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Chapter 57

Death of Teen Isabella Swam

Isabella Swan was reported dead after three days of looking for her. She past away through the night at the local hospital. A young blonde haired man with dark brown eyes took her from stage. We have reason to believe that her death could be linked with that of the young male that attended her school. If you happen to have any information on the murder or see this man please contact our hotline at 1-800-123-4567.


I felt burning. Intense, smothering, stinging, burning. I wished for death to come to me. Death would be a breeze against the burning. Death was easy, death was painless. Death was the key now.

The burning was everywhere now. It was in my arms and legs. It was pulsing through my veins like blood. I could feel my body convulse with pain but I bit my tongue to keep from screaming. What would screaming help? It would be over soon and I wouldn't give James the pleasure.

I gasped for air trying to get the air circling in my lungs. I tried to visualize Edward's face in my mind. It helped take my mind off of the pain for a moment. I thought of his cool hand, of his perfect face, of his sweet voice.

"Edward." I tried to say but it came out as a scream.

"Edward." I mumbled out. "Put out the fire."


I watched her helplessly as she writhed on the hospital bed. This was my fault. I should have been there. I shouldn't have let him get a hold of her. I looked up as Alice flitted into the room.

"It won't be long now." She smiled. "She's going to be so beautiful Edward. Look at her."

I ran my eyes over Bella's face and body. She truly was going to be beautiful but the guilt racked my body. "What if she didn't want this?" I asked Alice as the pain ripped through my body.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Edward, could you ever look at Bella and think she wasn't made for you? Could you ever doubt that she wanted anything more than being with you forever? Seriously Edward, the way she looks at you…" She trailed off.

I nodded. "I suppose you're right." I paused. "But I just can't help but think she had her whole life ahead of her. She could be magnificent."

Alice chuckled softly. "She is going to be magnificent. She was almost made to be a vampire." She mused.

I frowned. "But what about Charlie, and Renee and Phil."

Alice shrugged. "I have a feeling she'll be okay. It's going to be hard for her but she'll have you Edward. You have to be strong for the both you." She laughed again. "Which doesn't make sense because she's so stubborn that she won't let you know when she's feeling scared or overwhelmed."

"Thirty seconds now." Alice whispered. "I'll get the rest of them."

"Edward." Bella screamed. I buried my face in her stomach. "Edward." She mumbled softer now. "Put out the fire."

I held tightly onto her hand trying somehow to sooth her pain. Her heartbeat was starting to slow down now. I knew it wouldn't be long before it stopped all together. She would never blush again, she would never be warm yet she wouldn't burn my throat anymore which was quite delightful.

For the first time I knew that this would be okay. Carlisle hadn't even asked my permission to changer her, he just did. Now I had to trust Carlisle. I looked up when Alice reentered the room with the rest of my family.

"This has to be quick. She's going to smell the human blood." Carlisle paused. "As soon as she wakes you have to get her out Edward."

I looked out the window to see that it was night. "Okay." I nodded.

Carlisle sighed. "We'll take care of the medical stuff."

Alice grinned. "Jazz and I can delete the medical records."

"And Rose and I will intimidate them!" Emmett laughed out.

Rose smacked Emmett and then I heard the familiar beat of Bella's heart quit. Just like that it stopped and I would never here it's sweet sound again. I focused my entire being on Bella's face. She opened her eyes.


The burning left my arms and legs. It left everyplace except for my throat. My throat hurt but it wasn't intolerable. I opened my eyes for what felt like the first time and it was as if I were put in an intricate 3-D movie. I could see spectrums of colors glint off of the air molecules. I opened my mouth the breath and instantly the burning got worse. Was this what Hell was like? Constant burning?

"Bella love, we have to go." A silky smooth voice caressed my ears and I turned my head to look at the person it came from.

There wasn't a degree of beauty that could possibly hold a scale for what I saw. His flawless pale face was strewn with concern. I knew who it was and tried to remember him as best as I could. I remembered that he was Edward and I remembered he was beautiful and that I loved him more than words could describe.

"Bella." He whispered.

I couldn't respond. I didn't know what was happening but I did know one thing, I wasn't in Hell. Edward was too angelic to be in Hell. When he spoke my name my heart didn't flutter. He took my hand in his and I couldn't miss the comparison to the color. We were the same and I knew that no matter what, everything would be okay. Finally, we were equal once again.

Our love had survived and he had kept his promise. He came back to me.

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