Everything for You

By: Rogue Angel Barton

Welcome everyone! My daughter just kicked herself.

*ChibiJade jumping around holding her foot*

ChibiJade: Mommy it hurts!

Rogue: My daughter is an idiot.

ChibiJAde: Mommy!

Rogue: Daughter! You just kicked yourself with your foot!

ChibiJade: I know mommy! Kiss the booboo to make it better? I was trying to kick Wufei!

Rogue: Daughter I am not kissing your dirty feet!

ChibiJade: But Mommy it hurts!

Rogue: Go put hydrogen peroxide on it daughter.

ChibiJade: And in other words, H2O2

Rogue: Wow, my daughter's smart!

ChibiJade: At least I own Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon!

*ChibiJade runs away like an idiot*

Rogue: Don't mind my daughter. She doesn't own Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon because I do! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hotaru Tomoe was sitting in bed with her friends. Usagi and Rei were arguing in the corner. Makato and Minako were looking at cute guys by the window. Ami and Michiru were reading and studying. Artemis and Haruka were playing video games. Hotaru was sitting on her bed petting Luna.

Everyone was relaxing after the battle with Galaxia. Everything was right. Suddenly the phone rang. Ami looked at Hotaru and stood up. Walking down the hallway, she picked up the phone,


"Yes Hello. Is this Ms. Tomoe?"

"No, I'm her guardian, Ami Mizuno. May I ask who this is?"

"Good afternoon Ms. Mizuno. This is Doc. Iria Winner. I have some bad news. Ms Hotaru Tomoe's brother is in the hospital."

Ami's face went white. Hotaru never told her that she had a brother. Ami turned her head to look at the 15-year-old girl that had a content smile on her face and was petting Luna. Ami turned away from the door and clenched the phone in her shaking hands.

"I see. Is he okay? Which hospital is he at?"

"He is not too seriously wounded. He is at the Tokyo National Hospital."

"I understand. We'll be there soon."

"Just ask for Dr. Winner."

"Sure, good bye."

Ami leaned the wall and started to walk back towards the room. She looked at Hotaru, who looked up. Hotaru smiled at Ami but her smile faded as she saw Ami's pale face. Everyone stopped what they were doing and everyone focused on Ami. Michiru, feeling protective of the blue haired girl stood up.

"Who was on the phone Ami?"

Ami ignored Michiru and walked towards Hotaru's bed. Hotaru started to panic since she saw the look in Ami's eyes. Ami looked down, her eyes slightly sad.

"Why did you never tell us you had a brother?

Hotaru pushed herself against the wall. All eyes were going back between Ami and Hotaru. Luna purred and looked at Ami.

"Ami what are you talking about?"

Usagi nodded. The girl had become maturer due to the arriving position of Queen of the world. She walked next to Ami and put her hand on the shaking girl's shoulder.

"What are you talking about Ami?"

Ami looked at Hotaru, staring straight into her violet eyes. Hotaru looked away. Her secret was out...

"Hotaru has a brother. And he's hurt in the hospital."

Hotaru's eyes widened as she jumped off the bed. Luna fell to the floor. Everyone stood up, processing the information.

"He's.... he's hurt?"

Ami nodded. She turned around and walked out the door. Everyone stood still, no one moving a muscle. Usagi wrapped her arm around the little Firefly.

"Come on. That's Ami for follow me."

Hotaru nodded and allowed herself to be led by her future queen. Everyone looked around puzzled for a minute before rushing downstairs. Everyone jumped into their car and followed Ami's speeding light blue BMW.

Hotaru sat in the back of Haruka's car as they headed for the Tokyo National hospital. Her hands were clenched into fists and her knuckles were white. Her eyes were staring straight ahead as they were glazed over with unfallen tears.

'You're alive brother? Why did you come back after all this time? I told you to run, to forget about us. To be who you are. Now you're back, what am I going to do?'

A five-year-old Hotaru was curled up in her room. Lying on the bed in a ball, tears were falling from her innocent violet eyes.

The door opened as a figure walked into the dark purple room. The figure was giving off an innocent but pain filled aura. Joyful violet eyes fell on the tiny shaking ball on the bed. Walking towards her, the dark figure remained in the shadows.

"What's wrong my little firefly?"

Hotaru shut her eyes. She didn't want him to think she was weak. He had taught her a long time ago to never mind what other people say. But she couldn't this time.

"Come on Hotaru, nothing is worth crying over."

Hotaru shook her head, sending a cascade of ebony hair all over her face. The dark figure smiled as he gently hugged her sister. The little one snuggled into the figure's chest as the figure soothed her hair.

"What's wrong my imouto?"

"Th-hey said that I'm-I'm boring! Onii-san!"

Hotaru's onii-san smiled down at Hotaru.

"You're not boring imouto. You're just a little weird!"

"HEY! I resent that!"

Hotaru pushed her onii-san off her bed. Melodious laugher filled the room as the figure smiled up at his imouto. Hotaru wiped away hr tears and looked down at her brother. He stood up.

"Now there's my favorite sound!"

Hotaru giggled and looked at him.

"You better not call me weird again!"

The figure laughed.

"That's my job!"

Hotaru pouted.

"I thought your job was to love me and always be there for me."

"Well, that too."

Hotaru's onii-san kissed his angel on the forehead before walking out of her room.


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