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I know some of these shippings have alternate names. I couldn't be bothered to put them all in. So I just put in the first one I found. Except PokeShipping, which doesn't follow the alphabetical thing I've got going on here. I had to have it near the top. For reasons that will become obvious.

AbilityShipping - Ash & Anabel
Er... :sees quote from end of episode:
She has feelings for me? ...

PokeShipping - Ash & Misty
People think Misty and I would be a good couple? But we're just frien- :reads lyrics for Misty's part of 'I've got a secret.'
Right. So, she... likes me? That's two girls! There must be some sort of mistake. But what if there isn't?
Um... :Blushes:

AdvanceShipping - Ash & May
May? Er... she's my friend an' all, but we don't... you know... like each other.
Misty likes me...

AlfShipping - Ash & Max
Um, I don't think this would ever happen. Ever. Max is sweet an' all, but like I said, he's a friend, and also, he's a boy... and he's really young. So, er, no.
I still can't believe that Misty fancies me...

AltoShipping - Ash & Latias
I see where everyone gets this from. That kiss that Bianca/Latias gave me... that was reeeeally surprising. I mean, I'm not really good with the whole love thing, and just because we were all friendly and stuff doesn't mean she fancies me. I mean, she's a pokemon!
Ohhhhh, I've just realised why Misty was acting so oddly after Latias gave me that farewell kiss...

AwkwardShipping - Ash & Cassidy
Cassidy? From Team Rocket? With the Raticate? And the partner with the silly name... Bart or something... have you seen them? The way they treat pokemon is just horrible! And she got me arrested.
Misty got me out...

BoulderShipping - Ash & Brock
Er... he's a mate, but he's juuuuuust a mate. And he's a he. So yeah. Not to mention that he goes after every girl he sees, so he's obviously not... you know... he doesn't like boys.

ChampionShipping - Ash & Lance
Lance? The Indigo league champion? I don't really know him. And he's a he.
I've known Misty a long time though...

CharlieboyShipping - Ash & Jessie
:Pulls face:
No. Way. She's in Team Rocket! We hate each other! Not to mention she's like, 50.
And what would Misty say...

ChikoShipping - Ash & Chikorita
Chikorita fancied me? Woah. She's a great pokemon, but she's a pokemon, and I'm a human, and it just wouldn't work. Chikorita fancied me?
And Misty likes me? ...

ChildShipping - Ash & Molly Hale
That child who locked herself up in that tower and was convinced Mom was her mom? And that Entei was her father? Um.
Misty helped me rescue Mom that day...

ChocolateShipping - Ash & Lucario
Lucario was a great pokemon, but he was a pokemon. And we certainly didn't, um, like each other.
Misty wasn't there then... I wonder what her reaction would have been to those blobby things swallowing me...

ComaShipping - Ash & Paul
Are you kidding me? That guy's a jerk! He treats his pokemon so badly. it makes me want to scream! And then he doesn't even care! That guy doesn't deserve to be a trainer. And we would certainly never be a couple. No way.
Misty on the other hand... we've had some fights, but...

KissShipping - Ash & Melody
That kiss was just a traditional thing! It didn't mean anything!
Oh! So when Misty was acting oddly after that... oh...

MouseShipping - Ash & Ritchie
Ritchie's a guy. He's my friend, and that's it. That's all it ever will be.
Misty's a great friend...

NaiveShipping - Ash & James
James? You've got to be kidding me! He's part of Team Rocket, and he's male. 'Nuff said.

PalletShipping - Ash & Gary
He's a guy. And he's a rival. And we could never like each other.
Misty was kind of a rival, but now we're best friends...

PearlShipping - Ash & Dawn
Dawn's a sweet kid, but she is just a kid.
And Misty...

PikaShipping - Ash & Pikachu
WOAH THERE! PIKACHU?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Pikachu's my best friend! Not to mention the fact that Pikachu is... a Pikachu! I mean, we're not even the same species!
Misty's the same species though...

Um, looking back at that list, I have a couple of questions. What would make you think that I would make a good couple with any of the more stupid ones. Like me and Jessie? I mean, what's that about? And also Paul. What were you thinking?

And one more question.
Do you think it would be a good idea to give Misty roses or chocolate? -

A/N: Sorry, I just had to turn it pokeshipping! So, what did you think? I think I mostly captured what Ash's thoughts would be on each of the ships.

Ash: So, Roses or Chocolate?
ArcanineOod: Both. Duh! And maybe some Ambrosia? Those mean 'your love is reciprocated.'
Ash: Huh? What does reciprocated mean?
ArcanineOod: ... :slaps forehead: ... returned. As in, she loves you, you feel the same way. Geddit?
Ash: Yeah.
ArcanineOod: Great. Now go! And Ash! I know for a fact that Misty turned down a date with a really cute guy 'cus there was someone she liked more!
Ash: There's someone she likes more? :sad face:
ArcanineOod: :Slaps forehead again: You! Dumbo! She likes you! Duh!
Ash: Ohhhh. Riiiiight.
ArcanineOod: Don't suppose you could get me a meeting with Brock could you? :Stares dreamily into space:
Ash: Er...
ArcanineOod: :Snaps out of trance: Never mind. :I'll meet him one day...: Byeeeeee!
Ash: Bye...
Narrator: The long awaited moment we waited so long for. Ash finally realising that his friendship may be more than that! But will Misty feel the same way once he reaches her? Will they live happily ever after? Find out next ti-
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