I'm really sorry about this one. I watched Buffy last night where they play this game and came up with this. (Whedonfetish aplenty)

They'd had a hell of a day and Ianto and Jack needed some downtime.

Half a bottle of Scotch had been emptied and silliness ensued.

"explain that again please." Jack said, for the second time. He'd been giggling so hard, he'd missed parts of Ianto's explanation.

"You name a fictional character, what you're doing and where."

"Oh right, sorry. Sounds easy enough." Jack said.

"It is. I'll go first." Ianto tried to focus.

"Willow Rosenberg, leather kink, Sunnydale library."

Jack giggled some more, he just couldn't help it.

Ianto tried really hard to keep a straight face but he'd never seen Jack this drunk and the view of Jack slumped and plastered was something he found very amusing.

"My turn!" Jack said enthusiastically. "Spike, bondage in his crypt."

"Oh no no no Jack!! you can't do Spike, he looks just like John"

"No he doesn't!"

"Oh come on Jack, he's John's spitting image!! I can't believe you still fancy your ex!"

Jack just smiled goofishly.

"OK, scratch Spike then. Your turn."

Ianto thought for a moment.

"Wesley Wyndom-Price , blowjob, Angel's office"

"What is it with you and nerds?"

They both emptied their glasses in one go.

"Your turn." Ianto said, trying very hard not to spit. Saliva was becoming an issue.

"Richard Hammond, public sex, on the bonnet of a porch 911"

"Richard Hammond isn't a fictional character, stupid!!"

"Isn't he? Oh." Jack giggled again. Ianto took a mental note to get Jack drunken more often, he loved that giggle.

"Anyway he's half you height, it'd be more comedy than porn"

"OK scratch Hammond, you're tough when you're drunk!!"

Jack poured some more liquor in their glasses and did a weird looking hand gesture to spur Ianto on.

"OK, Inara and Captain Malcolm, threesome in Serenity's engine room"

"Oohh!!" Ianto could see Jack go through a massive visual "That's a good one, hard to beat that, let me think."

Jack just grinned then giggled some more.

"You, Rimming, in the autopsy-bay..." he looked at Ianto's face that soon turned into a wide grin

"Oh! But you're no fictional character, right?" Jack said matter-of-factly .

"What? Oh but I can be very fictional!! See? This is me being fictional, right now..."

"Really?" Jack emptied the rest of his drink.

"I'll race you!" Ianto said, trying to get on his feet without falling over.

Before Jack could get on his own very drunken feet, Ianto was stumbling out of the office and was on his way to the autopsy-bay.

"That's cheating Ianto Jones" Jack shouted.

If he could just stop laughing for a minute, maybe he could concentrate on walking straight.

This was going to go well.