I do not own The Butterfly effect, nor do I own Kayleigh. This is set before Evan changes anything, so fwee!

I'll come back for you.

He'll come back for me my ass.

That day, I was running to catch up to the moving truck, half expecting the boy within it to turn to the woman driving to stop. I didn't slow my pace to wait for that, though. I was nearing the truck inch by inch, and I didn't want to slow my progress. I need to talk to him or possibly convince him to take me along.

I saw his face in the mirror, half obscured by one of his composition books. I slowed this time, squinting my eyes so I could read his messy scrawl. The message jumped out at me, not the letters, but the concealed meaning behind it all. Evan would come back for me and rescue me from my life.

What have I done for the past year? The worst thing a person can do when they're in denial.

I waited.

According to Tommy, my expression is vacant and I need to suck up the fact that he's gone and is never coming back. I can't argue with my brother because he just doesn't understand what I'm going through.

I can't cry because my father will see that as a weakness, and make a futile attempt at beating strength into me in the most literal sense of that expression. My twin brother will scoff and insult me, though I'm fully aware of the fact he means better than he lets on.

However, acceptance to the fact that Evan has decided that I'm no longer worth his time and will not come back for me did not come gradually like people say it does. No, it was quite the opposite really. It hit me like when that blockbuster exploded inside the mailbox.

I was worthless to to him. Every word, every touch, every kiss had been a lie, and this abandonment was the evidence behind such an extreme accusation.

I wished I could go back in time and tell him how idiotic he was. Or better yet, maybe go back in time so I went to live with my mother.

Those were only wishes, though.