"Ummm…hello, Sammie."

She was dressed all in blue down to the tips of her high heels (they were but of course the newest and priciest pair at the store).

It had been a while since her last visit but still she had a smile big and knowing growing across her lips (oh no).

I know what's coming when her eyes full her shame and laughter fall on mine; I know what will never happen even in my dreams.

"He told you, didn't he?"

"Yes, every detail of it."

I saw her suck in a giggle, eyes looking at the floor and everything that isn't me, her lips curling into a smile.

"And that's why you don't tell your brother anything, mostly if he's Dean."

"Good thing I'll never tell him anything, I'd rather shoot him first."

I smile even if I know that it's 'I'd rather shoot myself first' wishing that it was me her eyes followed, but I know it will never be me, it will always be him.

"I bet you would."