Yes.a wrestling sory. because there's not enough TNA stories on this site…about Roxxi,anyway…
Summary: the newest addition to TNA Impact, former WWE employee "Ice Angel" Ellie Blackwood, has a bone to pick with the Beautiful People. Her favorite female wrestler, Roxxi Laveaux, has been the target of their abuse for long enough, and Ellie cannot stand by and let them do this to her anymore. Ellie has decided that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are overdue for a lesson in respecting the normals.
along the way, she finds herself caught in the middle of the Main Event Mafia/Frontline war, and finds friends in the most unusual of places.
Warnings: violence,language,possibly some blood-letting. mild Angelina Love/Velvet Sky bash fic.don't like,don't read, don't complain. simple as that.
Pairings: possible Christian CagexOC. Currently undetermined. i'll take votes.
Notes: events may not be in chronological order, so don't tag me on that. this is going to be slight AU throughout.
Disclaimers: I don't own TNA Impact Wrestling,or any of the people associated. Ellie Blackwood/Ice Angel is an OC,and I do own her and her finishing moves.
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Vindictive Angels
by My Life Craves Pirates

Chapter 1: sign on

A pen was swept hastily across a crisp sheet of paper, somehow finding it in itself to leave a clean yet completely illegible signature. Ellie Blackwood blew gently on the ink to dry it before pushing the paper back towards Jim Cornett. He picked it up and scanned it over briefly, occasionally glancing at her from behind his glasses as she set the pen back on the table. Cornett gathered up the rest of the papers on the table and shuffled them together.

"It's done, then," he said. "Your transfer from WWE is official; you're now a member of TNA."

"Couldn't be happier," Ellie replied.

"You have registered under the name 'Ellie Blackwood', is that correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"As a member of TNA, you're entitled to a nickname, if you chose one," said Cornett. Ellie cocked her head and stared at the wall behind Cornett briefly.

"The Ice Angel," Ellie replied. "I had two wings tattooed to my back in response to a similar nickname I was given while I was still at WWE. I'd like to stay somewhat faithful to that." Cornett nodded and scribbled the name down on her registration forms and stuffed it into her file.

"Now, you don't start fighting until next week. This Thursday, though, you will show up to the ring to sign a five-year contract with TNA. Hopefully this will go more smoothly than Samoa Joe's signing."

"Can't say I have more self-control than that," Ellie replied. "But I look forward to seeing you in the ring." She shook his hand before turning on foot and leaving Cornett's office.

Thursday is two days away, she told herself. Maybe I can watch some fights until then.

There was really only one reason she joined TNA. WWE was fair to her, and she liked working with the people there. The reputation she had earned herself was more than enough for her to enjoy her stay. She would watch episodes of TNA on the TV she kept in her dressing room, and found that she rather looked up to TNA Knockout, Roxxi Laveaux, and (like most female TNA wrestlers) despised the Beautiful People.

It's not much of a "People" group, it's just the two of them, she mentally muttered to herself, strolling down the halls.

Roxxi, as she well knew, was perfectly capable. She had defeated Angelina Love before, but somehow couldn't defend herself from the blond woman's shears. The standing ovations the Voodoo Queen had earned were well justified. Ellie couldn't say she liked Roxxi's new look, but she admired her for not hiding it. She admired her courage, her energy…the way she handled Angelina in the revenge match. Ellie was sure Roxxi would have won that if Velvet Sky hadn't aimed hairspray in her eyes.

Oh, and then there's Velvet.

Ellie had never paid much attention to Velvet Sky's fights. To her, Velvet just seemed more like a sidekick who didn't fight very often. Ellie had seen Velvet fight probably twice since she had started watching TNA Impact, and she had lost both times.

Now, Angelina Love, on the other hand, had won her fair share of fights. She was vicious, dirty, but half the time, she somehow got the job done (with or without cheap-shots from Velvet). But Ellie well knew that the reputation she had earned at WWE was not for being nice. She hoped to recreate that reputation when she started fighting next week.

Angelina and Velvet had suddenly become so self-conceited, they would go to any lengths to punish those who disrespected the Beautiful People. The head-shaving, the paper bag, the verbal degredation…all of this was supposed to be a lesson: don't disrespect the Beautiful People.

There was only one reason Ellie had joined TNA. She felt that the vanity of the Beautiful People was overwhelming, suffocating. She felt that the Beautiful People were overdue for a lesson in respecting the normals.

Ellie pondered directions to the ring. She wanted to head there, whether or not fights were currently taking place. She had never been backstage in TNA before, so she couldn't quite say she knew how to get to the ring in the first place. There weren't many people walking the halls. The few she encountered paid little or no attention to her as she passed them by.

One man, however, a blond man, was walking towards her, looking through a small stack of paperwork and muttering to himself. He glanced up at her briefly to see who was heading towards him. She was unfamiliar to him, but he gave her an acknowledging smile. Ellie smiled back and passed him. The man looked over his shoulder back at her, with a confused look on his face while wondering to himself who she was; he had never seen her before. Upon looking back at her, however, he noticed the black ink etched into her back, just visible from behind her nearly backless shirt.

"Hey," he said, stopping. She turned around. "Gnarly tattoo." Ellie glanced at her back as best she could before looking back at the man.

"Thank you," she said.

"No prob," he replied. "Christian Cage."

"Ellie Blackwood."

"Haven't seen you around."

"Expect to be seeing me again."

Not quite the response I was looking for… he thought. "I look forward to it. Where're you headed?"

"The ring," Ellie said. "Speaking of which, which way is it?"

"The ring? You won't find it going that way. I'll show you if you want."

"No, thanks," Ellie said, eyeing his paperwork. "You seem busy. Directions will suffice." Christian shrugged.

"Head down in the direction I'm going now till you get to the end of the hall. Make two lefts, go straight, and you'll find the wrestler's entrance to the ring. Right before it, though, there should be a table with a live-circuit TV on it. You can watch the fights from there, as I'm presuming you'll be doing."

"You presume correctly," Ellie said, smiling. "Thanks for the help. I'll see you around." Christian turned and walked off, once more burying himself in the paperwork he was holding. Ellie looked after him for a while before heading down to the ring, muttering to herself the new directions.

"End of the hall…turn right…no, left. Twice. Up ahead…ah ha!" Ellie made her way through an open door, past wall supports, and around another corner. There were tables and lockers lined up in the room. Just as Christian had said, there was a TV on one of the tables. Security was gathered around it. They glanced at her as she approached.

"Can we help you?" one of them said.

"I'm new," Ellie answered. "I just wanted to watch the fights."

"Ah. Well, pull up a chair." Ellie glanced over at the steps leading up to the wrestler's entrance. Through the bright lights and swarms of fans, she could faintly make out the six-sided ring. She looked at the TV to see Matt Morgan and Rhino fighting. Morgan had the obvious upper hand, what with his height advantage. The fight was soon won. Ellie sat down next to the three guards present.

"Is there a fight schedule tonight?" she inquired.

"Um…yeah, here," one of them replied, handing her a sheet of paper. Upon scanning it, Ellie noticed that Roxxi was fighting tonight, against Jacqueline Moore.

Just as quickly as she had finished reading it, she heard a "Hey, Roxxi" from one of the guards and then a woman walked by the table towards the wrestler's entrance, pushing a shopping cart full of assorted weapons. Ellie looked up. Roxxi was leaning against the cart, waiting for her cue. She acknowledged the guards and ran her hand over the peach fuzz growing on her head. She looked around briefly before glancing at Ellie. She paused, studying the Ice Angel.

"You look familiar," she said. "Have we met?"

"Sad to say, we have not," Ellie replied. "I actually just transferred over from WWE."

"Ah yes," Roxxi said. "I remember watching one of your fights once."

"I watch your fights all the time," Ellie said, smiling. "I'm Ellie Blackwood."

"Roxxi," the Voodoo Queen replied, shaking her hand.

"I know." Music began blaring, and an announcer started shouting things into the microphone.

"There's my cue," Roxxi said.

"I'll see you around," Ellie said. "Good luck." With a smile, she mentally added, Though I doubt you'll need it. Roxxi pushed the cart onto the entrance ramp, and cheers erupted from the crowd.

Roxxi put forth her technique during the fight. A technique Ellie has studied many times. It seemed that Roxxi often let her opponent gain the upper hand early on, only to come back strong and (hopefully) win. Or, in the case of the Beautiful People, she'll give it her all right from the start, acting relentless until the fight's been won. Cheap shots from the sidelines will usually cost her the fight, but to Ellie, that just meant that Roxxi, who prefers a clean and straightforward fight, is stronger. Roxxi had an obvious feud with the Beautiful People, and Ellie had a bone to pick with them.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the Voodoo Drop incapacitated Jacqueline long enough for Roxxi to take the 3 count. Ellie smiled aside to herself. She wondered if she could request a tag team match with Roxxi against Angelina and Velvet.

Thursday comes first, she reminded herself.

Ellie got up and left.


Wednesday went by in the same fashion. Ellie had spent the night at an inn down the street, where she stayed until TNA started running fights again. She met some of the other Knockouts and Superstars, some of whom were nicer than others.

Awesome Kong was up first tonight, against Salinas. Ellie couldn't say she paid much attention to Kong's fights. As for Raisha Saeed, she mainly just stood by. She's been known to fight, but Ellie's never seen it.

Salinas lost the fight rather quickly, just as Ellie had entered the waiting room by the wrester's entrance. She raised an eyebrow in educated amusement. She was about to turn around and head back out when suddenly…

"I'm not done yet!"

Ellie snapped her head back around at the familiar voice of Angelina Love. She and Velvet Sky were in the ring standing on either side of Awesome Kong, who was still looming over the lifeless form of Salinas. Ellie hadn't even noticed them there.

"Kong…get her again!" Ellie stared in horror as Kong implemented an Implant Buster on Salinas. Since when does Awesome Kong take orders from the Beautiful People?

Ellie was conflicted. She didn't even know Salinas, but more than anything, she wanted to save her from Kong's and Love's combined wrath. But she hadn't signed the contract yet; she couldn't be seen yet. What if security took her away? She wouldn't be there to sign the contract tomorrow.

What the hell am I supposed to do, then?

It seemed that as if on cue, several Knockouts rushed past her and into the ring, just as Kong was about to put Salinas in an Awesome Bomb onto a steel chair. Ellie was in a haze of confusion, and did not see who the Knockouts were. She sat down in a chair and waited out the post-fight match. She didn't bother looking at the live-circuit TV. She could hear the announcements just fine. It seemed that Angelina and Velvet were being dealt with, so Ellie got up and left.

She was walking down the backstage halls down to Jim Cornett's office by now. She had a question for the management director. Not important, or career-threatening, but just for future reference. She was halfway there when she was intercepted by the Beautiful People, who had just come from the ring and were exchanging angry rants quickly back and forth to each other in high-pitched voices. They stopped short once they saw Ellie.

"Ooo, what's this?" Angelina said. Ellie raised an eyebrow, but did not say anything as Velvet advanced on her.

"Look, Angelina," Velvet cooed, "maybe she wants to be one of the Beautiful People too?" She reached up to grab a lock of Ellie's hair. Ellie quickly slapped her hand out of the way.

"Not a chance," she said.

"Oh, fiesty," Angelina said, standing by Ellie's other side, observing her. "Who are you, anyway?" Ellie took a step back.

"I'm signing on to TNA," she answered simply. "You'll get to see it tomorrow, I'm sure." Angelina and Velvet "Ooo"ed at each other.

"Oh, babe, you're not going into that scary ol' ring looking like that," Velvet said. Ellie scrunched her face at her.

"What's wrong with the way I look?" she inquired. Angelina scoffed in a "no-duh" tone.

"Sweetie, have you looked in a mirror lately?"

"Have you?" Ellie retorted. Angelina seemed to have been caught off guard by Ellie's comeback. She quickly recovered.

"Is that a rhetorical question?" she said. "I'll tell you what. Seeing as how you're new here, and you're likely to need new friends to get along with here at TNA, we'll give you a makeover, free of charge, tomorrow before your big contract-signing. How's that sound?" Memories of Roxxi's own makeover flashed through Ellie's head, playing over how it went so horribly wrong. She answered quickly.

"No, thanks, I think I'll pass," Ellie said. Angelina and Velvet seemed taken aback.

"But hon, where else are you going to find beauty tips as good as ours?" Velvet said. Ellie shrugged and started to walk away.

"I dunno," she said. "The streets?" She turned and headed down the hall, leaving the Beautiful People to soak in the prostitute joke Ellie had just dropped on them.

At her destination, Ellie rapped her fist on Cornett's office door. A hasty answer invited her inside. Cornett looked up from his paperwork enough to glance at Ellie.

"Ah! Miss Blackwood, how can I help you? Still looking forward to tomorrow evening?" he inquired.

"Yes, of course," Ellie replied. "But you never mentioned the time. What time am I supposed to be in the ring tomorrow?" Cornett brooded on this for a while.

"Let's make it 5pm on the dot," he answered. "Can you do that?"

"I look forward to it." Ellie turned and headed back out to the halls, back out the door, and started towards her motel. Tomorrow would be a big day.


She intended to plan out her outfit carefully. But she decided that she didn't want to spend too much time brooding over her appearance. So she slapped on her favorite set of clothes: a black and light blue t-shirt with "ROCK" written in Old English splayed across a blue star, accompanied by blue jeans and her favorite pair of boots and gloves. She quickly combed out her hair and applied make-up in the way she saw fit. Ellie made sure to lock the inn room door behind her as she headed out down the street towards the TNA building.

Once inside, she scanned the empty hallways quickly. She wanted to avoid confrontation and any delay on her way to the ring. This was her moment.

Her watch indicated 4:57pm as she entered the wrestler's entrance and waited for her cue. This should be no different than her sign-on to WWE. Get in there, sign the damn thing, start fighting the next day. No sweat.

Cornett and several other TNA associates could be heard in the ring. Upon observing the live-circuit TV, she could see the management officers standing next to a wooden table. Cornett was shouting things into the microphone, but she didn't pay much attention to anything he was saying until he called her name. Music began blaring on cue, though it wasn't what Ellie had selected for her theme song. She'd have to work that out later. The arena went black and lights began flashing. Ellie shrugged her shoulders to loosen up before stepping up the stairs and walking down the entrance ramp. The crowd erupted in cheer, despite not knowing who she was. The spotlight focused on her as she made her way towards the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce…" Ellie started up the steel stairs. "Ellie Blackwood!" The cheer grew louder as Ellie ducked under the ropes and approached the wooden table in the middle of the ring. She took the microphone handed to her.

"Jim, it's good to be here," she said. The cheer subsided into a quiet noise.

"Now, as you know but the fans may not, you're here to sign a five-year contract with TNA, thus completing your transfer from WWE," Cornett said. "Is that correct?"

"Yes it is, sir," Ellie replied.

"Here is, your official TNA membership contract." Cornett stepped aside to reveal a single sheet of paper splayed out on the table. A pen was sitting next to it. The other associates didn't approach her. She guessed that Cornett was taking precautions after the way Samoa Joe put one of the management officers through the table during his signing.

"If you'll just sign that please…" Ellie swallowed briefly before picking up the pen and bending over the table. She placed her signature on the dotted line and handed the contract to Cornett. He took it from her and held it up to the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present to you, TNA Knockout, the Ice Angel…Ellie Blackwood!" Cornett grabbed one of her wrists and held it up, the way a referee would when she won a match. She smiled and put her other hand in a "metal" sign. Once Cornett released his hold on her, he turned on her.

"Now then, Miss Blackwood," he said, the crowd now settling down, "since you have not requested a specific match against anyone for your first fight tomorrow, it is my duty to assign one to you on your first day." Ellie was struck.

"What?" she shouted over the thunderous roar of the fans. "I didn't know I could select my opponent!" Her statement was barely heard, as she had put down her microphone when she signed the contract.

"You never asked!" he retaliated. Ellie was beginning to see why no one liked Jim Cornett. "And as TNA management director, I have decided that your first fight will be tomorrow against…Awesome Kong!"


"Wait…seriously?" Ellie was speaking into the mic now. "You expect me to fight against Kong on my first day on the job?"

"What's the matter?" Cornett teased. "Is the little ol' Angel afraid of the big bad Kong?" Ellie put a hand on her hip and looked around at the fans. Half of them started jeering. The other half started cheering. She decided that now would be a good time to start building a reputation for herself.

"You've got a lot of gut taunting me like that," she said, pointing at Cornett. "And I never said I was afraid, now, did I? I'll take on your Big Bad Kong. And what's more? I'll beat her. And anyone else that comes my way!" She threw down the microphone and climbed out of the ring, too angry to say anything else.


She was headed towards the exit. Ellie just wanted to go back to her motel room and sit things out and get ready for her first fight tomorrow with TNA. She had never really studied Kong's techniques while watching episodes of TNA from her WWE dressing room. She was always too focused on Roxxi's fights. Ellie had her laptop with her up in her motel room, but she doubted that Wikipedia could help her much regarding how Kong fights.

"Just stay up long enough to take out Kong before her Awesome Bomb does," she told herself. As she rounded the corner, she nearly collided with Christian Cage.

"Whoa, watch out, there," he said. He took a step back to see who he nearly ran over. "Oh, hey there, Ellie."


"I just saw your contract-signing," he said. "I thought I knew you from some place."

"Probably," Ellie replied. "I signed on to WWE about two weeks before you left." He nodded thoughtfully.

"I don't think we ever got well acquainted," he said. "Did you change your name upon transferring over from WWE?"

"Yes, actually," she said. "Back in WWE, I was registered under the name Lina Lavigne." He smiled.

"And how do you go from Lina Lavigne to Ellie Blackwood?" he inquired. "They don't sound anything alike." She shrugged once.

"I liked that name, so I took it," she answered simply.

"Took it here to TNA?" he said. "Makes me almost wonder what your real name is."

"I'll give you a hint," Ellie smiled. "My real name is closer to Ellie Blackwood than Lina Lavigne. Figure it out, while I attempt to familiarize myself with the TNA employees."

"Oh I see. Didn't have a chance to familiarize yourself with the Instant Classic at WWE, so you followed me here?" Ellie scoffed.

"You wish," she said. "Don't let your ego get to your head, okay? I've seen you make that mistake before."

"And it leads to my downfall, yadda yadda. Trust me, hon, I've heard it before."

"Still, I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better," Ellie said before she could stop herself. "I mean, while we're here, at TNA, I mean…as friends?"

Way to go.

Christian smiled again. "Yeah, I'd like that. You fighting soon?"

"Tomorrow, actually. Will you be watching?"

"Hm…probably," he answered, scratching his goatee. "And hey…if anyone's giving you trouble, you just let me know. I want your stay at TNA to be an enjoyable one. You hear?"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya," Ellie said, sidestepping him. "You make it sound as though I'm completely helpless." She flashed him a grin before walking down the hall and out the door.

And I most certainly, am NOT.

End Chapter 1

That's chapter 1. this took me way too long to write.i started a while ago,but I kept getting sidetracked with school and stuff.i have been watching TNA regularly since then.i was sad to see Kong give Roxxi an Awesome Bomb on a steel chair last night.i really am a big fan of hers.
Next chapter is Ellie vs. Kong. much anticipated,as I may guess. how will she fare?you'll just have to wait and,please!if I don't get enough,I may have to delete this.
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