Ty awoke to the sound of ocean and a cool breeze brushing across her bare arm. She shivered and began to snuggle down under the covers when she felt a warm, firm hand touch her shoulder. She looked up to see Dean laying there, watching her sleep. They had been at the small seaside inn in Delaware for a week. None of them knew what to do since Lucifer had risen. They called Bobby, and the only advice he could give them was to get out of town. They did quickly.

"You cold again?" Dean asked as he pulled her closer.

Ty shrugged. "I guess so. Why?"

"You have been shivering most of the night."

Ty rested her head on his chest, listening to his heart. Her dreams had been filled with blood, horror, and mayhem. She always seemed to be cold. It was like a winter that would never end, and that winter had found its way into her soul. She felt Dean's finger trace down her back as he turned toward the other room. The room was actually a small cottage with three bedrooms, two baths, and a large kitchen and living area. Ty looked over, hearing someone in the kitchen.

"Lily or Sam is up," Ty said softly.

"Good they can make breakfast," Dean said closing his eyes again.

"In that case, I hope it is Lily."

Dean chuckled a little and looked back at her. This was the closest they had been since he had told her to leave. The first night, they had been so scared, worried, and exhausted that a simple a touch was almost too much to bear. The next few nights Dean had spent more time with Sam. They had fought two nights and then finally made up. Dean had apologized for everything that happened, explained what the angels had done, and started over. Then, last night he finally came to Ty. She thought of making him say the words, but his kiss was all it took to make her forgive him.

"Dean," Ty said suddenly.


"Did you mean what you said last night?"

"We said a lot last night."

"About why you wanted me to leave."

"Yes. I was more worried Sam would hurt you then you would hurt him. I can deal with a lot of things Ty, but not my brother hurting you."

Ty fell back asleep for a few hours. When she finally got up, she left Dean in bed, sleeping. She walked into the kitchen and looked around. She could hear the shower in one of the bathrooms. She went over and got some coffee when she saw something move across the balcony. Ty's heart skipped a beat when she saw the shadow. Had they been found? Ty opened on the drawers and pulled out the knife when Sam suddenly walked through the balcony doors. Ty dropped the knife quickly.

"Morning," Ty said, hoping he wouldn't see the knife.

"Afternoon," Sam said with a slight smile. "You still nervous?"

Ty fingered the knife and smiled. "I just saw your shadow, and I guess I am a little nervous."

Sam nodded. He looked so much older now. Ty could see lines that had not been there before. There were large, black bags under his eyes. Ty felt sorry for him. He and Ty had been through so much that she was not surprised he looked so terrible. She walked toward him and touched his shoulder.

"Sam, this isn't your fault. We were all played."

Sam nodded. He turned back toward the window as he sat down on the sofa. After the first night, Sam had been ready to fight. No one else was ready. Ty had been the one to talk him out of it. Since Ruby was gone, Sam was starting to see that Ty was not as bad as he thought she was.

"Ty," Sam said. "I'm sorry for everything. Dean loves you, and you love him. I guess I was just angry that I didn't and couldn't save him. I never even saw what I was doing to you or myself."

Ty sat down next to him. She could still hear the ocean through her open balcony door. In this crazy world, that sound was so soothing. She gently took Sam's hand in hers.

"Sam, you and I have a long, hard road ahead of us. Lily and Dean are still themselves. We aren't. But I think we can do this. All of us, not just you and I. We have to stand together now. I never wanted you as an enemy, but you and I saw separate paths to get Dean back."

"I don't think either one of us were in the right," Sam shook his head as he thought of all that they did.

Ty smiled. "That over. Everything that we did is in the past, and now it's time to move forward."

Sam looked at her. "That's what Dean said."

Ty suddenly reached over and hugged Sam. She wasn't even sure why she did it. He was Dean's brother. She wanted to be his friend, his sister. She felt Sam's arms wrap around her. Sam would need her now. He had changed into something just as she had, and there was no going back. She slowly let go of him.

"We are going to get through this, Sam," Ty said. "We have all done something that we owe penance for, and this is how we pay up."

Dean suddenly came out of the room, pulling on his shirt. He looked over at the two of them and couldn't help but smile. He cleared his throat. Ty turned to him and instantly saw what he wanted to hide.

"What is it?" Sam asked.

Castiel walked out from behind Dean. He looked a little worse of wear. His clothes were torn, there was a bruise on his cheek, his eye was black, and he had busted lip. Ty didn't even want to know. He looked around, his eyes instantly falling on Lily who had just entered the room.

"Lucifer is on his way," Castiel said. "He knows where you are."

Ty was on her feet in an instant, packing all that they needed. Lily got dressed and came back with her bags. She started toward Castiel and stopped. She went over to the couch and sat next to Sam. Castiel looked away and turned to Ty.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked.

Ty looked up at him. "No. But I'm not doing this alone anymore."

Castiel nodded. He had once told Dean that he saw nothing in this world that was worth saving. However, when he looked at Ty and Dean he saw something worth saving. He saw faith, hope, and love. If nothing else survived this, they would. He could even say the same thing about Lily and Sam. He knew a long time ago, that she never felt love for him. It hurt now more than he ever thought possible, but he knew Lily's affections were he chose her for. He watched as each of them got ready to leave.

"Where are you going to go?" Castiel asked as Ty started for the door.

Ty shrugged. "I don't know yet, but wherever we go, we go together."

They walked out, leaving Castiel to stand there. He felt like the outsider among them. They were a strange group now. However, he saw everything that they would need to defeat Lucifer, but they would have to be together. Each of them had their own strengths that were stronger when they were together. He didn't know if they could really win, but he knew each one of them would die trying. The four of them were more than they thought. Each of them was the chosen that could stop the greatest evil.