Rating: T (Teen)

Couple: Mitsuomi & Maya

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I Need Your Help

A Tenjho Tenge FanFic

Silence descended upon them in an instant. All eyes turned towards the man and woman. The man was Mitsuomi Takayanagi, head of the Takayanagi family. The woman was Maya Natsume, a previous crush of Mitsuomi and also the little sister of his former best friend, Shin Natusume.

Mitsuomi sputtered blood as he watched her with blurring vision. "Maya --"

Maya could see he was seconds from passing out, she couldn't blame him they practically wasted all their energy trying to best one another. She was smarter in the end using a trick on him the caught him off balance. "It's just a flesh wound Takayanagi." She said watching him lose consciousness. Maya was quick and careful to pull out a pistol that was strapped to her inner thigh, keeping it low and out of eye sight. It was a precaution she knew she would need when the battle began.

"Are you crazy?" A man, badly beaten, yelled. His handed unclenched the torn short in his hands, backing away from her club members.

She turned, her lips contorted into a sinister smile as she looked at the man, stopping him dead in his tracks. "You!" She began raising the pistol until it was in his line of view. "Grab a friend and take Takayanagi to my car. And no fucking around." She kept the pistol trained on the two men.

A third man mumbled something incoherent to the two men that struggled to lift the dead weight of Mitsuomi. The men all nodded, agreeing with what the third said.

Maya aimed the pistol at him, stopping him dead in mid sentence. "You were saying?" Smiling sweetly she shot at the air beside his head, taking off stray strands of sandy brown hair. "Don't piss me off. Get him to my car now!" She yelled.

All three men scrambled to move their leader to the overbearing woman's car. Scared for not only their lives but also their leaders, they were slow to lover his body into the convertible. But their minds quickly changed once the heard the cocking of her gun just inches from them.

"Now how about you three idiots stand over there." Maya motioned to a secluded spot far from the car with her free hand. Walking backwards to the car she glanced at her men, before looking back at the opponents. "Guys watch them until I'm gone."

Bob looked at her. "Watch them?"

Souichiro glared at her, shoving his hands in his pockets. "I'm not a fucking babysitter."

Maya slid into the drivers seat, starting up the car, she put it in drive. "Do whatever you see fit with them I don't care. As long as they don't follow me." And with that she was gone.

Masataka smiled charmingly. "Shall we?"

- - -

Everything was blurry and spinning. His stomach began to turn in protest to the colliding images around him. He groaned and stretched his head back, realizing he was on a bed mat. "Where am I?" His voice gruff from the battle earlier.

"My home." A female voice whispered from his left.

"Maya?" With closed eyes he turned his face to the sound of her voice. "Why --?"

He heard her soft laugh. "I'm caring for you. I almost killed us though, but as you can tell we're alive."

Cool fingers touched his forehead. "Maya?"

She sighed. "I was going to heal you a faster way, but I decided against it when I realized I didn't have enough energy to do the healing. I wanted to talk to you about something."

"I can't --" He began before coughing wildly.

"I need your help Mitsuomi." She whispered picking up a cool damp cloth and wiping down his face and arms. "Aya senses that something new and dangerous is coming." She paused to place the cloth in cool water and rung it out. "We might have gone about this the wrong way but we need your help."

Mitsuomi grinded his teeth in sudden pain.

"You chest will heal, but I need to change the bandages I put on them." She pulled the blanket down from his chest and let it pool around his waist. "I'm sorry I had to do it this way but I doubted that you would come here any other way." She began to pull off the top layer of bandages.

He hissed in pain. "I need something to dull the pain."

"No alcohol." She stated. "It wont help the healing."

"Maya." He grounded out. "I'll help you."

"I'm not torturing you for an answer." She grabbed a new cloth and dumped it in a clean bowl of water. Wiping at the sore and battered flesh she glanced at his face. "I'm trying to make this a little less painful for you." She reached around and grabbed a small jar. "It's a healing ointment it won't sting but it's hot at first." She explained before rubbing some on the edges of battered flesh.

"Water." He whispered hoarsely after she finished.

"Here." She helped prop him up, before holding the cup to his lips. "Enough?" Maya asked pulling the cup away slowly.

"Yes." Mitsuomi opened his eyes for the first time and was stunned. "Maya?"

She glanced at him, unsure. "Yes?"

"I'll help."

"Thank you." She picked up the disregarded cloth and placed it back on his head. "You should rest for now." She said brushing her fingers mindlessly through his hair.

The motion was soothing. "Stay." He whispered quietly to himself, knowing full well that she didn't hear him.




Author's Note:My first fanfic for this anime, tell me what you think? You know its way harder than I first thought to write one for every couple in every anime that I like. )Just tell me what you like. Criticism is always welcomed with me.

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