Chap.3: Kiss and Sparkle

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After the soirée Van parked his car and took the key out of the ignition. He then walked Rosie to the front door of her old Victorian house. He had a sudden déjà-vu of them on their first in the rain, which made him chuckle to himself.

"What's so funny?" Rosie asked as they both sat down on the porch swing.

"It's just us wet after having a great night reminded me of our first date. We went to a movie and when we got back to your house it was raining cats & dogs like it is right now." Van explained

Rosie let out a small laugh.

"I'm surprised you remember our first date."

"Of course I do, you were my first love Rosie. I still remember the taste of your kiss, how soft your skin is. I even remember you snuggling up on my chest with a cat like smile while you were sleeping -" Van started

Rosie was feeling all hot and flustered as she too remembered him, as she looked away. When she looked back at Van surprised Rosie by capturing her lips with a kiss. It wasn't one of those soft and sweet kiss, no this was a kiss that made you feel all hot and left you dizzy. Rosie couldn't think or move as Van kissed her. She put her hands on his muscular chest trying to push him away. That made Van kiss her more passionately as he pulled her closer.

They finally pulled apart to breathe, and Van had a slight smile on his lips as he looked at a flushed Rosie.

"For God sakes Van! We are working on a case and the only thing you can think about is getting "it" out of your pants!" Rosie exclaimed out in anger.

"Rosie-" Van started

"Don't you Rosie me Donovan! Take a cold shower and keep it in your pants!" Rosie finished as she got up, and stood in her doorway.

"I didn't mean to insult you Rosie but having you in my life again has been hard on me. When you left with your sister you left me broken so badly that I never recovered!" Van exclaimed as they went in the house.

"You what about me! I left in January with my sister and when I came back in summer to visit... I find you sucking face with some blonde bimbo!"

"Wait, wait... you came back? Rosie I never knew!"

Rosie who was completely wiped out and tired sank into her sofa and started to cry. Van's heart sank at the sight of her crying, so he sat down on the sofa and brought Rosie into his arms. She loved the feeling of those strong arms holding her as she cried against his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Rosie, please don't cry." Van said softly as he petted her hair.

She stopped crying and looked into Van's eyes as he placed a strand of hair behind her ear. Van saw that same soft twinkle in her eyes as he did on their first date. He held her chin in his hand and kissed her softly. Rosie now decided that she would give into temptation and kissed Van back with the burning passion that was reignited inside her.

They made it up to the bedroom without breaking their kiss and stripping off each other's clothes. Rosie felt the edge of the bed against her legs.

"Wait, Van stop." Rosie said in a clear voice

"What is it Rosie?" Van asked as he kissed her neck.

"You have a condom, right?" Rosie asked

"Yeah, hang on a second." Van answered as he went to his wallet and put the condom on.*

He came back to the room to find Rosie waiting for him at the doorframe with a smile on her face. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. In one fluid movement Van moved the blankets aside and placed her gently on the bed.

Rosie felt as if her body was on fire as he left a hot trail of kissed all over her. He kissed her lips with heat, fire& passion that was running through his veins. He didn't stop kissing her even when he penetrated her gently. After what seemed as an eternity they both rised to their climax and crashed down to reality.

Van gently rolled off of Rosie and threw out in the condom in the trash.

"Are you all right? Are you cold?" Van asked

"I'm perfectly fine and yes I am cold." Rosie answered as she snuggled up to Van and rested her head on the meaty part of his chest.

He brought the blanket up and covered them both and they both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


After a perfectly good date with a burger supper and a movie, Van walked Rosie to her door.

"Tonight was fun even though we are soaked to the bone." Van said

"Yeah it was too bad for all this rain and having trouble putting the top up of the car." Rosie answered

Van let out a small laugh and shook his head slightly as he moved a strand of wet hair away from her face. Van started to lean in to kiss Rosie and she leaned in to quick, bumping each other's forehead together.

"Ow!" They both exclaimed as they held their foreheads.

"Sorry." Rosie answered

"Let's try this again... just don't move." Van answered

He cupped her face with his hands and leaned in to kiss her. His kiss was soft and gentle but it also felt like fireworks were going off. She slid her arms around his neck and he put his hands around her waist.

They pulled away and smiled.

"So I'll see your amazing curvy body in the school tracksuit tomorrow in gym class?" Van asked

"Of course so I get to see you and that hot muscular chest and six-pack?" Rosie answered

Van smirked and kissed Rosie lightly and softly on the lips.

"Good night Rosie."

"Good night Van."

Just before going into her house Rosie kissed Van one last time and held his face with her hand that was mostly covered by her sleeve.

End of Flashback

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