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Word Count: 801
Warnings: AU, slash, male pregnancy, language

Volume 2: Can't Make a Sound
Nizhona's Letter of Congratulations and Admonishment

Two months after the birth ( and one after Nizhona and company came to collect and observe Shaelyn ), Jacob and Edward received a charming little letter from the scientist herself:

Black and Cullen,

Congratulations on the baby girl, you actually managed to produce something that isn't a complete pain!

Shaelyn Bella is healthy, or as healthy as one can me when born three months premature. I can't believe you phased, you idiot! I'm pretty sure I told you that phasing was bad! Lucky all you did was set off labour, things could've gone much worse. As a result of her early birth, Shaelyn is a little on the tiny side, but she'll grow ( pun intended ) out of it soon enough.

Apart from that, the scientists have spoken, and we believe that Shaelyn will take after Edward. She's showing distinct signs of vampire-ness, which has led us to the conclusion that she'll be a bloodsucker like her Daddy Dearest. While it is entirely up to you when you want to stop feeding her blood and allow her to go out and kill on her own, I recommend letting her get no more than a few years older than the two of you.

Shaelyn isn't entirely like Edward however, she has a few distinctly Jacob/human traits. For instance, she can cry ( hah, have fun with that ) and she can be hurt, ( we did not run that test intentionally, rather she tripped over a toy car and scraped her knee on the floor. ) but she heals as a werewolf would.

All in all, she's a beautiful, bright little girl, and don't be alarmed if I illegally adopt her. I'll be dropping Shaelyn off in a few days after I write this, which means that it'll probably be the day you read this that I drop her off.


P.S. She looks more like Jacob, only actually good-looking, in case you were wondering.

Edward re-folded the letter and slid it back in the envelope.

"I think she may have just called me ugly," Jacob grumbled.

"You look fine to me," Edward replied, but his charming smile was lost on Jacob.

"I am impervious to your mush," Jacob told him, "now go answer the door."

Edward muttered something under his breath about Jacob being moody and pushy before he opened the door.

Nizhona stood on the other side of the threshold, a red and black pram in one hand, and a large, overflowing plastic bag in the other.

"I picked a few things up for the baby," Nizhona explained, holding up the plastic bag. "I figured the two of you didn't really get a chance to go baby item shopping."

Edward smiled warmly at her, "Thank-you. The whole—situation caught us off guard."

"Cullen, who's at the d--" Jacob stopped his sentence short when he saw Nizhona holding the pram. If he was genuinely upset about Nizhona's digs at him in the letter, he certainly didn't show it now.

He moved towards the door, his eyes never straying from the baby carrier. Nizhona set down the bag, and unfastened the sun block from the pram, giving Jacob access to his daughter.

The teen gingerly picked her up, carefully cradling her close to his chest. She was asleep, and he was terrified of waking her up, as if he cries would suddenly make this all a reality and not some terribly, incredibly messed up dream.

She woke up anyway. She didn't cry though, she just opened her eyes slowly and yawned, stretching her tiny arms over her head. She caught sight of Jacob looking down on her, and recognized her father, cooing softly.

"I should probably go," Nizhona said softly after a few moments of quiet observation. Watching Edward watch Jacob watch Shaelyn tugged on even her heartstrings.

"Thank-you," Edward repeated, quieter this time, pulling her into an awkward embrace. Nizhona nodded in response and left, closing the door behind her.

"I can't believe this is real," Jacob murmured, to no one in particular, though the tone of it made Shaelyn smile.

It wasn't just the fact that he was a male and had a baby that made it seem unbelievable ( although that was a major contributing factor ).

It was how comfortable he had gotten around Edward, able to talk and laugh with him as if he was his closest friend from the pack.

It was how openly the Cullen's ( most of them ) accepted him into their makeshift family. Jacob even found out that the crib came from Emmett as an apology for running off with Rosalie when they needed support the most.

It was how he felt when he was at their house, like this place that he used to avoid had suddenly become his favourite hangout.

Had suddenly become home.

- - -
A/N : That was quite the little tangent at the end, but it's probably my favourite part of this series so far. For something that was originally supposed to just end at "I think she may have just called me ugly," this chapter certainly went above and beyond my own expectations for it.

The pattern, in case you couldn't tell or are too lazy to bother looking, was Shaelyn Cullen, which hopefully explained some of the chapter titles that had nothing to do with the story.
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