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Book: "Vampire Academy" Series by Richelle Mead

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A Little More Bite

Splash! Splash! Splash!

"No hands, Bella! That's cheating!" Alice cried, narrowing her eyes at the awkward brunette, trying to hold a bright red apple between her hands while she led her mouth down to it.

"Jasper, you need to get lower! Open your mouth more!" Edward instructed, watching his brother hesitantly hovering over the water-filled bucket.

"Emmett! Bite! Bite more! You haven't even gotten one apple yet! What's wrong with you?" Rosalie coached from the sidelines, groaning at her husband's failed attempts at bobbing for apples.

After a few more minutes, Jasper straightened up, throwing his hands up in defeat. "I give."

"Me too," Bella stated, pulling back from the bucket as fell.

"Honestly, whose brilliant idea was it to bob for apples anyway? Trick or treating would be so much better…" She muttered under her breath as an afterthought, causing Edward to chuckle.

Holding out for a few more minutes, Emmett finally got tired of trying to get the bright red fruit into his mouth and pulled back as well.

"Well, good attempt you guys." Alice said happily. "You did better than Rose, Edward and I."

"Just barely." Jasper replied, glaring at the bucket. "Seriously, how do human do that?

Emmett groaned, but didn't fail to show off his teeth in a very unnecessary smile, considering their current predicament. Covering his normally razor sharp teeth was a pair of glow-in-the-dark plastic fangs, that one could pick up out of a gumball machine.

"You'd think with fangs that this game would be much easier." He stated, running a finger over his falsely pointed canines.

Everyone collectively groaned before dispersing.