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Mary Kroll, ghost-writing for the man known only as 'ATF'

In a fair and democratic marriage, everything is divided equitably, from chores to dessert to fantasies. This night, it was Zoe who climbed the ladder down into their berth to find that Wash was invoking his turn. Everything was laid out with precision, like surgical tools. On the bed were lain in situ her black high heels, thigh-high stockings, and a new addition to her wardrobe, a powder blue satin corset with proper whalebone and cord to lace it, not ribbon. This was a corset meant for function as well as form.

Beyond the bed, in the dim corner of the room, Wash stood waiting. He was bare-chested and wearing the tight, black pants that never left their quarters. Zoe knew what this costume meant and she was inwardly delighted as she bowed her head and clasped her hands in front of her. He was her master now and she his slave. If she was obedient and pleased him, her master would reward her generously with pleasure. If she defied him, he could be deviously cruel in his punishments.

Wash stepped to the foot of their bed. He was already hard, imagining their game while he waited. Zoe stood perfectly still, head down, waiting on his every caprice. She was a marvelous slave, not just a sexual creature to give him pleasure, but a beauty to be cherished. He began by undressing her. Zoe moved only enough to accommodate him. Once her glory was exposed to him, Wash stood back to admire her. He chuckled quietly as his cock jumped, wanting to have her then. But the game had barely begun. With careful fingers, Wash fastened the narrow black collar around Zoe's neck. Zoe never met his eyes and he ran his hands softly through her hair in silent praise.

The stockings came first. Wash bunched each one down for Zoe to slide her foot in. He rolled the sheer material up her leg, his hands continuing on to stroke the smooth skin above it, her thighs, hips and ass. Like the fairy tale prince, he held each shoe for her to slip into. Wash walked around her then and appraised the view. Zoe looked like a living doll, standing here in her high heels and stockings. Wash took an extra long moment as he stood behind her. The gods praise the man who invented high heels for they did marvelous things to the shape of a woman's ass.

"Come here," Wash ordered quietly and led Zoe to the middle of the room. "Arms up." Zoe obeyed. Wash took the corset from the bed and undid the busk of hooks on the front. For as badly as he wanted to feel her chocolate nipples rub against him, he held his arms at length as he swung the corset behind her back and grabbed it at the opposite side. There seemed to be a hundred tiny hooks and eyes, but finally it was closed. "Arms down," Wash appraised Zoe again. With a careful hand, he lifted each breast a bit higher in the corset before stepping behind her and tightening the cord, just until the material lay fittedly against Zoe's body.

Zoe could feel Wash's hand on the back of the corset as his fingers picked through the lacing to draw it more snugly around her. It was not very tight yet, but Zoe hoped it would be. Corseting was as much fun for her as it was for Wash. It left her breathless and light-headed and something about Wash laying his hands on her and crafting her body to his pleasure gave her goosebumps. Each tug spoke to her, 'You belong to me. You are in my control. Your body is for my pleasure.'

Gentle and precise, Wash tightened the corset another small increment. He knew better than to pull hard on the cord initially. The slower he progressed, the more Zoe could handle and the farther he would be able to take it. Besides, he was making perfection, not hauling water out of a well.

Darting her eyes furtively, Zoe glanced at her reflection in the mirror over the dresser. Even with the corset just snug, it sculpted her waist, accentuating her bust and full hips. A hint a high color rose in her cheeks as she tested the garment, trying to take a deep breath and finding that she could not. He had bound her. She could walk away, if she dared, but she was bound all the same. So taken was Zoe with the slave in the mirror that she did not see her master move around her until he began to kneel in front of her. Wash inspected the top line of the stockings closely, ensuring they were straight and even, and made sure the corset sat precisely where he had intended. His inspections also provided a convenient cover for a closer appreciation of the gorgeous flower that would soon be opening to him, its petals already beginning to part.

With a satisfied nod, Wash stood and moved behind her again. Zoe could hear noises like things being unpacked and arranged on the bed. She bit her bottom lip as time dragged out and the noises teased her ears. Wash moved behind Zoe again and she could vaguely feel an object in his hands as they returned to the laces at her back. Careful not to move any more than was strictly necessary, Zoe glanced over her shoulder. It was a ruler, a thin, metal ruler, which Wash was using the check the laces of the corset and its position with exacting precision. It was then she noticed that Wash's hands had stopped moving. Her eyes snapped up to his and went wide to find him watching her. She snapped her head forward again, but it was too late. The slap of the ruler made a keen noise on her backside and a perfect strip of fine skin began to sting.

"You must stand still," Wash said softly, his tone firm as he slid one hand up along her spine to clasp the back of her neck in demonstration. The spank had not been a real punishment, more a reminder of what he expected in her behavior.

It made Zoe shiver as Wash's low, mellifluous voice caressed her ear with the underlying threat of more severe punishments if she should disobey him again. To have him command her every movement was making Zoe hot, to say nothing of the spank. Gooseflesh prickled her skin and Zoe worried that it would mar his canvas. "Please forgive me, my kind master."

"No, it's my fault," he sighed, perhaps a bit dramaticall. "It's been so long since I worked on you."

"Oh, no, my sweet Master. I'll be still and quiet and let you work."

"I hope so," Wash said flatly as he turned Zoe by the shoulders to face him. He drew his fingertips across the swell of her breasts. Zoe licked her lips involuntarily. Tracing along the front edge of the corset, Wash's fingertips slipped behind the lace to stroke the tender skin of her aureoles. He did it again to find the skin beginning to wrinkle slightly as she suppressed a shiver. On the third touch, he found the skin pursed and made a pleased sound of acknowledgment. Zoe's nipples would be as hard as sapphires, but the thick, tight material would keep her from getting any stimulation. At least not until he chose.

"Now I'm making some progress." Wash turned Zoe again as he moved behind her and pulled the lacing tighter, faster and less delicately than he had before. He smiled at Zoe's surprised little pant as she adjusted to the narrower constriction. Moving to stand closer, Wash let Zoe feel his throbbing erection through the fabric of his pants as he swept his groin back and forth against her ample rear. Zoe remained silent, the upward tilt of her face the only thing to evince her increased arousal. "You're being really excellent. This is good, good."

Reluctant as he was to stop his frottage, Wash knew that he had to wait for the right time or all of his careful steps would be wasted. Gently, his hands began to explore her bottom, mapping every inch of skin. Zoe leaned back subtly into his touch and Wash allowed her to enjoy it. Without preamble, he grabbed double handfuls of flesh, causing Zoe to stumble forward just slightly, but she immediately regained her composure. Another test passed. "Sorry, that was my fault."

Wash stalked around to his place in front of Zoe again and crouched down. "Go se," he gnarled.

Zoe's eyes scrunched shut in the anxious silence. She had done something wrong, or failed to do something right. It did not matter. She had dissatisfied her Master when her greatest desire, above all else, was only to please him.

"Open," Wash commanded.

Zoe's eyes sprung open and she looked down to Wash parting her thighs with his hands and lowering his head to her. He ran the tip of his tongue between her lower lips.

"Your pussy's all wet, it's starting to run down your thighs," Wash said between licks. "Now I have to clean it up." He lapped at her lips a few more times, then moved his attention to the tops of her thighs. Duteously, Zoe spread her legs farther as she felt his thumbs press into her thighs to open her. With broad sweeps of his tongue, Wash cleaned the precious fluid from her skin. Always as he worked, his hands roamed over her ass, sometimes caressing, sometimes squeezing. When her thighs were clean, he looked back to her flower. Even more of the lovely nectar was leaking out. He made a quiet sigh of resignation and returned to his task. Gods, how he loved it. Her lotus flower pleased all five of his senses, but he could not let on this time. He pulled her legs apart wider and assailed her opening with his tongue, driving the tip of it in. Her juices cascaded into his mouth as he drew his tongue all the way up to her sensitive pearl. Wash repeated this long stroke several times, each time penetrating her with his tongue, laving her crenated inner lips and flicking her pearl just once, as if by accident or after-thought.

Zoe trembled as she fought to stay still, but still her knees began to quake. Her Master was as talented with his tongue as he was with his hands. She had to remain compliant. If she moved or spoke, he would stop and it would be agony.

Suddenly, Wash stopped. "I give up. It just won't stop," he huffed.

A woeful moan escaped Zoe unbidden. Her body had displeased him and it still wanted more.

"Well, it's going to have to do now, isn't it." Wash returned behind her. This time his fingers moved quickly down the cord, pulling the segments in sequence and, wrapping the tails around his hands, gave them a decisive pull. Zoe nearly stumbled again as he yanked on the center of her body and gasped for a full breath. Her breathing was shallow as she stole another look in the mirror. He had done it. Her Master had gotten it perfect. Her waist was tiny and maidenly, her breasts were held up high and were half of the perfect book-ends that her sloping hips completed. Now she was breathless from elation. A pleasured moan, barely audible, spilled from her lips. She was now his perfect instrument of pleasure and it made her wet.

Some of the preparations and props Wash had arranged earlier now seemed unnecesarry. Zoe herself was making him massively hard, achingly so. It was his weakness as Master, that he could barely make himself wait. His Slave was wet and infinitely willing. Inwardly, he was surprised he had made it this far. Dropping the bag on the floor, he turned back and saw Zoe in the mirror. Pleasantly surprised, he smiled genuines, "Well what do you know. Art is as much mistake as intention." He toured around Zoe, this time drinking in the sight of her. The high heels complemented her legs, her ass so juicy and round. "Perfect, just perfect. You look fucking amazing."

The color rose in Zoe's cheeks as her heart pounded. She had pleased him. Behind her, she heard the snink of a belt being unbuckled and she shivered at the thought of his thick cock, bursting for release. She did not know if she would be rewarded, punished or simply used. She just knew she wanted it. There were two heavy thuds of boots hitting the floor and the duller sound of cloth landing on top of them. Zoe's breath came faster to imagine her Master tearing off his clothes for want of her, stroking his hardness while he looked at her body and the way he had sculpted it. Two hands on Zoe's hips guided her to the end of their low dresser. Hot flesh brushed across her ass, leaving a tear-like bead of moisture in its wake. The hands returned, this time at Zoe's ankles, and traced the skin of her legs, up and over her ass, along the new line of her tiny waist, and up to her bare shoulders. Firmly, the hands pushed her forward until she was bent over the dresser. Eagerly, the Slave complied.

Wash ran the length of two fingers along her pouty, swollen lips. His cock lept at the unbelievable wetness and he could not wait any longer. He lined his hips up behind hers and with one thrust, drove deep into his Slave. The rush of heat over his skin nearly made him collapse on top of her. Holding deep, he rocked his hips against her ass. Her body was completely receptive to him. Gulping a breath, he pulled back and began to thrust steadily. A wicked smile curled his lips to watch Zoe try grab for purchase on the dresser or the wall, her fingernails threatening the wood in her ecstasy.

Pausing in one thrust, Wash laid a finger against his cock and thrust a few times shallowly, until his finger was dripping wet, too. He rubbed his finger in tight circles over her puckered hole. Zoe canted her hips back and his smile grew even more wicked. "Maybe next time, baby." Wash took hold of her hips and began fucking her in earnest. Her pussy felt amazing, as slick as an eel, as soft as velvet. His hands roved over her body, but always returned to her ass, which pleased him the most.

Zoe prayed her Master would forgive her, but she could not keep silent under his hard thrusts. She began to moan uncontrollably, short noises that punctuated by each of his movements.

"It's okay, you let it out. We've both done so well."

"Thank you, my Master!" she cried. "Oh, fuck me! give me your hard cock, use my sopping pussy 'til you burst inside it!"

Lightning shot up Wash's spine and he groaned, louder than Zoe had ever heard, "Your words give me so much pleasure."

To hear his pleasure made Zoe louder in turn. His voice was the only stimulus she had of her Master, other than the cock pistoning in her. Boldly moving of her own volition, Zoe moved her legs together. Wash looked down a the lovely new shape of her ass, the view extending down her sexy legs to the black high heels and he fucked his appreciation. Zoe gave a shuddering moan -- his cock felt even thicker with her pussy held tightly around it and his hands were on her hips again, his fingers digging into leave bruises to mark her.

Too soon, Wash pulled out of her. They could both hear the wetness of his exit. Zoe did her best to stifle a disjointed sigh, her Master would not like to hear such a selfish noise. Wash was still behind her, his hands flat on her back as he tried to catch his breath. Zoe laid her cheek down against the dresser, happily giving the cool wood some of her feverish heat. It was then that she saw it, the steady red light of their video capture, hidden under an ostensibly discarded piece of clothing. Zoe was horrified and exhilarated.

Suddenly and with shocking speed, Wash locked his arms around Zoe's waist and whirled them around, dropping her in the middle of the bed. Before her dazed mind could truly react, Zoe watched as Wash took a black silk scarf and looped it through the headboard. He took each of her wrists in turn and bound them. "Now, that'll keep you still."

"Yes, my Master," Zoe breathed smokily. A tremor ran over her as she tested the silk. It was the pinnacle of softness and the paradigm of strength.

Wash saw her toned arms flex as he knelt between her thighs and pulled her into his lap. "No, you don't, little Slave. You're not going anywhere," and he began to taunt her by rubbing his torrid hardness between her lips, the corona running over her pearl.

"Oh, no, my Master. This eager Slave just wanted to know I could pull against them when you fuck me."

"You mean like this?" In one fluid motion, Wash tilted his hips and stove his cock full-length into her. Zoe screamed in pleasure, pulling her body up on the silk even as she pushed against him. Wash took her tiny waist in his hands --it felt like his fingers would almost touch-- and anchored her body as he thrust into her. The angle was brutal and glorious for Zoe as the head of his cock pounded her g-spot and when she arched her back, her pearl brushed against his pubis. She could feel her pleasure mounting and was desperate for her release, but not until her Master found his.

"Plese cum in my wet pussy, Master! Please give your Slave your hot load!"

"Fuck, yes!" As hard as he had been fighting to hold back and make it last, Zoe's words were too much for him. Wash all but howled as he began to gush inside her. With his last oxygenated brain cell, Wash rapidly pulled out and knelt over Zoe, spurting across her face. She opened her mouth hungrily, her tongue out to catch each saline drop. It sent a chill up Wash's back to watch as he wrung the last of his essence out onto her lips. He collapsed beside her on the bed, content to do nothing more than pant.

Zoe bit her lip as she watched him catch his breath. She was so close and he was just laying there. She began to rub her thighs together, desperate for even the peripheral friction it would bring her.

"Stop that," Wash ordered, his voice dominating the very air in the room. Dropping her legs to the mattress, Zoe whimpered in defeat, but was silent at the cold look in Wash's eyes as he sat up. "I didn't tell you you could cum." Casually, he let one hand rest on her mound. "Now let's see, you turned around to look at me, you spoke out of turn," with his index finger, he began to circle her pearl, one rotation for each offense, close but never quite close enough, "and you moved without orders. Do you think you've been good enough to be allowed to cum?" His finger began to move faster, the circles becoming smaller. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson and next time you'll do only as your told." Still half-hard, his cock began to twitch back to life as he watched Zoe writhe, half in fear of not being brought to completion and half in fear of reaching it without permission. It was beautiful, really. Wash felt his sadistic streak fade out and he rubbed her pearl in tight circles. "Cum for me, little Slave." He entered her with two fingers from his other hand as he continued to rub, "Cum for me."

Zoe arched off the bed as she shouted her release. It shook every part of her, from the fingers hooked like talons in the black silk binding to her tightly-curled toes as they dug into the mattress. Her vision went white, then black, then the soft yellow of candlelight. She opened her eyes to find Wash looking down at her. She was undressed completely with the sheet pulled up to her sternum. The force of her orgasm and her restricted breathing had caused her to pass out. Wash was lightly caressing her bare breasts, periodically pulling his thumb across her nipple. It felt soothing to Zoe in her veritably postictal state.

"Hey, you," he said softly.

"Hey, yourself," she smiled back. "Did I do good?"

"You did so good," and he kissed her gently on the mouth.