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His nimble fingers run up my sides, my skin quavering at his touch, I'm stunned at how such a simple touch can evoke such a reaction from me. His lips remain attached to mine as he wraps his arms around my waist, clasping his hands at my back, his tongue dancing playfully with mine as he rises to his feet and I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist as, with surprisingly little difficulty he finds his way to my bedroom, kicking the door open.

He drops me on the bed, the contact our lips had kept for so long breaking for a split second, before he straddles my thighs, pinning me to the firm mattress, and kisses me again.

He pulls my t-shirt over my head, one hand going to my nipple and pinching the erect nub between finger and thumb, as his other hand reaches down to fumble with my belt buckle. All this time he's licking along my jaw line, biting my lip, kissing me with searing passion, and all I can do is lie here fascinated by his intoxicating touch, as I return his kisses and card my fingers through his hair.

Eventually I'm naked, lying under his entirely clothed form, one hundred percent at his mercy, as his fingers trail down my chest, my stomach, the trail of hair leading to my cock, and I notice for the first time his hands are trembling as much as my entire body is. He looks straight into my eyes as his hand ghosts over my cock, before skimming down my thigh and back up to my cheek, holding my face so gently in his hands I feel like crying as he kisses me tenderly.

There's something familiar about his caress on my naked skin, and that scares me almost as much as it soothes me. I hate the fact that I still don't remember everything about him, about our relationship. What were my true feelings? Why didn't I stay, no matter how much I grew to hate Torchwood, surely if I felt strongly enough about him I would have found a way to stay in his life?

I guess I'll never really know, so I commit myself to making it amazing this time round. I give myself to him completely.

My fingers shake uncontrollably as I unbutton his shirt, each shiny button popping out of the slit painfully slowly as I maintain perfect eye contact with him. When all the buttons are undone, I run my fingers over his chest, lowering my lips to his nipples, placing a kiss on each, before licking a trail up to his collarbone, pressing another gentle kiss in the hollow between his collarbone and neck.

It surprises me how natural this all feels, like I go to bed with this gorgeous man every night. I remind myself that several years ago I did.

My initial nervousness wears off, replaced by excitement and a little apprehension of what's to happen next.

I free Jack of his trousers and boxers, and now we're both naked. Kneeling on my bed facing each other directly as my heart pounds frantically, threatening to rip open my chest at any moment. He's stunning. His body is a sight t behold, every muscle perfectly crafted, his cock standing proudly before him as he smiles at me, waiting for my approval.

I nod, just once, before I reach in to kiss him again. Our lips melding together, fitting like two jigsaw pieces. Perfectly. He gently eases me back on the bed, until I'm lying flat on my back. Offering myself to him on a plate. He smiles down at me, sincerity sparkling in his eyes, as all of a sudden he's taking my cock in his mouth, kissing and licking and sucking until his jaw must ache, but he keeps going until he brings me right to the edge. Admittedly, it doesn't take very long, we've building up to this ever since he stepped foot in my apartment.

He drinks down every last drop of my cum as I lie recovering on the bed. He inches upward, one hand resting on my lower stomach as the other reaches behind me, wrapping his long fingers round my neck and kissing me, allowing me to taste myself on his tongue.

I can't remember specifically how it happens, but mere moments later he's rolling on a condom, coating himself with lube, and lifting one of my legs to his shoulder, the other immediately wraps round his waist as he pumps his fingers inside me, preparing me for what's to come. No matter how long he massages my prostate with his fingers, it won't prepare for me for what's about to happen. I vaguely remember the pain, my gasps and cries as he fully pushes into me.

But I also remember how he used to sooth me, whispering hushing sounds in my ear and taking his time with the first few thrusts.

That's exactly what he does now.

Before long I'm begging him to fuck me.

We continue in this position for some time, slowly but surely settling in to a rhythm as he thrusts, and I meet each movement of his hips, my pelvis rocking in time to his, but soon he's pulling out of me and chuckling at me confused expression.

"Don't worry, just switching."

He sits on his knees, his bum resting on his heels as he pulls me back against him, my beck meeting his chest as he pushes into me again. The sensation just, if not more overpowering, as I wrap an arm round his shoulders, lolling my head back to rest on his shoulder as I kiss him briefly.

Our moans can probably be heard down the street, but right now I'm shameless. Nothing else matters but the movement of his cock inside me, continuously hitting my prostate.

It doesn't take long until I'm crying out, coating my stomach in my sticky essence.

He cums not long after.

We collapse on the bed, Jack instantly pulling me to his side, his lips connecting with my neck as he places butterfly kisses to my sensitive skin.

"Mmm, that was amazing!"

I chuckle.

"Live up to your memories?"


We lie in post-coital bliss for a while, his hand splayed out over my stomach.

Eventually it gets cooler, and a shiver runs through my body, so I pull the duvet up over us, snuggling closer into Jack's body, heat radiating from him.

"Thank you. For making me remember you."

"Goodnight cariad."

And just like that, I go to sleep, my dreams filled with images of pterodactyls, aliens, and a certain immortal lying in my bed.