Years ago, everything changed for Tsutsumi Masanobu.

And now it's happening again.

From Masanobu's POV.

I hate you.

You took everything away from me.

My home.

My father.

My life.

Everything that I'd worked for, you made sure it was worthless. Once your mother gave birth to you, you captured the hearts of everybody around me. I was kicked out of my own home! Of course, you wouldn't know what it was like, did you?

The child prodigy.

You were never shown any discrimination.

You were never shown any disappointment.

You were never shown anything but love and care!

You grew up in a pampered environment!

Everything I did after that was to show my family that I could be just as great as you are!

But even after all these years and when my family had acknowledged me as the Austrian Court Chef, you were still the primary focus. The spotlight must always be on you, unmoving, stationary.

Are you still going to torture me like this?

Of course you are. You're not my brother.

I hate you, Kanmuri Shigeru.