A/N: Okay, so readers, this is the last chapter. was on MSN, contempating what is scary or fluffy enough for the finale, and my good friend Stormy Snape suggested the perfect thing that fits both of my criteria. You can thank her for the idea. Read and review? Enjoy!

Book: "The Luxe & Rumors" by Anna Godberson

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the characters.


"Isn't this perfect, Bella?"

"Actually Edward, I think it's kind of creepy."

"But Bella, that's the point isn't it? It is Halloween after all. And Alice did tell us to pick out the decorations."

"I really doubt she would count a vampire Furby a decoration."

Edward stared sadly down at the toy in his hand, all decked out in a cape and fangs.


"Furrrrrbyyyy." The toy interrupted, causing Edward to laugh.

"Carlisle, that thing is creepy." Bella shuddered, turning around to look at the shelves of creepy things. "Can't we just get a giant rubber spider instead?"

"We could get a spider too, but-"

"Boo-a-tay…" The Furby cut in again.

"You see?" Edward said, holding it close, "It even knows how to say 'boo'. Perfect for Halloween."

"Edward, Booatay is his name. Not some weird holiday slogan."

"Num nums."

Bella turned back from the shelf, ready to pull out the toy's battery pack, when she noticed the big, blue eyes trained on her jugular vein.

"Um… Edward?"

"Yes, Bella?"

"I think Booatay thinks I'm a snack."

The toy smacked it's lips causing Edward to gulp.

"That's it, we're leaving." He declared, grabbing Bella's arm before heading in the direction of the shop's door.

"But what about the decorations?" Bella asked, staring forlornly back at their half-full cart.

"We'll get them somewhere else. Somewhere that doesn't sell demonic stuffed owls."