Steve, that's me looking at the girl two times smaller then me, football jersey stating who I am who I will be forever, as they say high school never ends.

I don't stare like a love-sick puppy for the freaking world to see, no, the first time she says a word; I sneer and make a crack about smurfs.



Me, Juno, the one dressed from head to toe in blue, smurf blue. Lips curled in a haft smile, haft sneer, stepping into the battle field but I always got a few tricks up these blue sleeves.

'who is she, what is she?'

"Me? I'm a kraken from the sea, come a little closer; let me give you a kiss. Oh! Sorry was that your head?"

Yep I said all of that on my very first day of freaking high school, smart, no, me, yes. Football guy, sneering away at me, what is he smoking?

"Hi Ho, its Mrs. smurf!"

'I could take him, sure he's a football player but I could take him. Plus do smurfs even say Hi Ho?'

"Really? Well, damn I just finished one of my dreams; maybe you could help me do another one?"

"And what would that be?"

"I've always wanted to shove my foot up your ass, just turn around, pretty please?"

Before I had the chance to prove that it was really a dream of mine, I was pulled off almost by hair, Leah and Bleeker at her side.

"I was in the middle of some-"

"He is sooo hot, yum-yum! Does he like you?"

"I think that hairspray is rotting your brain cells, and no, thank god no."


"What a bitch!"

"Yeah, yeah what a bitch."

'that you like'

Shit. I like her.


It grew and grew right along with her belly. Did I stare, did I brood? Yes and yes. But she couldn't tell, or at lest I hoped she couldn't.

There were many ways to tell she wasn't in to me, one she was carrying another man's baby, and two she seemed to like being lip-locked with so-said man every now and then. And the now and then was now.

I looked to the grass, in my mind it was me, and in real life it was him. Him who was doing the thing I sometimes dreamed about, along with a smurf putting its foot up my ass.

Now it was too late, I would have to suck it up and be a man, plus find a new insult for tomorrow.


She's back, skinny as a bean, a little worn and some say for a while she cried between classes, but somehow I didn't believe them.


She's leaning on the side of the school, guitar in hand and this would be the first time we truly talked, not counting the first day of high school.

"Hi, Juno …. I like you."

I feel like I'm in junior high, sweating palms and waiting for a note to be answered 'do u like me, yes, no' A tiny little smile springs up on her lips, and I'm afraid, I'm afraid and that's something.

"I know, it wasn't that hard to figure out, Mr. longing-stares, but you know I like Bleeker. We're going out."

"I know, just wanted to say it. See you tomorrow, same thing?"

"Yep, you go back to being a dick and I go back to wanting to shove you in a bunch of lockers. Bye."

She's gone, and I don't feel like I lost anything just relived that I finally said it and that she knows. But even so, she'll forever be my smurf queen.

"Hi, you Steve? Well, I'm Leah. Nice to meet you, I'm a friend of Juno's."

I just think I meet my future wife and now that's something.