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Rukia lay on Ichigo's bed, staring at the ceiling. She turned on her side. She turned completely around, her head now facing the end of the bed. She rolled on her stomach, and then back on her back again. "Ichigo," she said, lifting her foot up to eclipse the light on the ceiling.

From his desk, Ichigo grunted. He didn't bother looking up from the trig homework he was trying to complete.

"Ichigo," Rukia called again, wiggling her toes to watch the slivers of light dance. "Ichigo, I'm bored."

"Why don't you find something to do, then?" Ichigo turned to look at her. She was already in her Chappy pajamas and for some reason was holding her leg up in the air.

Rukia sat up then. "Baka! If had something to do I wouldn't be bored!"

Ichigo's temper began to flare. "And what do you want me to do about it?!"

She glared at him, but then smiled when an idea struck her. "Ishida told me that you knew how to play a really fun card game."

Ichigo sighed. He played a lot of cards when his sisters were growing up, and knew how to play pretty much every game in the book. He glanced back at his homework, realizing that escape was futile. "Fine," he finally said, watching her scramble for the deck. "Which one do you want me to teach you?"

"Strip poker," Rukia replied innocently.

Ichigo's jaw dropped as he felt his face heat up.

"What?" Rukia demanded, noticing the look on his face. "Ishida said it would be fun."

Ichigo was debating the best way to murder the Quincy when both his Hollow badge and Rukia's phone went off. "Let's go," he said, happy to have a distraction. Slipping out of his body and deciding against putting Kon inside it, he tucked it in the bed.

Rukia took out her soul candy. "I still want to know how to play," she warned before popping one. She was thrust out of her body. "Pyon," it said.

Ichigo shuddered. For some reason, Chappy liked to put him in headlocks. It didn't matter that he had at least a good eighty pounds on Rukia; Chappy could always hold him down. She really creeped him out.

"Chappy," Rukia ordered, "go to bed."

"Okay, pyon," Chappy said happily. She started to climb into the bed with Ichigo's body, but Rukia ordered her into Karin and Yuzu's room. One could just imagine the ruckus Isshin would make if he found their bodies like that.

"Let's go," Rukia told Ichigo, jumping out the window. He followed.

They had run about a mile when they saw the Hollow. "There it is," Ichigo stated.

"No!" Rukia replied sarcastically, unsheathing her zanpakuto.

"I was just saying," Ichigo retorted, feeling slightly stupid.

Rukia ignored him. "Mai, Sode no Shirayuki." Released, the zanpakuto was the most beautiful in all of Soul Society, and the sight of it and its wielder always amazed Ichigo. Rukia caught him staring and just smiled smugly. "Let's go, baka," she commanded, running into the darkness. Ichigo followed, slightly embarrassed at being caught.

The closer they got to the Hollow, the louder crying became. Terror laced Rukia's violet eyes when she realized that the Hollow was after a baby. "Tsugi no mai," she said quickly when the Hollow reached for the child. "Haruken." Shards of ice shot from her zanpakuto and pierced the Hollow. It roared loudly and then disintegrated.

Ichigo watched the whole thing with awe. It didn't matter how many times he saw Rukia fight, it still shocked him how beautiful it was. Her movements, like the names implied, looked like a dance. The best he could do was clumsily hack away at things.

Rukia had run to comfort the baby, and was holding him and speaking softly to him. He was trembling. "It's okay now," she soothed, holding him tight. "Ichigo," she called softly.

Ichigo stood next to her. He understood why the Hollow attack had shaken her so much—Rukia herself had died when she was a baby. He felt the sudden urge to touch her, and he awkwardly placed a hand on her shoulder. Suddenly, reality smacked him in the face. "Rukia, you're holding him."

"So?" She was no longer worried and her attitude was back.

Ichigo looked at her incredulously. "And he's looking at me."

Rukia was about to question his intelligence when the full weight of what he said hit her. They were in spirit form. She shouldn't be able to touch this baby, and he shouldn't be able to see them. "That's strange," she muttered at Ichigo. For the first time, both of them fully looked at the baby.

He had stopped trembling, but still was attached to Rukia. His little fists fiercely held on to her clothes. He looked about one year old, give or take a couple months. What startled them both was his appearance. "He looks like you, Ichigo," Rukia stated in wonder. She managed to detach the baby from herself and held him up to next to Ichigo to get a better comparison. He had a full head of bright orange hair, and even wore a slight scowl.

Ichigo was more than a little weirded out. The baby's eyes were an identical match to Rukia's, the only part of him that didn't seem to resemble Ichigo. Two pairs of violet eyes looked at him, waiting for him to deny Rukia's statement. "Whatever," he said with forced annoyance. "Let's go. We should try to find his parents."

By then it was close to three in the morning and no one was on the streets. Rukia scoffed. "There's no one here, and even if there was, they wouldn't be able to see us. I'm taking Ichigo Jr. with us."

Ichigo snorted. "Ichigo Jr.? Goddammit, Rukia, you can't go around naming other people's kids."

Rukia gasped, covering the baby's ears. "Young ears," she hissed.

Ichigo looked at her in disbelief. "He can't understand me anyway." The baby looked at him with wide eyes, a little drool in the corner of his mouth. He reached his arms out to Ichigo.

Ichigo never could say no to Rukia, and he knew right away that it would be bad that the infant had her eyes. They were looking at him expectantly, with a look he had seen on Rukia—complete trust, and something else he couldn't identify. With a sigh, Ichigo lifted the child from Rukia's arms and started walking home.

Rukia smiled at them. Orange on orange. She began to follow. "Ichiro."

Ichigo turned his head with difficulty, as the baby had fallen asleep in the crook of his neck. "What?" he asked softly, trying not to wake him.

"His name. It's Ichiro." Rukia had caught up to him, and looked up at them.

Inwardly, Ichigo shook his head. Oh well. At least it was better than Ichigo Jr.

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