"Are you ready, Jasmine?" Seth asked as we stood in front of the doors of La Push High School. The Cullens, Leah, and Jacob stood behind us. We'd already dropped Renesmee off at her school and the drive here had been nerve-racking.

"Not at all," I said. "Let's go in."

Seth squeezed my hand, put his arm around me, and pecked me lightly on the lips. "You'll be fine."

He reached out and pushed the door open. As we walked in, a hush came over the student body and all eyes turned to look at us. Moments later, they started whispering. I could only make out two of the words. Cullen and treaty. Of course. None of them seemed to really believe in the Cullens being vampires—they laughed at one another when that was mentioned—but I could tell that they still looked wary. Oh well, their problem, not mine. I had everything I needed and my life was perfect.

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I stared at the still clenched fist that rested at my side. Did I really just do that? That was so… unlike me. But, really, he'd had it coming! The bleeding had stopped by now, but the once flowing blood had stained the ground beneath my victim where he laid, unconscious, but alive… I hoped.

"Seth," I whispered to myself. "Seth!" I called louder. He came out of the woods but seconds later only in sweatpants. I imagined he'd been running. I turned around and saw Seth smile at me and then look to my side and saw what I'd done.

"What happened?" he asked, running up to my side.

"He had it coming," I murmured.

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