Dear readers and reviewers,

Hello. I'm not Firefox53022. However, I am her friend, ShadowDragoon32. She introduced me to fanfiction and we were very close. Sadly, Firefox passed away in 2010. The last chapter was written by me, as I knew her password and stuff. Anyway, I found that I really enjoyed writing that chapter (although I felt I sweared a bit too much, though that was part of the spirit of the story), and looked over the rest of the chapters. And, quite frankly, they suck. Seriously. Hundreds of grievous typos, careless mistakes, and the writing was just… not good. Now, to be fair, Firefox started this story in 8th grade, so I can forgive such mistakes. However, I believe this story has the potential to be great. Thus, I think I'm going to re-write the story. I'll leave this one up in memory of Firefox, but I'm also going to reboot this thing and fix all the mistakes that Firefox made (and yes, the reboot will be on her account. It's only fair, after all.). I'm not sure if I can satisfy you guys with a redone version of this story, but I'm going to try my best.

In best regards,

ShadowDragoon32 (known as Anna in memory of Anne)

P.S. If you have any advice, suggestions, or requests, feel free to PM me or put them in a review. PMs are preferable, but reviews are perfectly fine.