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Summary: Rosalie and Emmett used to be the best of friends, until one day everything changed. Now their friends can't figure out why they hate each other. But what happens when something happens to Rose?

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Rosalie Lillian Hale adjusted the top of her white with large blue polka dots string bikini while the bright sun went behind one of the few clouds that were in the sky. Thought northern California could sometimes be cold in September, today was bright, sunny, and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Which explained why she and her best friend, Alice Cullen, were sitting in Alice's large backyard by her family's pool.

Quickly, she picked up the ponytail holder she had on the lawn table next to her and pulled her long blonde hair into a loose ponytail.

Alice sat up in her chair so she could face her long-time best friend. She pushed her square sunglasses up into her shoulder-length black hair, so they acted as a headband and pushed her bangs back. "Are you having some trouble, Rose?"

Rosalie pulled her large aviators off of her face and placed them on the table. "Yeah, I'm not tanning."

Alice glared at her friend. "Uhm, please. 'Lie, you are one of the most tan people that I've ever met. And that's naturally tan. Not like Lauren, who spends more time in the fake and bake room than she does in a classroom." At that Rosalie smiled. "And besides, you're way tanner than I am."

"I'm always tanner than you, Al." Rosalie said. It was true. The two were complete opposites, looks wise. Alice was a petite pale skinned beauty with straight black hair and gorgeous green eyes. Standing at 5'1 exactly, Alice had much more of a sweet and innocent persona. Rosalie had long curly blonde hair with mesmerizing gray eyes and olive toned tan skin. She stood at 5'5 and usually wore some form of high heels, making her long legs look longer than they already did.

Alice was nice and kind to everyone. People came to her when they needed help with anyone because of her sweet demeanor. She had her fair share of men in and out, only being serious with a few of them. She always tried to sweeten things for people, and thought before speaking. She was meticulous with everything she did.

Rosalie was often considered vain. She preferred high maintenance. She was, by far, the most beautiful girl in school. She was loved by everyone, however, because of her charming ways. She was the girl every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. She, too, had her fair share of men, choosing to love 'em and leave 'em, rather than getting serious with many of them. And there was a good reason for that. Rosalie tended to speak before she thought, earning her the 'dumb blonde' comments she had come to resent.

"Whatever." Alice said.

"How are you two wonderful ladies doing today?" Edward Cullen walked out into the pool area to join them.

"Hey there." Rosalie said. Alice just nodded. Rosalie grinned. Despite the fact that she had known the Cullen's since she before preschool, she still found it funny that they often ignored each other just see if it would tick the other one off. It usually worked.

Sure enough, Edward frowned. Alice looked at him with the same blank expression for another moment before busting up into laughter. Edward smiled slightly and raised his eyebrows at Rosalie.

Rosalie shrugged at the guy she had considered as somewhat of a brother for over 15 years now while Alice composed herself.

"What do you look so happy about?" Alice asked when she had calmed down. Edward had come in wearing a huge grin and that huge grin had returned.

"Nothing." Edward couldn't stop smiling.

Rosalie and Alice looked at each other. "Bella." They concluded.

Bella and Jasper Swan were two new transfer students. Edward had immediately been taken with the 5'7 brunette and Alice had privately admitted to Rosalie that she thought Jasper was cute. Rose didn't disagree, but she definitely wouldn't say he was gorgeous or anything.

Edward nodded. "We got paired up together in English for a project." He grinned victoriously.

"Ok, I can see that she's pretty." Alice said. "Anyone with eyes can see that. But what's the big deal about her?"

Edward shrugged. "She's real."

"A real klutz." Rosalie added. She stood up. "I'll be Bella." She flipped her ponytail behind her shoulders.

Edward snickered. "That's not Bella. That's you."

She shot him a look. "Thank you smart ass." She said sarcastically. "Here I go." She began to walk. After walking a little longer, she exaggerated stumbling over thin air and pretended to fall.

At that point, three people, two boys and a girl, had made their way over to the pool area. One boy made no move to prevent her from pretend falling. The other boy and the girl reached out a steadied her.

Emmett Cullen laughed as his two guests helped Rosalie stand back up. "If you're going to try and seduce Jasper, Rose, you should try harder than that."

Rosalie stuck her tongue out at him before turning around and sitting back down on her chair. Edward then sat down towards the bottom, pushing her feet up and making her bend her legs. Emmett did the same to Alice. Jasper pulled up two chairs, offered one to his sister, and sat down in the other one.

"So, uh, how much of that did you guys actually catch?" Alice asked, a little nervously.

"Only the part where Hale showed us her chest." Emmett smirked. "Quite a performance, Rose, if I do say so my self."

"It's Rosalie." She corrected him snidely. She didn't mind when people called her Rose, as long as she liked them. And Emmett lost that right a year and a half ago.

Up until then, she and the three Cullen siblings had been best friends, particularly her and Emmett. Something in them had just clicked. Until a year and a ago when they had a huge fight. No one ever knew what it was they had fought about, but whenever they tried to ask, they just got snapped at, so the subject was dropped.

The three Cullen's were adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen when they discovered that they couldn't have children themselves. Carlisle and Esme both came from old money and Carlisle was a doctor, so the family was well off.

Emmett was by far the tallest and most built. He towered over everyone at 6'3. His brown eyes were almost always sparkling with mischief. He was the star quarterback of the football team and his grades were awesome too. He was the most high maintenance of the three siblings, his hair always having to be perfect.

Edward was tall, at 6'1. His golden hair was tousled in the way that it always was and his brown eyes were often glinting at some plan he had going with his brother. He was the brains to Emmett's brawn. Edward was in the top 10 of the class and was pretty low maintenance. He was very protective of both Alice and Rosalie.

There was a moment of silence, but Emmett quickly filled it. "I would have taken you guys right inside if I had known the Ice Princess was here. But since her car isn't here, I just assumed she wasn't. But shame on me, I suppose, because you know what they say when you assume."

Bella cracked a smile. Though the comment was mean, the way he commented it was quite funny.

"Well, sorry." Alice said. "I wanted to drive the Porsche today."

Bella's smiled instantly faded. A Porsche? Where did she move to, northern California or Beverly Hills?

"And besides," Rosalie said matter of factly, "the M3 is at the shop."

Jasper's jaw dropped. "You have an M3? What kind?"

Rosalie smiled widely. "Red M3 E93."

Jasper whistled. "Damn, that's hot."

Rosalie winked at him teasingly. "So are you." She laughed to let him know that she was joking. When he laughed along with her, she grinned. She could tell that she and Jasper would be friends.

A noise came from her right. She looked over to find her phone vibrating. Before she could take it to answer, Emmett had grabbed it and answered, "Hello, Rose's lover Emmett speaking." He smirked at her.

"Emmett, give me my phone back." Rosalie said.

He grinned at her, in a mischievous way. "Oh, I'm sorry, she..."

"Give me my frickin' phone jackass." Rosalie glared at him.

"Emmett." Edward and Alice sighed. Emmett surrendered the phone. Rose stuck her tongue out at him before walking to the other side of the pool area with her phone.

"Please don't snap at me." Edward began. "But why do you hate her so much?"

"Yeah," Alice added. "You two used to be best friends."

"And that was before I realized how much a bitch she really was." Emmett said dryly.

Edward decided to drop it. "Who was on the phone?"

"Royce." Emmett said with disgust lacing his voice. Edward nodded, the same look of disgust on his face too.

"I don't see why you two don't like him so much." Alice said. "It's the first guy she's had in a while that she hasn't slept with on the first date and is actually sticking around. She really likes him."

"I don't give a shit about Rose's Royce. I just don't like how he leads girls on the way he does." Emmett said.

Alice raised her eyebrows. "He's the you of La Push."

"Yeah, but I do it so much better." Emmett said.

"Besides, don't they have their own girls to date?" Edward asked.

Alice shrugged. "He's been with all of them already."

"So have we." Edward said, apparently forgetting about trying to impress Bella.

"And they like us better." Emmett smirked.

"And people say you're conceited." Alice said sarcastically.

"Which people?" Emmett asked. Alice looked at him. When she realized he was serious, she laughed.

Rosalie came back over, looking very happy, and put her phone back on the table before sitting back down.

"What did Royce want?" Alice asked.

"To see if I wanted to go to dinner on Friday."

"What?" Alice gasped. "But...but..."

"I know." Rosalie said. "So I told him that I already have plans with you, Edward, and Emmett." She scowled after saying Emmett. "And that we could do it Sunday night."

"Whoa whoa whoa. Since when do we have plans for Friday?" Edward asked.

"Oh, right. We forgot to tell you two." Rose said.

"We have four front row seats to the Spice Girls Reunion Tour. And you two are coming." Alice said. Jasper snickered at them.

"It's Alice's late birthday present." Rosalie smiled, knowing that would be the thing that would make both Cullen brothers come. They both sighed, knowing that what Rose had said was true.

"Fine." Emmett said at last. "We'll come."

"Just know we will be drinking." Edward said.

"As if we care." Rosalie said.

"Hello everyone." Esme Cullen walked out into her yard. "How many of you are staying for dinner tonight?"

"Me." Alice, Edward, and Emmett said.

"Haha you three." Esme said. "Rosalie, dear, are you staying?"

"Why not?" Rosalie smiled.

"Ok." Esme noticed Bella and Jasper. "I'm Esme Cullen."

"Bella Swan." Jasper pointed to his sister. "And I'm Jasper Swan."

"It's nice to meet you both." Esme smiled sweetly. "Would you care to stay for dinner tonight? If it's ok with your parents."

Jasper nodded. "I'll call them, but it should be ok."

Bella nodded. "Thank you for the invitation Mrs. Cullen."

Rosalie, Alice, Edward, and Emmett gasped. "What?" Bella asked.

"It's just Esme, dear. Mrs. Cullen makes me feel old. And call my husband by his first name too." Jasper came back by then and affirmed that it was all right for them to stay and everyone gathered their things and left the pool area.

Bella, Jasper, Edward, and Emmett were sitting in the kitchen, watching Esme cook, and waiting for Alice and Rosalie to come downstairs from changing. Seconds later, Alice bounded into the room wearing navy blue plaid Hollister shorts and a red Hollister polo.

"Oh, good, Alice, can you go set the table please?" Esme asked. Alice nodded and began taking things out of cabinets and drawers.

"Emmett, can you go change the lightbulb in the chandelier. I just remembered that it burnt out earlier." Emmett stood up and left the room. "And Edward can you come make sure sauce doesn't burn?"

"Why can't one of them do it?" Edward gestured to Bella and Jasper.

"They're guests." Esme said.

"Why can't Rose do it?" Edward asked. "Don't try and pass the she's a guest off because she spends enough time here that she has her own bedroom and bathroom. So I repeat, why can't Rose watch the sauce?"

Emmett came back into the kitchen with a new light bulb. "Like she knows how to do that." He snorted.

"Emmett." Esme warned.

"Yeah, yeah. I got it Mom." He left towards the dining room with the light bulb.

Rosalie entered the kitchen, wearing very short cloth Pink by Victoria's Secret pink shorts and a small tight white t-shirt. "Can I help?"

"Yes." Esme said. "Stay away from the stove. We don't need a repeat of Christmas 04." Rosalie bit her lip, but you could see the smile. "How about you help Alice set the table?"

Rosalie nodded and left the kitchen.

"Pray tell me, what happened between those two?" Esme commented.

"I wish I knew." Edward said. "But they won't tell."

Esme frowned. "I wish I could help them get over it."

Edward opened his mouth to say something, but Esme cut him off saying that dinner was ready.

Bella and Jasper helped Esme and Edward put everything on serving dishes and carry it out to the table. The seven of them sat around the table, waiting for one more at the head.

"Sorry I'm late." Carlisle Cullen rushed in the dining room and kissed his wife on his way to the other end of the table. He squeezed Alice's shoulder and he passed her and clapped Edward and Emmett on the shoulder. He reached the head of the table and reached out to squeeze Rosalie's shoulder before sitting at the head of the table between her and Emmett. "Well, it seems we have two new friends. I'm Carlisle." Bella and Jasper introduced themselves. "Swan," Carlisle mused. "Where have I heard that?"

"Our dad, Charlie, is the new police chief." Jasper said.

"Yes!" Emmett pumped his arm victoriously.

"And why is that good?" Bella raised her eyebrows

"Well, it should be a lot easier to get out of a speeding ticket now." Alice said.

"Much easier than what we uh...usually do." Rosalie said. Edward and Emmett shared a smile.

"I don't want to know." Carlisle said. Everyone laughed.

"So, Bella, when should we start our project?" Edward asked.

"When's it due?" Alice asked.

"September 27." Bella answered.

"September 26." Emmett and Rosalie answered together. They glared at each other.

"Not tonight, children." Esme teased. "We have guests. Try to control yourselves."

The rest of the night went by quickly, with only minor disagreements from Rosalie and Emmett. And the end of the night left Rosalie feeling content, with the fact that she had two new friends, as she left Alice's yellow Porsche and entered her house.

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