Chap.1: Each Other's First

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They both hated this moment, the day she would leave with her older sister for London. For 17 year-old Van Ray, he was losing the one person who truly loved him. He was attracted to her kindness and her pure of heart. For 16 year-old Rosemary "Rosie" Porter she was losing the only person who truly understood her and loved her for her qualities.

Van first noticed Rosie when she was being taunted by some dumb jocks after she tripped and fell to the ground and they had been dating for two years. They were each other's first loves and first time that Van or Rosie shared the passionate act of making love.

"This isn't fair." Rosie said softly as she cried silently in front of Van.

Van didn't say anything since he was fighting the urge to cry as well.

"Maybe we should just say goodbye now." Rosie suggested

"What's so good about saying goodbye?" Van asked

When Van noticed that a new set of tears were falling down Rosie's face, so he took her in his arms and held her close. He inhaled her soft scent and always loved how she smelled of lilacs and started to cry a little.

"I love you Rosie." Van said softly as he took he lifted her chin so she could look at him.

Rosie looked up at him and smiled softly.

"I love you too, Van." Rosie answered

He leaned into her face and kissed her softly while he placed his arms around her waist. She kissed him back while she placed her arms around his neck. It both broke their hearts knowing that this was going to be their last kiss.

"Attention all passengers, the first flight to England has now landed, boarding will start with first class." The pa announced

Van and Rosie broke their last kiss and he took her hand as they walked towards the gate. Once there they hugged one last time and when they pulled away Rosie's hand went to his hair and gently brushed away some of the corner.

"I'll never forget you Rosie." Van said

Just as Rosie was about to answer her older sister came up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Rosie, it's time to board the plane now." She warned her

"All right I'll be there in a second Maya." Rosie answered

After her sister left to board the plane she kissed Van.

"Goodbye Van." Rosie said then took her ticket out of her purse and walked over to her sister while she cried.

After she boarded Van left the airport, got in his car and started to cry a little.

End of Flashback

Van stood in shock as he saw Rosie in the Candy Store talking with Billie.

"Van, Deaq I want to introduce you to the agent who will help us on the Cromwell case... this." Billie started

"Rosie?" Van asked

"Hello Van, it's been a long time." Rosie answered

"How do you too know each other?" Billie asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We dated through high school." Van answered

Both Rosie and Van just stared into each other's eyes, remembering many different moments together: laughing, playing, dating, the night they both made love, kissing in the rain, their first kiss while it was snowing.

"Deaq this is Rosemary Porter." Van introduced

"Hey there... now do you prefer Rosemary or Rosie?" Deaq asked

"Nice to meet you Deaq and I prefer Rosie."

"So you dated my man Van back in the day... what was he like then?" Deaq asked

"How about we focus on the case?" Van asked trying to change the subject

"Yes, Jack Cromwell is a dealer on the black market dealing in illegal organ trade." Billie started to explain "Now this is how it's going to work, Van and Rosie you are going to be undercover as a happily married couple interested in buying. Deaq you'll be Van and Rosie's contact who need's the organ any questions?"

Neither Van, Deaq nor Rosie indicated any problems with the plan.

"Great so I'll see you all the morning."

After parting Rosie got in her car and Deaq and Van in Deaq's car.

"Talk to me man... what happened between you and Rosie?" Deaq asked

Van took in a deep breath before explaining the heartache he went through after losing Rosie.

"We dated two years through high school but after her mother died she went to go live with her sister in England since she still a minor." Van explained

"How old were you when this happened?" Deaq asked

"I was 17 and she was 16, we were each other's first everything: love, kiss, relationship... we were even each other's first-" Van started and then looked put the window of the car and Deaq understood what he meant

"Are you going to be okay going undercover work with her as a married couple?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?

"Man I saw the look you both had in each other's eyes and the sexual tension in the air."

"Deaq I promise I'll be fine with this."

"Whatever you say Van."

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Name: Rosemary "Rosie" Porter

Age: 27

Height: 5'9

Body: average chest, thin, in shape

Hair: shoulder length black hair

Eyes: Caribbean blue