Taking Over Me

Artist: Evanescence

Anime, Characters, Pairings: Get Backers, Akabane Kuroudou, Kudo Himiko

Genre: Romance, Angst, Poetry

You don't remember me,

You act the facade of a stranger just meeting me with a tip of your hat, curt nod and polite smile with courteous words

But I remember you,

I feel the twinge of annoyance and betrayal at your false greeting here in front of the others at the entrance to the Honky Tonk Cafe, are you ashamed of being known as my lover, Dr. Jackal?

I lie awake and try so hard,

Whether it be in daylight or twilight, I force myself to push away the random impulses and bittersweet memories

Not to think of you,

My mind will not relinquish your charming demeanor and deceiving features

But who can decide what they dream?

But in the end, I give in

And dream I do,

To my repeated yearning for you that I cannot release, coming to life in my fantasy

I believe in you,

I know you'll do your job

I'll give up everything just to find you,

My world and reputation with weaken and crumble all for you if your time comes

I have to be with you to live to breathe,

For now, your presence reassures my heartbeat

You're taking over me,

You're silently manipulating me

Have you forgotten all I know?

About the Get Backers

And all we had?

Are you trying to forget all that dependence we slowly built together?

You saw me mourning my lose for you,

You knew I how I felt when you leave behind this empty gap beside me, walking away as my one being of joy

And touched my hand,

Your plastic white gloved ones clasped my bare tanned ones, consolingly and pleadingly before enclosing me in an unexpectant tender hug

I knew you loved me then,

I can tell with and without your hidden, violet eyes apologizing, regretting and demonstrating you still love me with a passionate kiss

I believe in you,

That your leathally, graceful masacering abilities will win every battle without fail of injury

I'll give up everything just to find you,

I'd search everywhere for your alluring, dark, suave stature

I have to be with you to live to breathe,

If you're not here I'll succumb to a withdrawn death

You're taking over me,

My life is under your merciless wrath

I look in the mirror and see your face;

Your sharp, wispy, fulfilling reflection overlaps and co-exists with mine

If I look deep enough,

When my blue eyes seek understanding

So many things inside that are,

I can glimpse your grim, subtly handsome features that dangerously attract me and make me indifferent to others

Just like you are taking over me,

Your unusually, lustful self smothers me completely with fondling; secret affection that you only reveal to me remains my embracing, eternal happiness.

Did you like it? Great, neh? I thought this song Akabane and Himiko's relationship fairly well, same as the song 'Haunted,' also by Evanecense. Mostly Kudo Himiko's POV feelings for her partner, Dr.Jackal. I'm totally into this pairing, 'cuz I think they are THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE SHOW!! Specially Akabane Kuroudou!Major fangirl o him an' bo' a' 'em!YOSHIAAE!...'Kay, so, onagai, READ, REVIEW AND RECOMMEND!