Disclaimer… I don't own twilight or its characters

Disclaimer… I don't own twilight or its characters. Stephenie Meyer is the pure genius behind them.



After 4 months of tracking down Eugene Spencer, I have finally caught him. Who would have thought that he would be in a bar? I mean if you are a convicted felon of grand larceny (100,000 dollars), murders and a grand theft auto surely you would be in hiding. The FBI would be proud of Agent Bella Swan!

So I guess I should start out with who I am. My name is Isabella Marie Swan. But call me Bella. I was born in Forks, Washington. When I was little my mom Renee took me away from my dad Charlie. She wanted the city life. We lived in Phoenix for until I was 16. My mom met this man name Phil Dwyer. When they went out for a year they decided to get married. I made my choice of living with my dad for my last 2 years of high school and college. I went to college at Washington State University. One day while I was walking home I decided to take a short cut. Little did I know what was in stored for me.

Out of nowhere a man with red eyes grabs me. He was frightning to look at. I screamed but i realized something. I was all alone. That when i remembered all my training with my father who was the Forks police chief.


"Hey Bells come here for a moment." I was in the kitchen trying to make myself a sandwich. "Yea dad ok ill be right there." I wonder what he's up to? When I walked into the living room i saw my dad in an ugly puke green tracksuit. I didn't think they made them in that color anymore. Blah!

"Dad why are you wearing that. And why are you looking at me like that?" He was walking towards me with an evil grin. "Well Bella since I know you're 17 i figured you might venture out on you own so maybe some self-defense classes will help you?" Well i thought about it. "Ok when do we start." His smile got even worse. "NOW!"

End Flashback:

Now I realized what i need to do. I took my right arm, crossed it over me and thrusted it down to break away his arms. Then i took my elbow and smashed it to his face. "Ow..Crap" Looks like i broke his nose. I took off running. I ran another block thanking my dad for forcing me to join track. I was so close to my apartment when out of nowhere i felt something hard hit the back of my head. I blacked out.