The motel was too quiet. There was no sound of passing traffic or people leaving. Ty awoke to the silence and looked around. The room was dark, but the shadows confirmed her worst fears. She was alone.

"Dean," Ty called out. "Dean, where are you?"

She sat up and her hand fell into something wet and warm. She pulled it away and held it up in the dim light. There was a dark liquid running down her arm. Ty pulled back the covers with her heart pounding in her ears. The sheets were drenched in blood!

Ty scrambled from the bed, screaming a little. She looked down at her hand and noticed blood running down her arm and covering the front of her shirt. She shook her head violently, hoping it was all bad dream.


Suddenly, there was a flash of light from a passing truck. Ty looked around the room quickly, saw that blood was all over the floor, and led to the door. She got to her feet, slipping in excitement and fear. She ran out. The air whipped through her hair as she looked around. There was a small drop of blood on the concrete. She took a cautious step, avoiding some broken glass. The air was so cold that it made the blood on Ty's body almost freeze. She walked slowly, checking for the trail. She longed to scream for Dean, but there was something wrong. Why were her scars bleeding as if they had happened that night? She shivered as she jumped from the sidewalk to a cold patch of grass. There was a small puddle of blood there. She bent down to examine it.

She got to her feet and kept walking. The spots of blood were getting smaller as she moved into an open field. She had no idea where she was or why she was there. She looked down at the ground one last time. The only blood was coming from her arm. She was in the middle of the field by now. Why? She strained both her eyes and ears to find what she looking for.

"Dean?" she only half-yelled.

Silence was her only answer. She wanted to scream just to hear an echo. She kept looking around, waiting for the eminent attack. She took a step and found herself on the ground. She glanced back and saw that she had tripped on some freshly moved earth. She sat up, running her fingers over the loose dirt, scratching something. A splinter suddenly cut into her hand. She pulled it away with a sharp gasp and looked at the wood showing. She started pushing the dirt away, mingling it with blood. Finally, she reached what the ground had hid. It was a coffin. She had found some unmarked grave. She felt her breath come in short gasps.

"No," she mumbled. "No, please, no."

"Ty," a soft voice was saying from fat away. "She's waking up. Ty, it's alright you're safe."

Ty slowly opened her eyes. She was greeted by a bright, harsh, white light and an annoying, rhymatic, beeping. She blinked a few times, adjusting her eyes to the bright light. She looked around, noticing there indistinct figures standing close by.

"Ty," one of them said.

Ty knew instantly it was her friend and an old partner, Lily. She felt Lily take her hand. She looked down, noticing a long, thick, white bandage running from her hand to her elbow. This didn't make any sense. Those things had healed weeks ago. She sat up alittle, noticing a lone, dark-haired figure standing by the window. She instantly knew him by his height.

"Sam," she said softly.

Sam only turned and glanced at her. His hair hung down in his face, longer than she remembered it. His eyes turned back to the window, and Ty noticed how dark they looked. They were almost chilling. She looked around, longing to see the third person in the room. There was no one else that it could be.

She moved her head and saw the last person in the room. She felt her heartbreak as she saw an older man step forward dressed in an old shirt and ratty baseball cap. His bearded face smiled at her as he took her other hand.

"Hey," Bobby said, touching her cheek.

Ty blinked back tears as reality started to sit in. She was in a hospital. Her arm was ripped from an attack, and Dean wasn't here.

"Where's Dean?" Ty asked.

Bobby turned to Lily, and Sam swung around his eyes burning into her. Ty looked down at the IV in her hand. Lily gently squeezed it. Ty only glanced up; she thought she already knew the answer that was coming. Finally, she looked up at Sam.

"Sam," she said weakly. "Where is he?"

Sam turned to her and his voice was like a venomous snake, striking. "Dean is in Hell."

Ty felt all the air go out of the room. Her heart beat slower than she ever thought possible. She stared at Sam, wanting to look away, but she couldn't. This didn't make any sense. She remembered waking up in a small room where Father Harper was. She knew Dean was alive. Yet, everything in her mind made no sense. Dean had been in bed with her; he held her he kissed her, and he had slept next to her. He was alive!

"This doesn't make sense," Ty said in small gasps. "He was alive! I remember. His necklace saved him."

"Ty," Lily softly spoke. "Dean died six days ago."

"NO!" Ty shouted, finally finding her voice. "He was alive. We stayed with Father Harper. He came to help us, and his sister took care of Dean."

Sam shook his head and slammed his fist against the window. Everyone near Ty jumped. She looked at him.

"You were dreaming, Ty," Sam said half annoyed. "You have been slipping in and out of coma for four days."

Ty knew he was telling the truth. It had all been too perfect. Now, as she thought back, she remembered the harsh, white light, the people speaking that she didn't know. That must have been when she woke.

"David did come to help us," Lily said. "He brought you here. I think you woke up once on the way."

Ty only nodded. She had fallen into a stricken silence. Everything was gone. She felt a tear roll down her cheek as she fell against her pillow. She felt Lily touch her bandage, and she immediately pulled away.

"Get out," she whispered harshly.

Everyone looked at each other and shuffled out. Ty looked up as Sam passed the bed. They locked eyes for a moment. Ty could feel hatred radiating off him. She only turned away. There was no way he could hate her as much as she hated herself. Dean was dead, and she let it happen. She stared down at her bandaged arm when a flash of gold caught her eye. She turned her head only a little and saw the small gold amulet laying on the table. She clutched in her hand and started to sob. It took a few hours and tow sedatives, but she finally fell into a dreamless sleep.