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Edward sat back against the couch as he finished the last word on the first part of the project. He smiled triumphantly. "Finished."

"Finally." Bella joined him in leaning against the couch "I thought we'd never get done."

"Em should be happy." Edward said. "We'll be able to start a movie by quarter of seven." Bella nodded in agreement. "Let's grab some dinner, and then we'll call him down." Neither one moved, seemingly content on where they were.

"DAD!" Emmett shouted, worry evident in his tone.

"Stop shouting." Esme scolded loudly. Emmett ignored her and shouted again.

Edward wordlessly stood and Bella followed. Edward began speaking before they reached his brother. "Em, Dad's in his study."

Bella stopped herself just in time from bumping into Edward, who had suddenly stopped. She frowned, wondering why, but gasped as soon as she stepped to the side.

Emmett had a limp Rosalie in his arms. Her wrist was slightly swollen and was red. Her cheeks were red as well, and she had bruises beginning to form on much of her body.

Esme spoke from the kitchen. "Emmett Cullen, please stop your shouting. If you need your father, then go and get…" She trailed off as she entered the foyer. She swayed slightly and Edward reached his hand out to her back to steady his mom. Esme reached over and pushed a button a white speaker box.

"Carlisle." She spoke softly into it. "You need to come here now."

Esme moved away from the box. Edward put an arm around his mother, as an act of comfort, but Esme still looked understandably upset.

"What's wrong?" Carlisle asked, not seeing everyone yet. "Oh God, what happened?"

"I went over for sugar, like Mom asked." Emmett said. "And no one answered and I kept knocking and ringing and there was still no answer so I went in and I saw Royce on top of her." Emmett looked like someone had just killed his puppy dog. For the second time, not only since she's met him but also that day, Bella saw vulnerability in his eyes.

"Walk with me." Carlisle said. "I think she's in shock right now. She'll be bruised and I think her wrist is sprained." He reached out and bent it slightly. "Yes, sprained. Let's put her in her room. I'll go grab some Ibuprofen." Emmett carried her up the stairsand gently laid her down on her bed.

His eyes frowned along with his lips as he pushed some hair off her face and kissed her forehead.

"Anyone called Alice?" Esme asked Bella and Emmett. Edward was in another room, trying to locate Rosalie's parents. Bella was sitting on the couch, twirling her fingers and Emmett hadn't stopped pacing since he came back down.

"Edward called her." Emmett said. "Left a voicemail and told her to come home when she got it."

Esme nodded. She had long given up getting her son to stop pacing.

Edward came in, looking furious. "David says to tell her he hopes she feels better. And Cynthia says she doesn't care what we tell her as long as Rose knows that she won't be home for another two weeks." Edward paused. "She's at a spa in Spain."

Esme, Emmett, and Edward exchanged looks. "As expected." Esme said.

"Yeah." Emmett said. He pasued. "I have to go do it." He said.

Esme nodded. "Also expected. Be careful." She turned to her other son. "Go with him, Edward."

Emmett and Edward headed for the door, but not before Edward picked up his keys to his Vanquish.

"Who are Cynthia and David?" Bella asked, desperately hoping they weren't who she thought they were.

"Her parents."

Bella's fear was confirmed. "But…how can they say something like that?"

"Cynthia and David Hale don't care for children. They needed an heir and they got one." Esme said. "Carlisle and I have sort of adopted her."

Bella nodded. Poor Rosalie.

The Vanquish was flying down the main highway that led to La Push. The two Cullen's arrived in record time and quickly found Royce King II standing in an alley with a friend.

"Ready?" Edward asked. Emmett nodded. "Let's go."

They walked down the alley.

"Well, well." Royce said. "Look who is it."

It was Edward's fist that went out first, giving a black eye that would match perfectly with the one Emmett had given him earlier.

"Nice one." Emmett said. Edward nodded.

Royce looked up, hatred in his eyes. "You know, the tramp deserved it." Two fists came flying out again. "She never loved me. It was always you." He said.

"Care to give me a minute, Edward?" Emmett asked.

Edward nodded and pulled Royce's friend away.

"If I ever hear that you called Rosalie anything again, I will personally hunt you down." Emmett pushed him up against the wall. "Got it?"

Royce nodded, for the first time actually afraid. Emmett let him down and right hooked Royce one last time.

"And if you even think about reporting this," Emmett threatened. "Well, I tell 'em exactly what you did to Rosalie." He turned his back, not waiting to see Royce's reaction.

Edward was waiting in the Vanquish, ready to roll. Emmett threw open his door, sat down, and spoke. "Go."

Jasper followed Alice into her house to see if his sister was still there and wanted a ride.

"Mom, I'm home." Alice called. She began walking to the family room. "Bella, if you're still here, Jasper can take you home now."

"Alice." Esme rushed over and hugged her daughter. "You're here."

"What's wrong?" Alice asked, getting worried.

"Didn't you get Edward's message?" Esme asked.

Alice shook her head. "Phone died. What's happening?"

"Royce tried to rape Rosalie." Emmett said emotionlessly as he and Edward entered the room. Both sat down on the couch, next to Jasper.

"Oh my god." Alice said. Her face turned to one of worry. "Is…she ok?"

"She's up in her room with Carlisle." Emmett said. "She…she looked so helpless when I found her."

Alice squeezed herself in between Jasper and Emmett. Jasper took her one hand and squeezed it reassuringly and Alice leaned her head on Emmett's shoulder. "She'll be ok." Alice said.

"She's awake." Carlisle said wearily. "One at a time, you can go see her. She's allowed to stand, so long as she sits down when she becomes tired.

Alice went in first. She stayed for ten minutes. Next went Bella, then Jasper. Both stayed for about five. Edward went in and came out 15 minutes later.

"Emmett?" Esme asked.

Emmett shook his head. "She won't want to see me."

Esme pursed her lips but said nothing as she went inside. She too, stayed for about 15 minutes and then told Emmett that she was going up to bed, like everyone else already had.

Emmett stayed and watched an episode of The Fresh Prince of Belair before deciding to go up to bed.

He went right past her room, but then doubled back. He gently opened the door.

"Why didn't you come in when everyone else did?" Rosalie asked.

Emmett shrugged as he moved closer to her bed. "Didn't think you'd want me here."

Rosalie rubbed her temples. "Can we just go back to the way things were?"

Emmett nodded. "I'd like that." Rosalie grinned. "Why aren't you sleeping?"

"Couldn't sleep." She said. "Nightmares." He nodded. "Will you come lay down with me?"

"Ok." He said. He lay down next to her. She rolled over and adjusted herself so her head was on his chest.

The sun was shining brightly through the window when Rosalie woke up. Emmett was already awake, and lightly stroking her hair. She kept her eyes shut for a minute longer, remembering when they would sit like that for hours at a time, doing nothing.

"You sleep all right?" Emmett asked, once she opened her eyes.

Rosalie nodded. In truth, once he had come in, she had felt safe, enough so that she could close her eyes and sleep.

"Good." He said. "Come on, let's go grab breakfast." He held his hand out. She didn't take it, but stood up herself.

"Just because we're friends again, doesn't mean I trust you yet." She turned on her heel and walked out the door.

And that was when Emmett Cullen made it his mission, even if it took his whole life, to make Rosalie Hale trust him the way she had before.

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