Author's Note: Alright, here's a "new" story from me, based on Harvest Moon 64! This is actually a previously written piece by myself on another account that I had created when I originally forgot about this account, and then lost the password to. I missed this story, and I believe I can write it much better now. Also, all the Japanese I had originally inserted in has been removed (despite my Japanese being much better now XD). Some of the reviews I got suggested this, and I think they were right about it.

So! Here goes "Love in Pink", take two!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story or Harvest Moon itself.

Love in Pink


"Uh… Hi…"



"You're shy! It's so cute!"

"A-Ah! … I'm not shy! I'm just new here!"

"Well… then I'll be your friend!"

"Y-You mean that?"

"Yup! C'mon! Let's go see the butterflies!"

"Did you say butterflies…?"


"Y-You... You're so mean! I wish you would just die!"

"No wait! Come back! I was just… I didn't mean anything by it…"


"I'm sorry."

"Do you… Do you mean it?"

"Uh-huh. I didn't mean to make you so mad. I was just kidding around. But if you don't want to talk to me again, I'll understand…"

"Um… Wait! … I don't want you to go… I mean, you don't need to be such a cry baby about it…"

"Haha. Who's the cry baby?"

"I'm not crying! I-I… Quiet!"

"Ouch! You don't have to punch so hard. Hahahaha…"


"You're giving me this? It's beautiful! And it keeps my hair back so nicely!"

"I tried to get a red one, but they only had green."

"Oh, that's alright! My hair's not that long, but it's long enough for it to work! Oh thank you. Hehehe…"


"You're blushing!"

"A-Am not!"




"You're leaving?!"

"Yeah… My dad told me this morning."

"I thought you were staying here!"

"… I did, too."

"Well… Promise me something, then."


"Promise… Promise me that you won't forget me. And that you'll come back to this village someday."

"… I promise."


His Return


"Hey Duncan! Good boy… You've gotten much bigger since the last time I saw you. Haha."

A small brown dog barked happily as his tiny tail wagged rapidly. The ragged black cloth around his neck was barely there anymore, and was due for a replacement. The tall young man who had spoken, no older than eighteen, knelt down and scratched at Duncan's chin. Pausing for a moment, he removed the black cloth and took a small red handkerchief our of his pocket and tied it around the dog's neck, making his tail wag even faster.

"Jack! It's been a long time!"

The brown haired boy looked over his shoulder as he stood to see a familiar looking old man approaching.

"Grandfather! I'm so glad to see you! … But you shouldn't be outside. Remember your illness," Jack scolded quietly, running over to the side of the aging man. But his grandfather waved him away.

"Oh, give me more credit than that, kiddo," he began laughing, but suddenly broke out into a cough. Worried, Jack stood by his side awkwardly, unsure of what to do. He held his arm out in offering, and helped his grandpa wobble back inside his small house. He laid his grandfather back in bed, and watched as the old man almost instantly fell asleep. He shook his head, chuckling to himself.

"He acts like a proud little boy," Jack chuckled softly.

"Remind you of anyone?"

He spun around, startled by the voice, to see a young woman standing in the doorway. Her long pink hair fell just past her shoulders and was held back by a green headband. Her red eyes glowed brilliantly in the dim light of the house, and her red dress clung tightly to her curves. She was breathtaking. Literally, in fact, asr Jack found himself having a hard time breathing.

"Is it that hard to say hello?" she asked, tilting her head with a look of confusion and growing disappointment. She looked so cute like that, he found himself thinking.

"N-No… Um, sorry. H-Hi," he replied slowly.

"Why, Jack! You're acting like I'm a stranger!" she fake pouted, though she couldn't hide her giggling. And then, it hit him. The pink hair, the red eyes, the green headband. The headband! 'I gave that to her!' he shouted in his thoughts. 'It's…'

"… Popuri."

"Hehehe!" she giggled. Her face turned pink, and he knew he was blushing, too.

He hadn't recognized her because the last time they'd spoken, she was seven and he was eight. It had been ten long years since he left Flower Bud Village and his grandfather's farm. He had always wanted to come and visit more often. Not only to see his grandfather, but to see her, too. She looked so different now. Back then, he always thought she was pretty, but now… Now she was beautiful.

"So what took you so long, huh?"

Jack was brought back from his memories by the sound of her lovely voice.

"Oh… Um… My father made me go to high school back in the city," he mumbled. It was so hard to talk with her. Why? He'd done it so easily when they were kids.

"So… Then why did you come back? Was it for your grandfather?" Popuri's bright expression turned to one of worry as she glanced over at the sleeping figure in the bed.

"Who, Grandpa?" he asked, his eyes following hers to look at the bed beside him, "Well… Partly. Since I've finished high school, and I don't really want to go on to college, I figured life on a farm would be a nice change from life in the city. Plus, he's been sick lately, and he needs help taking care of the farm."

Though there was more he wanted to say, the look in her questioning eyes made him falter. He was unsure of how to say what he wanted, so he decided to wing it, hoping against hope that he didn't make a complete, sappy idiot out of himself.

"And… I've been having these dreams that play out like movies. And in them are a little boy and a little girl, and there are these different scenes. Some are really short, but others play out entirely, like when they first met…"

He trailed off, knowing he must have been beet red in the face. He struggled to bring his eyes up to meet hers, and was caught off guard when she was blushing, too.

"Aww… You were remembering us!" she cooed, dancing over towards him. Jack was practically sweating when she pulled him towards her for a hug.

"So, have you forgotten how to hug?" her enchanting voice teased.

Before he knew it, the beautiful woman he had just seen for the first time in ten years was in his arms. They had both grown a lot since they'd last met, and he had become unusually tall, so she felt almost like a child in his arms- fragile and small, but wonderful.

"I missed you," he found himself saying. When he realized what he'd just blurted out, he worried that it would be awkward, but she didn't seem thrown off at all.

"I missed you, too," she sighed into his shoulder, much to his relief. When the two finally broke apart, Popuri took in a deep breath and sighed. "So how long do you think your grandfather will be asleep?"

"A few of hours. No less than two," Jack replied, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Well then… How's about I show you around the village? I'm sure everyone would love to see you again," she suggested, bouncing about excitedly as she grabbed his hand and began pulling him towards the door, even though he had yet to answer.

"Sure!" he grinned as he was dragged out the door.

Not only was he seeing Popuri, the girl that had kept him from a single girlfriend or crush ever since he left all those years ago, but he was going to see Grey, Rick, Kai and Jeff again, along with all the other people from the village. And he wondered what new faces were about, as well.