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Benson Residence

Monday November 10th 2008 6:30 am

Elliot wakes up on Olivia's couch to the smell of coffee. He stretches and then walks into the kitchen. "Morning, coffee's ready. I'm gonna jump in the shower. Eat then get ready, we've got to get to work." she said with a smile. He just smiled back and they fell into the morning routine that had become second nature, even if it had only been a week. He hadn't had the time to find an apartment. Between work and all of the court proceedings because of the divorce and custody battle, he barely had time to sleep! The morning passed quickly and soon they were heading to the precinct.

Manhattan SVU

Wednesday November 12th 2008 11:53 pm

They had come in yesterday and gotten another case. Munch and Fin had been sent home an hour ago, 48 hours on just coffee and Monday's sleep was not good for their ability to work together. Fin had threatened to kill Munch if he went near the coffee pot again, cause it was "sludge in a pot". Three 6 year-old girls, Lindsey, Morgan, and Alice, had gone missing from PS 171 and they were running out of leads. Olivia is frantically reading the case files trying to find what they missed. "Liv, we should head home." he says with a tone that says he won't take no for an answer. She sighs and stands up, leaving the case files behind. As they are getting their coats, a little girl walks in. Olivia bends down to see her better. It was Lindsey! Olivia and Elliot gently question her while driving her to the hospital. The last thing she remembers is eating lunch with Morgan and Alice. "The food tasted funny, but Mr. Keller said we had to eat it before we could have our cookies." Elliot and Olivia exchanged a glance. "Drugged", they both thought.

St. Anne's hospital

Thursday November 13th 2008 1:46 pm

"She was drugged, Cap", Elliot was in the waiting room of the hospital, waiting for them to finish the exam. Once that was done, they would bring the evidence to the M.E.'s office and head home. Lindsey's parents were already there, waiting across the room. Just then, Olivia walked out with an evidence bag and a rape kit. "Liv's out, we're gonna take the rape kit to Warner and then head home, and try to get some sleep,before we go the way of Munch and Fin." "Alright, tell Lindsey's parents we need her to come down to the station in the morning so we can get a more detailed statement." With that, the detectives head out., hoping that by tomorrow, Lindsey will be able to tell them something that will lead them to Morgan and Alice

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