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WARNING: Character Death is imminent. You have been warned!


The rest of the night, they slept each in turn

Buffy then Anita, though for a bed they did yearn

They cleaned up at daybreak, in a nearby brook

That ran alongside, the path that they took


Buffy made some coffee, over a small open fire

Anita thought coffee, was her heart's great desire

When they were done, and the supplies put away

They headed for the village, they would go there today


The village was busy, during daylight

People busy with their lives, everything seemed alright

Walking down a side street, looking around

A familiar man in black, into an alley was bound

They hurried to catch up, he had no escape

They spun him around, and found it was Snape


"Why not announce your presence", he said with a sneer

Anita pulling her gun, asked "Why are you here?"

"We thought you might need a place", he started to say

"To wait until dark, there's a house you can stay"


Buffy spoke up "I'm not sure, if I believe you or not"

"But we should not talk here, it's too open a spot"

Snape replied "Then put away that gun, if you don't mind"

"Come with me away, these people aren't blind"


As Anita complied, and put it away

Snape started explaining, where they would stay

"There is a small house, not far from here"

"It belonged to my cousin, who died just last year"


It's been in the family, for a very long time"

"No one here knows, that now it is mine"

"It's somewhat secluded, set away from the town"

Snape finished up, with his patented frown


They walked through the alleys, staying off the main street

This lessened the chances, that people they'd meet

A little while later, at the house they did stand

Snape pulled a key out, from his cloak with his hand


"There's wood for a fire, and the cupboards are stocked"

To this both Anita, and Buffy looked shocked

"The Headmaster's request, was to help with this part"

"But make no mistake, it is not from my heart"


Once they were inside, and the fire had been lit

Looking around the house, they were curious a bit

Buffy started in, "Why else are you here?"

"Why is your house, where Voldemort is near?"

Snape stared into her green eyes, and easily lied

"I haven't been here, since before my cousin died"


Anita looked on listening, to her sense of the dead

Something about Snape, set off alarms in her head

But for the moment, here in the light of day

She just said to Buffy, "For now let's just stay"

"We'll have a place, to rest until night"

"Then we'll hunt down Voldemort, and end this fight"


After Snape took his leave, to return to Hogwarts

As the day passed, they became friends of sorts

They spoke of their past, things that they've done

People they've lost, and battles they won


Anita spoke to Buffy, "There's something you should know"

"When this is over, there's someplace I must go"

"Unfinished business, in St Louis needs tended to"

"You can come with me, there's work you could do"


Buffy looked over, with a shine in her eye

"I'll take you up on that, so long as neither of us die"

"There's nothing in Sunnydale, for me to return"

"Since closing the Hellmouth, it's no longer my concern"


"But if something should happen, during an attack"

Make sure that no one, can ever bring me back"

Anita quickly agreed, she already knew

What Buffy's friends, had put her through


"That being settled, they spent the rest of the day

Planning their strategy, while the hours slipped away

Snape had suggested, part of their plan

Explaining that Voldemort, was no mortal man


On Anita's skill with the dead, they would need to rely

To remove Voldemort's soul, and make him die

They would go to the cemetery, to his family plot

Find Riddle's grave, put a blood circle on the spot


Invoking the wards, and drawing Voldemort in

Using the connection, between Riddle and his kin

Anita would bind him, to that same tomb

Then cast out his soul, sealing his doom


Buffy would keep, the Death Eaters at bay

Causing a distraction, while Anita the circle did lay

When the time came, and Voldemort showed up

Buffy would taunt him, his concentration disrupt


The first thing to do, would be to deny him his wand

This would be left up, to the green eyed blonde

This was the plan, it might be enough

No matter what they did, the night would be rough

The sun going down, they left the house out the back

Moving towards the end game, on the attack


They circled Voldemort's stone house, and there they found

An old family cemetery, and what was left on the ground

Full of old tombstones, and a large crypt

With a door made of wood, with edges all chipped

They crept through the graves, in the moonlight

Senses stretching out, ready to fight


Around the largest marker, they found with surprise

A circle of blood, used to make zombies rise

The circle was perfect, for what they had planned

This was the place, they'd make their stand


Anita got ready, retracing the circle in the mud

She refreshed the circle, by using her own blood

Buffy stayed alert, scanning the stones

Waiting for the enemies, in this place of bones


When it started, it happened quick

Death Eaters appeared, the air growing thick

Buffy went into action, without a care

Pummeling the dark wizards, that appeared there


Moving in a blur, never pausing for long

The wizards could not stop her, she was too strong

Spinning back kicks, and aerial flips

Breaking their bones, and splitting their lips

The Death Eaters fell, one after one

Anita didn't even need, to pull out a gun


When Buffy finished, and the last one was down

There drifted a shape, from over the ground

About six feet tall, with eyes of blood red

A face like a snake, and a bald head


Voldemort came, to the circle within

Looking at Anita he said with a grin

"Ah Necromancer, who communes with the dead"

"And here's the Slayer, that took Fenrir's head"

"Welcome to my lands, here in the North"

"From out of this bone yard, neither of you will go forth"


Anita pulled her gun, and aimed down her arm

Voldemort just laughed, "That will do me no harm"

"Here on this land, your bullets won't fire"

Anita pulled the trigger, to prove him a liar

The hammer just clicked, she tried it again

They may have been mistaken, walking into his den


Buffy started circling, round this strange man

Giving Anita time, to proceed with the plan

Voldemort turned, to face Buffy's threat

"Now, now my dear Slayer, let's not begin yet"


Buffy's nerves were singing, no longer could she wait

She started the attack, leaving the outcome to fate

Voldemort pulled his wand, from inside his cloak

Buffy kicked out, and his wrist was broke

She pulled a sword, and spinning around

The wand was cut in half, when it hit the ground


Buffy lunged forward, to thrust through his chest

Anita finished the words, the circle was now blessed

He moved to his right, He was quite fast

Buffy's sword cut his shoulder, as it went passed


Voldemort tried to cross, the circle that was drawn

He felt a sharp burning, like vampires at dawn

He moved towards Anita, to finish her first

Drawing a dagger, with a blade that was cursed


Buffy jumped between them, his skill she would test

Voldemort turned to the side, throwing a potion on her chest

To Buffy time seemed to slow, her head started to swim

Her heart was pounding, and there was blood on her chin

Voldemort stepped forward, and taking his time

Drew the dagger across her throat, in a straight line


Anita screamed out, against what she saw

Buffy's eyes glazed over, she started to fall

Anita focused all, of her hate and her pain

Binding this wizard, who was quite insane


Voldemort tried to move forward, but found he could not

Her power had him rooted, right to the spot

"I call on your soul", Anita said in a hiss

"And banish it from the body, as punishment for this"

"With blood you are bound, to here where you dwell"

And unleashing her power, she sent his soul to hell


A light started circling, Voldemort's body around

His flesh peeled away, falling to the ground

He let out a scream, into the night

He cannot believe, he lost this fight

The scream faded away, the silence returned

All that is left, are bones that were burned


Anita moved over to Buffy, and cradling her head

She just can't believe, that the brave blonde is dead

Remembering her promise, she gathers their stuff

Pulls Buffy into her lap, trying to stay tough

She puts the portkey, between both their hands

They spin away into the night, from these cursed lands


Arriving at the castle, Anita breaks down

Sitting there with Buffy, the portraits look around

Dumbledore is there, taking her hand

She needed the help, she could barely stand


He assures her that Buffy, will be cared for

Then leads her away, out through the door

Up into her room, and a potion to drink

That will allow her to sleep, and not need to think

Before she passes out, gazing into the fire

She tells Dumbledore, they'll need a funeral pyre


Back in the cemetery, silent and alone

A black cloaked figure, gathers up the last bone

He'll take them to the old house, what he needs will be there

The ancient book of spells, is on the table by his chair

The great snake Nagini, with eyes black as coal

Will provide the needed piece, of his master's soul


The next day is solemn, Anita's ready for the end

There's just this last duty, to perform for her friend

In a long dress of white, and lying flat on the pyre

Buffy looks beautiful, as Dumbledore lights the fire

As the flames leap up, and the smoke blows away

Anita wishes Buffy peace, and she starts to pray


When the ceremony is over, and Anita's ready to go

She asks Albus, "Is it over?" she has to know

He smiles and says "For now, thanks to you two"

"You've given us all hope, there's no more you can do."

"Please go home to your life, and make of it the best"

"Find joy in what you have, to this I can attest"


Anita gave a smile, and moved into the hall

"If you ever need me, all you need is to call"

Taking the portkey, and looking out on the lawn

She stood there a moment, and then she was gone


Across the sea, in a land far away

At an hour of night, before the suns first ray

A woman with dark hair, curly and long

With eyes deep as chocolate, and a smile that's strong


Is jolted awake, by power surging through her vein

Memories not her own, pounding through her brain

She looks to her window, at the stars in the sky

The stars all look blurry, due to the tears in her eye

She keeps on staring, although she cannot see

And whispers to the night, "Dear God, please not "B"



This is the end of Duel.