This story started out as a challenge to write a Goku-Krillin adventure. However, the story soon took on a life of it's own. This takes place ten years after the end of Dragonball GT. The Dragon let Goku come back after only ten years and let him come back in his prime form (aka not as a little kid)

There's humor, silliness, romance, and angst in the story. Right now, the rating is PG, but will be R for later chapters.

As Vegeta's and Trunks's bodies lie motionless on the ground, Krillin and Goku knew that it was up to them to save the Earth.

"Goku, where's Gohan?!?!!?"

"He's over helping Bulma with something."

"Great!!! Doesn't he know the end of the world is upon us?!?!!!!!"

"I know, but Bulma wouldn't let him come."

"But doesn't Bulma realize that her new project won't mean a hill of beans if she's dead!?!!?

"I know, but YOU tell Bulma that!"

"Yeah, right," Krillin gulped as Frieza made his way toward him. "Hey! Where's Goten?!"

"He's over at Bra's. Those two have been spending a lot of time together lately."

'Marron won't like that,' Krillin thought.

"You thought you'd gotten rid of me, huh Saiyan?" He asked.

"Yeah, I had. I mean, Mirai no Trunks killed you years ago."

"But thanks to my industrious brother, I'm back and better than ever!" He laughed.

"Brother?" Krillin asked. "You mean you have a family?!!"

"Of course I do. Hey, didn't I kill you on Namek? Twice?!"

"Uh, yeah, but . . ."

"You're done for Frieza!!!" Goku interrupted.

"Well, Saiyan, show me what you got!" Frieza exclaimed. Goku powered up to a Super Saiyan and began to battle him. Krillin watched in horror as his best friend was losing the battle.

'What's going on here?! Goku's a Super Saiyan, but then again so were Vegeta and Trunks. But Goku's stronger than them both,' he thought to himself.

"Hey little man, do you mind moving out of the way?" Krillin looked up to find Frieza holding Goku up his gi. Frieza was going to send Goku plummeting into the Earth. He threw Goku down on the ground just as Krillin was moving out of the way. Running over to the fallen Saiyan, he thought of how they had fought Saiyans, Frieza the first time, the Androids, Cell, Buu. 'Buu! That's it!!!'

"Goku, you've gotta get up!!!" He exclaimed picking him up.

"Krillin, I don't have the strength to walk!"

"Here's a Sensu Bean I've had saved up," he said as he shoved the bean into Goku's mouth. "There's only one way to beat him--- the Fusion Dance."

"Krillin, no Human's ever went through the fusion dance. You might not make it."

"If sacrificing myself to save Juu and Marron is what it takes, then that's what I'll do!!!"

"Do what I do," Goku instructed his best friend through the Fusion Dance. Frieza sat back and watched the two and mused, 'This certainly is better than the battle on Namek. Too bad I didn't bring any popcorn.'

Finally the dance was over and Goku and Krillin fused together to create the being, 'Grillin.' Grillin had Goku's hair, but the eyes and lack of nose Krillin did.

As the turned to face Frieza, he began to laugh hysterically. "Who would've known that the two of you together would be THAT ugly!?!? I always thought Saiyans and Humans were hideous, but my god!!!!"

"You won't be laughing for long, Frieza!" Grillin exclaimed.

"We'll, see about that!" Frieza shouted as he hurled an energy blast down at Grillin. The half-Human-Saiyan easily deflected the blast and charged Frieza. Grillin and Frieza fought back-and-forth as Vegeta and Trunks regained consciousness.

"Where is Kakarrot?!?!" The Saiyan Prince demanded.

"Who's that fighting Frieza?" Trunks asked. "It looks like . . ."

"Krillin and Kakarrot!!!!!! Boy, is he ugly!!"

"You can say that again. I mean, Goku's an okay looking guy, but Krillin . . ."

"Trunks, do you usually think about Kakarrot's and Krillin's looks?" Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

"No," he blushed, "but you have to admit Goku is a good looking guy."

"Maybe," Vegeta said as he turned his attention to the battle above.

"Father, there's something I have to tell you. Pan and I . . ."

"Pan and you what?! Don't tell me you've bonded with Kakarrot's grand brat!!!"

"Okay, I won't."

"Trunks!!! Do you know that you're tainting the royal blood line if you do that?!!?"

"I think I already did that," he said quietly.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, Pan and I . . ."

"Oh Dende, please say you didn't, boy!"

"I did, and now, she's pregnant," Trunks cowered.


Grillin finally went Super Saiyan and pounded Frieza effortlessly into the Earth. "We haven't killed him yet, Goku," the part that was Krillin said.

"I know, but everyone deserves a second chance," the part that was Goku said.

"Oh, no!!! I'm not going through that again!!!" Krillin's part said as he powered up and blasted Frieza into a million pieces.



"You shouldn't have done that!"

"Listen, I've fought and died for your mistakes in the past. I won't do it anymore!!"

"I never knew you felt that way."

"Well, it's hard to talk to you Goku. You're always dying on me. You promised me that we would grow old together."

"Krillin, I . . ." he began as he saw Vegeta choking Trunks.

"Vegeta!!!" Grillin called out. "What are you doing?!" He rushed over to the father and son.

"Well, Kakarrot, you might just want to take a number. Or does he know?" He asked his son. Trunks managed to shake his head as his face was beginning to turn purple. "Looks like we're going to be in-laws, Kakarrot."

"Huh?" Grillin scratched his head.

"My wonderful son here as managed to impregnate that brat of a granddaughter of yours!"

"Panny?!!" Grillin shouted.