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Stabler Residence

Sunday, November 2st 2008 10:00 pm

Elliot wakes up and rolls over to snuggle up to his wife of 20 years but is disappointed to find only cool sheets. He gets up and slips downstairs being careful of the squeaky step that he keeps forgetting to fix. He makes a mental note to do it this weekend, but it slips his mind when he sees Kathy sobbing quietly on the couch. "Kath, whats wrong sweetheart?" He says as he moves to comfort his wife. She flinches at his touch and takes a couple of deep breaths before replying. "We need to talk, Elliot" she says with fear in her eyes. She settles her stomach and just goes for it. "I'm asking you to leave, I don't love you. You should pack up and leave before the kids wake up or you'll never make it out the door." she says, just as she practiced a million times before he came home. "Why Kath?" is all Elliot can get out through the pain coursing through his body. "Do you remember Jacob Grant? I've," she takes another breath and continues, "I've been seeing him since early July." she replies somewhat detached sounding. The hurt that courses through his eyes would have killed her a few years ago, but now she doesn't seem to care.

Elliot slowly removes his ring and hands it to her. He walks upstairs packing his things leaving a note on each of his children's pillows telling them he loved them and that he didn't know when he'd see them again, but he would miss them so much until then. He kissed each of his children, and almost died when he looked at little Eli and realized that he couldn't handle full custody and that he was going to miss so much of his youngest son's life. He walked downstairs to his wife who held out divorce papers in his direction. "Let's just get this over with" Kathy says, handing him a pen. He signs them quickly , his fingers on autopilot. " I want split custody of our children" Elliot states with an almost emotionless tone and walks out the door into the cold winter night.

Benson residence

Sunday, November 2nd 2008 11:30 pm

Olivia wakes up to the sound of knocking at the door. "This better be good!" she groans at whoever is on the other side of the door waking her up this late at night. She opens the door to find a very stressed looking Elliot on the other side of the door with three duffel bags hanging around his shoulders. "El, whats wrong?" Olivia asks. With the pain that is displayed in his steel blue eyes she lets him in, not caring that she's still in pajamas. He sits down looking lost and recounts the night's events. "You can crash here as long as you need to" she quickly shows him around and gives him a quick hug. "Night El, I'll see you in the morning" she says and throws him a pillow and a couple of blankets before heading back to bed. She just hopes that she runs into Kathy in the near future. She wants to strangle the woman who took her strong, independent partner and broke him without a second thought!