A/N: So... Misty's view. I am a pokeshipper. This is pokeshipping. This whole story is pokeshipping. No like, no read, no flames :D The characters aren't mine yadayadayada...

Oh, what's this? An alphabetical list of all the major shippings I'm in? Sounds interesting. Let's see...

AdvancemotherShipping - Misty & Azurill
Ewww! Azurill? It's a pokemon for goodness' sake! How do people come up with this stuff?

AllgrownupShipping - Misty & Togetic
True, I loved Togetic. But as a mother loves her children! Sure, I cried when I had to let it go, but wouldn't all mothers? I've known it since it was an egg... It's probably the closest thing to a child I'll get seeing as As- Forget I said that- The guy I like is as dense as a geodude. I only feel motherly love for Togetic, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete sicko.

AlternaShipping - Misty & James
James from Team Rocket? Ewww, no way!

BangShipping - Misty & her hammer
Hahahahahahaha! It's a joke, right? Hahahahaha! My hammer... haha... and me... haha... as a couple?! HAHAHAHA!

BitchShipping - Misty & Jessie
What the-? No way! She's a complete Miltank! I'd rather sit in a room full of bug types than enter a relationship with her!

BrokenBikeShipping - Misty & May
Err... no!
Another girl! Hello! I'm a girl. I like guys. Not girls. And not May. Just because we both know Ash doesn't mean we love each other! I mean, sheesh! That's not even funny, it's just disgusting.

CitrusShipping - Misty & Rudy
Rudy... Handsome, dreamy, gorgeous, nice, clever, charming, rich, strong... If I hadn't been travelling with Ash... But I was. And I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world... not by choice, anyway. Maybe if I ever get over Ash... Eeek! Please tell me I didn't really admit that! Ohhhh dear. But yeah, I liked Rudy a lot, but not enough to leave Ash, in the end. I hope he finds someone one day.

ConfusionShipping - Misty & Psyduck
HA! Psyduck? That useless lump wouldn't know love if it hit him in the face!

EgoShipping - Misty & Gary
Gary? He's mean to Ash. I don't like him. He always comes over so annoying and arrogant, too. No way.

FluteShipping - Misty & Melody
Melody? That girl who tried to steal Ash- I mean, that girl who gave Ash the 'traditional' kiss? I don't hate her, but I certainly don't love her! Eww! Like I said before, I like guys. Specifically Aaaaa- never mind :D

FunShipping - Misty & Cassidy
Are you kidding me? No way! She's from Team Rocket! And she tried to steal my Psyduck. I hate her and her partner... Bugs, was it? Whatever his name, I hate him and his stupid partner. This shipping is completely stupid.

GeneratorShipping - Misty & Pikachu
Ash's Pikachu? No way! I see Pikachu as a friend. That's it. :shudders:

GymShipping - Misty & Brock
Brock? A joke, right? I think I'm possibly the only girl on the planet he hasn't hit on. So yeah. Apart from the fact that see him as more of an older brother than a hunk, he's made it quite obvious he doesn't have time for me around all the truly beautiful girls. Like my sisters. :mutters:

IceRaceShipping - Misty & Danny
The look on Ash's face when I rooted for Danny. HA! Na, I only rooted for him so Ash would be motivated to reach the top to impress me. And then so he would push himself and win his badge. I don't feel anything for him.

LolitaShipping - Misty & Professor Oak
:eye twitches: ...Professor... :shudders: ...Oak? :retches: Sorry, how old is he? 60? That's so... :shudders: bluuueh. He might have been good looking when he was younger, but he's so old! ... :shudders:

OrangeShipping - Misty & Tracey
Tracey? Na. No offence to him, but he not even that good looking. Plus he's so obviously hung up on Daisy. He's also too busy working at Prof. Oak's lab. I don't think we could ever be a couple.

OysterShipping - Misty & Dawn
I've never even met Dawn.
A/N: I think so, anyway ... :D
She's the girl currently traveling around with Ash and Brock, right? Hmm.. no. She's a girl, people! I don't even know her! How are we supposed to be a couple?

PhotoShipping - Misty & Todd
Todd? Hmm.. Well, I don't know how old he is, but I think he's a bit young for me. He's also not very good looking, no offence meant of course. He's a little annoying, too.

PokeShipping - Misty & Ash
:blushes again:
Yes, I like him, ok? I do. In fact, I think I love him. It's true, and annoying, seeing as how he's so oblivious to my feelings, but what am I supposed to do? I can't help feeling this way, and I want to tell him, but what if he doesn't feel the same way? What if he rejects me? I don't know what I'd do. :sighs:
Maybe one day when he's grown up a bit he'll realise :)

SomeoneelseShipping - Georgio & Misty
Georgio was cute, but I was just too busy with the gym to go out with him. Ok, that's a lie. I didn't want to go out with him because of Ash. :smiles sheepishly:
Anyway, everyone knows Casey was just itching to go to that game, and really, I don't care that much about baseball.

Well, an interesting mix. Do people really think I belong with James? Or Cassidy? Ewwww! I only like Ash. Maybe someday he'll realise his feelings for me too! :D

A/N: So, what did you think? I like it, but maybe that's just me?

Don't be hatin' just cus it's pokeshipping, ok? You were warned, after all...

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