but their renewed determined to join the Elite Guard was a surprise. Their reasons were pretty simple: they could stay together, protect Cypertron and support Optimus once they had reached the higher ranks, which they indeed managed.

It wasn't always easy, life never was, but with the stockades gone even Wasp didn't need to pretend to be happy.