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Chapter Thirty-two

Bella's Point of view

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Edward's hands were on the small of my back, urging me forward. I hadn't heard them call, but he stood so I figured I should as well. Thinking straight was becoming nearly impossible and I was slowly feeling myself beginning to shut down. My babies. My poor babies. Apparently they weren't safe anywhere around me. I turned my head as Edward squeezed my shoulder, his eyes burning with concern. "What?" I asked softly. Edward offered me a small smile. "She said to get undressed. From the waist down."


Was this what a miscarriage felt like? I couldn't help the thought, no matter how much I didn't want it to be true. I know I had panicked when I found of I was pregnant with twins, and I was proving more and more to be unfit to be a mother, but I wanted these babies. I wanted them more than anything. Slipping my fingers under the waist band of my yoga pants I shimmed them down my hips along with my underwear, my eyes spotting the bright red blood that stained the lining of my panties. How would I ever forgive myself if I lost these babies? I probably never could.

I kicked my clothes aside and dragged my feet over to the bench. After picking up my discarded clothing, Edward helped my up onto the bench. Taking a hold of my hands he brought them to his lips, kissing them softly. "Bells, no matter what happens it's going to be okay. Just try to stay calm. I brought my knees up to my chest and sighed, not knowing how to respond to that. How could it? How could it ever be okay if I lost these babies? How could he sit there and be so calm? I wanted to scream at him, but some how it just didn't seem worth it. I didn't have the energy.

I jumped at the knock on the door, my head turning to look at the leggy blonde that entered the room."Alright Mrs. Cullen, we are going to do a trans vaginal ultrasound to see if we can target the cause of the bleeding." I watched as Doctor Roberts closed the door and crossed the room, using her long legs to push the stool to the end of the bed. "Like last time we did this it may be a little uncomfortable, so just be prepared." Her heels clicked on the floor as she crossed the room to the sink, quickly washing her hands and pulling on a pair of small purple gloves. "Alright lady, you know the drill. Legs up."

I did as she said, scooting down to the edge of the bed and propped my feet in to the stirrups, and laid back staring up at the ceiling. I felt Edward take a hold of my hand on my right side and squeezed, but I continued to stare up at the ceiling. "Alright, Mrs. Cullen, you're going to feel two fingers and then the probe. Deep breath in and out." I inhaled as I felt her cool fingers separate me and tried not to tense at the feeling of the ultrasound wand. Deep breath out and it was in. I stared up at the ceiling, scared to look anywhere else. "Relax your legs Mrs. Cullen." She said softly. Taking a deep breath I forced myself to relax my muscles in my legs. Then silence.

My heart raced in my chest and my stomach dropped. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to be sick. Why wasn't she saying anything? I felt tears pool behind my eyes and my breath wavered. "There is baby A." She said softly. "See that little flicker there on the screen? That's the heart beat. Looks great." Hesitantly I tore my eyes off the ceiling and looked at the little screen with the fuzzy black and white image and let out a small breath I wasn't aware I had been holding. I turned my head and looked at Edward as he lightly squeezed my hand again, this time offering my a soft smile. Just as soon as the relief had washed over me it was gone. I had twins, two babies, and she had yet to say word on the other. Just as I was about to word my concern she spoke. "And there is baby B. Was hiding there a moment." A soft chuckle. "Another nice little heart beat there."

Edward brought the back of my hand to his lips as a soft cry passed my lips. They were okay, at least for now. "If she's not..Then what's the cause of the bleeding?" He asked.

"Believe it or not it is quite common to have some bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy, but to be thorough I'm going to check the placentas for any tearing." Doctor Roberts replied. For several minutes the room was silent and it wrecked havoc on my already fragile nerves. "Okay, there is a little subchorionic hemorrhage. It's nothing to freak out over, but it is more than likely the cause of this bleeding. This is also not uncommon. It affects about twenty percent of pregnancies and generally resolves itself on its own." She pulled the want from inside me. "I'm just going to check your cervix really quick. I'm sorry I'm sure by now you feel really violated, but we are almost done" I took a deep breath as her fingers replaced the probe. "Cervix is closed and where its suppose to be which is great. I'm going to bring you back next week just to check things over again, and just to be on the safe side I'm going to recommend bed rest until week fourteen. Strict bed rest, meaning no sex and no being on your feet unless your in the shower or walking to the restroom."

Edward and I left the doctor's office in silence. I didn't like the idea of being stuck in bed for the next six weeks especially when there was no foreplay involved, but it was a sacrifice worth making. I would give up anything for these little peanuts growing inside me. "Well,"I said softly, placing my hand protectively over my abdomen. "That was scary." Edward took a hold of my hand and stopped walking, pulling me into his arms. Soft lips pressed against my forehead and his arms tightened around my waist. My brows furrowed as I looked up at him. "Edward?"

"I'm sorry," He said softly. "This was my fault. I was too rough with you."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned forward, pressing my lips to his. "This wasn't any of our faults. It just happened. The doctor even said so, so don't beat yourself up over it." After a moment I removed my arms from around his neck and wiggled my way out of his arms, taking a hold of his hand. "Now, let's get home. I've got a bed with my name on it."

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