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I am the Bomb!! It took me a billion days to catch this sucker. This man was in hiding in the middle of Las Vegas. Seriously for someone who gambled and basically ripped off casinos, they have issues

He had connections that got him leads on a weak spot at the casino. Apparently when the casinos were hiring new workers or in-experienced ones that when Marty Fischer would strike.

Anyway I scared the crap out of him one day. I went undercover and sure enough with a fake disguise in comes 'Ben Dover'. What an idiot.

He came to my table a little tipsy and bam! He made the wrong move.

So now my agency will be proud of Agent Mason.

I guess I should introduce myself. Mason, Edward Mason. But you can call me agent Mason. I was born in Chicago to Elizabeth and Edward Sr. I play the piano and sing.

You know how parents make you take up piano lessons and everyone hates them Well I enjoyed the.

I went to University of Chicago. I majored in Criminal Justice and Minored in Music.

After about 3 years in college I bought an apartment near my school.

One day while walking to the gym I saw a man trying to mug a woman. I don't know what happened but I paid attention to my gut reaction and helped her out.

I personally kicked the living hell out of the man. The woman didn't look surprised. The smirk on her face was almost blood churning.

She was staring at something behind me. When I turned around. I was instantly knocked out by the blow to my head.

Coming back into consciousness

I woke up to a black room but there was a table in front of me. It smelled like coffee in here.

Suddenly the lights went on. "Man that's bright. Ow my eyes they burn."

I suddenly heard two voices chuckling at me.

"This is not a funny situation my head hurts and it's going to take a while for my eyes to adjust."

I looked around to fine a one-way mirror. Atleast I wasn't hand-cuffed to the table.

That's when I looked down. "Crap I really am hand-cuffed to the table."

"That's just so you don't go punching us for whacking you." A blonde man stepped through the door.

"Who are you and care to explain why I'm being help captive here?" I said not so thrilled to be here.

"Well Mr. Mason." "Edward" I cut him off

"Right Edward, we have been watching you since high school and are intrigued by your knowledge and strength.

"We want you to join us here at the FBI. As head of the FBI I would like you to team up with us and track down the criminals for us."

Right on que after that sentence a big and I mean big man walked in. "Well its more of you have to join us considering we are the FBI."

"Ok so basically you have been stalking me since I was like 16." They nodded. "You have been watching me in college and now want me to join your Superman crew and fight crime."

The big man laughed at my comment. "Basically that pretty much sums it up. I'm Emmet McCarty and this is Jasper Hale he's the Head of this shindig. I do fieldwork."

Hmm… Do I want to join the FBI? I mean I might like this better than becoming a lawyer like my father.

"Ok ill join. Do I get to wear tights and a cape also?"

They cracked up laughing. "Only if you want to." Emmet said.

"Nah ill pass.

Back to the present:

So now I'm an awesome agent with a great house. I was relocated to Seattle where Jasper and Emmet are located.

Emmet's wife Rosalie is probably the best thing that happened to him. She's just as violent as him. She shot him once. That was the best moment ever. Even though it just grazed his arm, he deserved it.

So now I'm returning from my recent mission. Everyone was so happy. Especially agent Denali. I don't like her at all. She can't get that through her head. We had a thing once but now its over.

It's been like that for a year now.

Jasper told me to meet him at his office. He looked serious. Like I have another mission.

I walked to his office. I knocked on the door. "Come in!" Jasper kind of yelled. I don't get the point of think doors you can't hear anything or anyone coming unless you bang on the door.

"Ah agent Mason. Congratulations on the mission accomplished. I wan to talk to you about something."

"Thank you sir, ok what would that be." Now I'm really suspicious.

"You have another mission."