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Chapter Twenty: Green Eyed


Jasper drove us to my apartment first and the three of them followed me inside. Alice led Jasper and Edward to the couch in the lounge room. 'You have precisely five minutes to get out of those trackies and into something nice for lunch before I come in there,' she called to me, flicking on the television as I made my way into my bedroom.

I dumped my bag on the bed, determined to unpack later, and pulled out a clean pair of jeans and a nice top. Without bothering to do anything more with my hair than just running a brush through it a few times, I went back into the lounge room. 'Ready,' I said, grabbing a handbag.

Alice looked up at me and sighed. 'You'll do,' she said helplessly, making Jasper laugh and Edward roll his eyes. I made sure to focus on nothing as I led them outside and locked the apartment door behind me.

After dropping Edward at Alice's apartment and picking Esme up, Jasper dropped us off at a café on his way home. Alice kissed him goodbye before he drove off, then ran to catch up with us, beaming from ear to ear. 'So when's the wedding?' I joked.

'Don't be silly,' she laughed, but I saw her eyes dancing.

Rosalie arrived with perfect timing, walking through the door just as we were being shown to our table. She sat down between Alice and I, her smile rivalling Alice's. 'All right, what's up?' I asked her, knowing she wouldn't appear so happy with no reason.

She shook her head. 'Nope, nu-huh. You've just come back from a massive crazy weekend and I want to hear all about that first.'

I rolled my eyes at her. 'Rose, you're going to be distracting me and everyone else if you're looking like that the whole time. You spill, then I'll tell you about my weekend.'

Rosalie looked between the three of us, then let out a little squeal. I glanced worriedly at Alice – this behaviour was more like her than our elegant, graceful Rose. Holding out her hand, I caught sight of a sparkle before it was snatched up by Alice.

'No way,' Alice muttered.

'Yes way!' Rosalie said, bouncing a little in her seat. 'He asked me last night.' My suspicions were confirmed when she took her hand back to show me and Esme and I saw the diamond glittering on her finger.

'Tell me every detail,' Alice said slowly, emphasising each word.

Rosalie snickered. 'Well I could tell you every detail Alice, but since he's your brother I'm not sure you would like it –'

'Get on with it!' Alice practically shouted. Esme and I exchanged a grin, and I rolled my eyes.

'Well,' Rosalie began, 'he said he wanted to take me out for dinner, and I just assumed that we'd be going out for pizza or burgers or something, but then he rocked up at my house in a suit! And there I was wearing jeans and a tank! He told me to go and get changed into something "nice". I knew something was up, and I could barely dress myself, my hands were shaking so much.'

I glanced over at Alice and saw she was soaking in every detail. Fair enough, it was so much more like Emmett to take a girl out for pizza than to a nice restaurant, and I could only imagine Rosalie's dilemma when she realised she'd only have a few minutes to change her entire look.

Rosalie continued her story with a sense of wonder in her voice. 'He took me to Summerton's; you know that really nice new place? Dinner was perfect, and then they had this little space for dancing and some nice music playing, and he asked me to dance… Did you guys know he could dance, cause I had no idea! The whole night was just so perfect. And then when we got home there were candles everywhere and he took my to the lounge room, and the couch was scattered with rose petals.' Her eyes were glistening a little with the memory. 'He started telling me about how much he loved me and loved spending time with me, how he'd do anything for me. He said he could picture little mini Emmetts running around the house, and he hadn't even considered that with any other girl. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man alive.'

The three of us sat in a shocked silence for a moment after Rosalie finished telling us what had happened last night. Emmett had done those things, and said those things?

Alice voiced our doubts for us. 'Rose, are you sure that Emmett doesn't have a long lost twin? He's never romantic.'

She sighed happily. 'I know. I couldn't stop crying and he thought I didn't want him, and then I was laughing at how upset he looked and he was really confused. And for Alice's and Esme's sake, that's where the story ends,' she added with a grin.

I scooted closer to her and hugged her tightly. 'I'm so happy for you, Rose!' I said, and I was. Emmett was a great guy, and one of the first to look at one of my closest friends and see something more than her looks. They were perfect together, and Emmett had finally got the guts to do what I knew he'd been planning for months.

'Okay so Bella, over to you.'

I thought over the past weekend and thought about how perfect it had been for me, too. The only flaw had been the knowledge that there was a home to go to. I told them about Saturday in much more detail than I needed to, just to draw it out and frustrate them. When I started describing the pattern on the wallpaper in the hotel room Rosalie finally snapped and threatened that if I didn't get on to the good bit then I'd have her stiletto down my throat. I laughed and hurried on to Sunday.

I told them about Rebecca and Peter, and described Amy to them. I couldn't seem to find enough words to tell them just how amazing my daughter was, but from the wonder in their eyes I think they had a bit of an idea.

'And how was Edward?' Esme asked carefully. 'Did the two of you… get on okay?'

I knew what she was asking and I almost could have laughed at the irony of it. How could any of them expect anything out of the ordinary when they knew how wary I was around men? 'Edward was incredible,' I told them. 'I was so nervous about meeting Amy and he just talked me through it. He seemed to get how big a deal it was for me.'

Rosalie and Esme nodded in understanding, obviously buying that there was nothing more to it than there seemed. A strange expression crossed Alice's face, however, as she watched me maybe a little too carefully. I remembered our conversation about Edward from before I went to Phoenix and knew that if there were anyone that we might have trouble with, it would be her.

I bid them goodbye just after two, saying that I needed to get home and get a few things done before I went to work. I instantly knew my mistake as I saw the panic cross all three of their faces, but how was I meant to correct them? I hadn't harmed myself in nearly a week and I didn't feel the urge to now, but that didn't mean that I didn't need some time alone to think through my problems. I couldn't really just come out and say "Sorry guys, I didn't mean that I'm going to go and cut my thighs open, I just need some time to think." Therefore when I left the café it was with a heavier heart than I should have had.


'How much longer are they going to be?' I asked the guys around me, dreading the answer.

Carlisle, Jasper and I were waiting in Alice's lounge room, waiting for the girls to get ready. We were meeting Emmett and Rosalie at the Nine's at eight for celebratory drinks. In Chicago I didn't really go out with Esme on a "dress up" occasion, and the girls I'd taken out were usually ready by the time I picked them up. Alice and Esme had been out of sight for an hour already.

'Esme usually doesn't take this long,' Carlisle muttered.

Jasper laughed. 'Alice must be getting to her. She shouldn't be too much longer, I don't think. Standing up from his seat with us on the couch, he walked over to Alice's bedroom and knocked on the door. 'Honey? You do know that it's just the Nine's, right? I'm sure Bella and Angela are going to love you however you look.'

There was muffled shouting from the other side of the door; the only discernable words being "shut up Jasper" and "I won't be much longer". I rolled my eyes, leaning back in my seat.

'This is why I don't live with women,' I told them.

'Hear, hear!' Jasper joked.

Ten minutes of waiting later, we were walking down the road to the Nine's. I hadn't noticed before, but suddenly I was very aware of the fact that I walked alone with two couples. That was fixed all too soon, however, and I was left wishing that I was alone again.

'Hey Alice, guys! Wait up!'

The five of us turned in unison and watched as someone jogged up to meet us. I recognised his dark skin and long hair immediately: Jacob. I turned my head away, trying not to think off all the things I wanted to think about.

'Jake! I didn't know you were coming.' Alice stepped forward to meet him and gave him a quick hug before returning to Jasper's side.

He shrugged and together we resumed walking toward the bar. 'Yeah, well, Emmett gave me a call about half an hour ago and asked if I wanted to join you guys. Apparently he popped the question last night and we're celebrating?'

Jacob moved up to me and clapped me on the shoulder. 'Hey, man. How're you going?'

I forced myself to ignore the wave of jealousy coursing through me and respond. 'Yeah, I'm great,' I managed. 'How are you?'

'I'm doing okay,' he said. 'I've missed Bella this past weekend though. Did you see her at Alice's before she had to go to work?'

Yeah, and then some. 'I went with Alice to pick her up from the airport,' I lied. 'I didn't see her for too long, though, the girls went out for lunch not long after she got in.'

'Did she seem okay?' he asked, and I hated and loved the concern in his voice. 'I was pretty worried about her all weekend and I didn't hear from her that much. I know she was staying with a friend but I can't help but think the worst.'

I was starting to feel sick, mostly with jealousy but with a little guilt as well. 'She seemed fine. She said she had a great time.'

'Well that's good then,' Jacob said. I nodded curtly in response but didn't say anything.

A few minutes later we were at the pub. Walking inside, I didn't stop my eyes immediately going to the bar where I knew Bella would be. She was leaning with one elbow propped up on the bar, chatting happily to one of the other workers. The girl's eyes fell on us and she said something that made Bella turn her head to see us. Her face lit up as she grinned widely, but then it seemed to freeze and slip a little. I noticed her eyes were flickering between me and Jacob. Who had she smiled for? What had made it drop? Was she excited to see Jacob and then upset when she saw me? Or could it possibly be the other way around? Who was it? Who, who, who?

Realising that the others had started making their way over to a booth at the edge of the building, I shook off my unsettlingly obsessive thoughts and forced myself to follow them. I found that I felt angry with Jacob for coming with us instead of heading over to the bar to see Bella first. What the hell are you doing? I asked him silently. If she was mine and I hadn't seen her for three days I'd be over there in a flash. Hell, if she were mine, I'd be over there if I'd seen her five minutes ago.

A minute later Jacob got up from his seat saying he'd get drinks for us all, and I reluctantly admitted to myself that I was just looking for reasons to not like him. I made myself keep my eyes on the people that I was sitting with so that I wouldn't be analysing every action Bella made whilst talking to Jacob. Her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend, whom she lived with. But she couldn't love him that much, right, if she'd kissed me? I closed my eyes as I pictured Bella naked and writhing in pleasure, but instead of seeing Jacob like I knew I should, it was me that she lay under. I knew she said that she felt more comfortable around me than him, but I knew there wasn't a chance that they hadn't been together. There was no possibility that he could live with her, sleep in the same bed as her, and not love her like I wanted to, especially since he didn't know the reasoning for her fears. How long had it taken her to overcome that fear for him?

Would she ever overcome it for me?

Against my better judgement, I looked up to the bar and watched Bella talking to Jacob. He was leaning on the bar talking to her as she filled his order. As she was placing the beers up onto the bar for him to take, her eyes flickered over to our table and caught mine. I held her gaze, wishing more than anything that I had the right to just get up and walk over to her, taking her into my arms. She smiled at me slightly, but it seemed sad. I didn't know whether to be happy that she was looking at me while talking to Jacob, or upset that she wasn't smiling as completely as she always should be. I tore my eyes away and stared glumly at the table.

I just needed to… be around her. To hear her voice, hear her laugh, see her eyes as she smiled properly. I sighed.

'I'm going to help Jacob with those drinks,' I said, grasping onto the first excuse to be near her that came to me. No one questioned me as I stood up and made my way over to the bar. I couldn't miss the bigger smile that flashed across Bella's face as she noticed me walking over, even if it was quickly suppressed with a subtler one as she quickly turned her eyes back to Jacob. Once I was closer she looked at me more deliberately. I silently applauded her effort as Jacob turned to look at me. 'Hey, man,' he said.

'Just thought I'd give you a hand with the drinks,' I said, carefully keeping my eyes anywhere but on Bella.

'Yeah, sure thing,' he said, taking three of the glasses between his two hands. 'You should come sit with us for a while, Bella,' he said before heading back to the table.

Once he was gone I let myself turn and look at Bella fully again. 'How was your lunch with the girls today?' I asked, looking for a reason to make her talk so I could hear her voice.

She blushed slightly and lowered her eyes to the glass she was filling. 'It was nice. I'm really happy for Rose and Emmett.'

I nodded in agreement. 'Yeah, me too. You know, you should really come over and sit with us for a while,' I told her. I'd sit through watching her and Jacob being together if it meant that I could watch her for a little.

'Angela needs me here,' she mumbled, putting the last glass up on the bar between us.

I snatched my hand out so that it brushed hers before she could draw it away again, and I felt a strange sense of satisfaction as she cupped her hand with the other and her blush deepened. 'Maybe once it quietens down a little,' I suggested.

She nodded and I headed back over to our table, beers in hand. Emmett and Rosalie were just sitting down as I got back. 'Congratulations, man,' I said, clapping Emmett on the shoulder before smiling up at Rosalie. 'Congratulations, Rosalie.'

'Thanks Edward,' Emmett said. He glanced carefully at Jacob before continuing. 'And thanks for looking after my little sister this weekend.' He put his arm around Alice as he spoke but his head was titled pointedly toward the bar where Bella was serving another customer. Alice had said that Emmett thought of Bella as a little sister almost to the same extent as he did Alice, and I knew he wasn't talking about Alice now.

'No problem,' I said. 'Everything was fine.' I knew that Bella would have told Rosalie about her trip while they were at lunch, and Rosalie would have filled Emmett in on the details once she got home. I wondered how much Bella had told them about us, or if they might have guessed something. A few times through the night I caught Alice watching me carefully, but I knew that if she had anything to say then she's get it out eventually.

It was not long after midnight when Emmett came back from the bar with Bella in tow. 'Only ten minutes,' she was insisting as Emmett pushed her into the booth between Jacob and Carlisle.

'Thirty,' Emmett argued.

'Emmett, no! I have work to do, they're not paying me to sit around and talk to my friends.'

'How about to sit around and drink with your friends?' Alice asked, pushing her drink in front of Bella.

Bella laughed, and my mood instantly lightened slightly. 'Don't be ridiculous, Alice. I'll sit here and talk for fifteen minutes and then I have to go back to work.'

I looked away as Jacob's arm wrapped around Bella's neck and he pulled her to him so that he could kiss her. I had been wrong, earlier. Being able to watch her was not a big enough incentive to have to watch them together.

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