Author's Note: I finally got around to starting this. Hurrah.

Word Count: 754.

Warnings: AU, contains slash, contains male pregnancy

Volume 1: Can't Make a Sound

Chapter One: Same Direction

I'm tired of playing games, of looking for someone else to blame, for all the holes in answers that are clearly showing

Jacob grumbled something inaudible against the tile of his bathroom. It vaguely sounded like, "Fuck me," but there was really no way to tell. He rose to his feet slowly, wincing at the dizzy feeling he still got, and stumbled back into his bedroom.

9:03 am. He'd woken up at 7:30, with the sudden urge to puke, and had hardly stopped vomiting until now. For a brief second, he thought that he might have the flu. Then he remembered that because of his rapid healing, that there was no way it would last that long. He hadn't eaten in three days so it wasn't food poisoning or anything, and that left him with only one option.

'Well, shit.'

- - -

Jacob pounded on Quil's door, then remembered that the pack was out for a run. He lifted the welcome mat and picked up the spare key, thankful that they kept it in such an obvious place and hoping that Naira was still there.

He raced up the stairs to the guest room. Naira was there, standing in the middle of the room and watching Nizhona rush around the room.

"Oh, hello, Jacob," Naira greeted, smiling warmly at him. Nizhona looked up briefly from Naira's suitcase to nod in his general direction.

"You leaving today?" Jacob asked. Naira nodded, smile fading slightly. It brightened again when she asked, "What brings you here today?"

"Uh...I think there's something wrong with me?"

Nizhona paused in the middle of folding a dress, and looked up at Jacob. "What do you mean wrong?"

"I mean...I puked like, God knows how many times this morning, which either means I'm sick and my healing isn't working right, or..."

Nizhona smiled brightly, and Jacob thought that she might just squeal with excitement. "Oh, this is so—wait a minute, let me get--"

She ruffled through the suitcase she had just packed, and pulled out a needle. Jacob immediately backed up towards the door.

"Relax, you won't even feel it. I just need to take some blood. If it's a light red then you're--"

"Don't say it out loud."

Nizhona nodded and stepped toward him with the needle. Jacob tensed up, and she sighed exasperatedly. "Seriously, Jacob, you will not feel it."

Jacob huffed and turned his side to her so she could stick the needle in his arm. She pushed up the sleeve of his t-shirt slightly, and quickly stuck the needle in, then pulled the lever up, drawing lighter than normal blood.

Nizhona studied the contents of the needle for a second, then grinned at Jacob. "Congratulations, Black. You're pregnant."

- - -

Jacob was really making a habit of knocking on doors lately. He rocked back and forth on his heels outside the Cullen's door as he waited for somebody to answer. After two minutes passed, he raised his hand to knock again, but the door swung open before he got a chance.

"Oh, that's why I didn't know somebody was going to come," Alice said in lieu of a greeting. "What brings you over the border again?"

"Is Edward here?"

"No, he went out for a hunt. Why do you smell less awful than usual?"

"Uh...thanks? It's a really long story, and I don't want to be the one to tell you it."

Jacob waved to her and stepped off of the landing, when Alice called out to him again, "Black, wait. I know Edward bit you. Is that why?"

"Partly," Jacob replied, not bothering to turn around.

- - -

Edward was headed in the direction of his home after he was done feeding, when the scent of a werewolf caught his attention. He followed the smell to a fallen tree, Jacob sitting on it, looking rather uncomfortable.


"Hey, Cullen."

"What, no 'bloodsucker'?"

"I'm pregnant."

"Whoa, what? Not even a, 'I have to tell you something' warning?"

"I figured if I gave you that, you'd run in the other direction."

"I—yeah, you're probably right."

"Why do you always do that?"

"Do what?"

"You always run. I mean, you left Bella, and I'm sure you've left your other girlfriends, too. Do you have some sort of complex or something?"

Jacob's mood so abruptly went from calm to bitchy, Edward half-expected Jasper to pop out from behind a tree.

"I'm not bit—where are you going?"

Edward glanced back at Jacob from between the trees he was walking through. "I'll be back, pup, stay there."

Jacob glared at him, and popped up from the log. "Fuck that, I'm coming with you."

- - -

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Alright, so first chapter is crap, but it always is, innit? Whatever, I FINALLY STARTED IT. I'm so disappointed that this one's not going to be as entertaining as the last one, just because it deals with more serious matters. Jacob is still a potty-mouth though, WHICH IS AWESOME, but there's character development for him, which is also awesome and probably makes it more interesting to read.

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Next Chapter Summary: Happiness – The title is misleading, sorry. Edward and Jacob manage to fit in a few more questions with Naira and Nizhona (as they're packing the car, lol, they have no sense of boundaries); Edward tells his family what's happened between him and Jacob.