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I've always wanted to do two things. Work on a story where Vergil is EVIL, and work on a story that has the DantexLadyxVergil triangle. I've done both in this story. :) I will try to keep to humor but this is a darker fic and may be rated M in later chapters. I will warn ahead of time as always.

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In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you kissed me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moon
Will come too soon

Up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him...

-"Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen

Killing Moon

Chapter 1

"Vergil...," her voice seemed to waver as she pointed her guns at him, trembling noticibly. He turned to survey her with those cold eyes that would no longer show any warmth.

"Leave us Mary,"

Lady shook her head with a deep frown. Her eyes wandered over to the lifeless body just beside Vergil's boots. He was hardly recognizable and she felt her stomach lurch. His once white hair matched the deep crimson of his torn clothing.

"Dante?" Lady called out, hoping that he would move just the slightest. Some indication that it wasn't too late.

"Go, I will come for you later." Vergil interrupted her.

"You're a monster," she growled at him. He only smiled cruelly towards her.

"I told him I'd do it sooner or later."

"Dante!" She called again, hating the desperation in her own voice.

"Be polite brother. Do answer the lady."

Vergil kicked Dante hard and he let out a loud moan of pain, spitting up blood on the floor with bulging eyes.


She shot at Vergil with deadly accuracy, but missed when he teleported at her back and grabbed both arms to pull them painfully behind her. It was so quick she continued to pull the trigger in hopes it would somehow shoot even his foot, but his hold on her strained the muscles and made movement painful. He twisted to the point she had no choice but to drop them.

"You dare betray me?!" He hissed in her ear, pulling her tightly against him from behind.

"Who are you?" She asked trying to calm her own voice.

"As if you don't know..." he whispered darkly with a hint of playfullness as he brushed his lips against her ear. "After all, you know me better than anyone... and I you. Outside...and in."

Lady struggled angrily to pull away from him, her face flush as his free hand smoothed under her shirt across her abdomen.

"Let go!" She hissed, her voice a dangerous growl. He chuckled into her hair.

"Why Mary, I thought... you loved me?" He purred mockingly.

"Fuck you..." she seemed to whisper trying to hide the shame in her own voice.

"What was that?"

"S-she said f-fuck you Verge..." Dante said in a far away voice, and yet it still carried that cocky self confidence even as he writhed on the ground. Lady looked down at hearing his voice and had to choke back tears. His eyes were smiling at her, as if to emote still got some fight left in me. The whites of his eyes though were a violent red from the beating Vergil had given him and it was her fault. It was all her fault.

It had all begun with Vergil's unexpected return from the dead.

Lady had been taking the subway back home after a long day of pretty much nothing. Dante was off on a job he was sure would take a week to clear up, and that week was slowly coming to an end. In the meantime she had been keeping an eye on Devil May Cry for him until he returned. She hated how it seemed when Dante left the phones rarely rang. Too many of Dante's customer's took one look at her and labeled her as useless.

After all, she wasn't a demoness but a human girl. It was an assumption she HATED. Sometimes she wished she'd been born a boy so people would take her seriously. The only time she would get their respect was at the barrel end of her gun as she kicked their ass out. Dante was the only exception. While he was an arrogant jerk, he at least seemed to appreciate the fact she was a capable woman who could take care of business just as well as he could.

So Lady was feeling good and ready for a good night sleep to help her greet Dante when he returned the following day. What she didn't need was the group of hoodlum's staring at her on the very empty subway car. It was late as Devil May Cry kept midnight hours, not closing till one in the morning.

"Why one?" Lady had asked Dante. She should've seen his smartass answer coming.

"Gives me an hour before bartime," he winked at her in reply.

Dante had told her not to ride the subway late. At first she had gotten angry at him for thinking she needed protection from muggers, but in fact it was potential muggers he was concerned for. That had made her feel better. She could feel four sets of eyes on her though and it only proved to darken her mood. Then one of the idiots decided to make a move.

"Excuse me miss?"

Lady turned to glare openly at the kid, probably no older than 16 or 17. He had bleached blonde hair that spiked in all directions. She noted with a derisive laugh that if he did jump her all she'd have to do is give his pants a gentle nudge and they'd probably fall off his ass. Fashion was beginning to become hazardous for boys like this. She could trip him that way as well, rip out his earring or the nipple ring that was noticible through his t-shirt. She didn't have time to contemplate how one so young had managed a nipple ring.

"Back off little boy. I don't carry a purse, or even a wallet," she growled up at him remaining in her seat.

He looked shocked at her for a moment, having the audacity to look ignorant. It seemed this was his first time playing this game, because he didn't even have a witty retort for her. How boring. He sidled away back to his buddies where they regrouped. Lady meanwhile laid her head back and closed her eyes tiredly.

"Hey bitch, I hear you think you're hot shit," a prepubescent voice came from nowhere. Lady opened one eye to find herself surrounded on all sides. Her face split into a smile.

"I already told your buddy, dipshit. I don't carry what you're looking for, and you certainly don't want what I do."

He looked around at his friends, an annoying gafaw coming from his mouth. This guy was big in comparison to the runt they were undoubtably training to work the subway with them. He had a mass of greasy brown hair that lay unkept against his sweaty forehead. Apparently HE thought he was hot shit, carrying himself with some arrogance that was probably a product of weaker people being crushed under his boots. Yes men who agreed with everything he said and did out of fear of being stepped on themself. Lady knew better though to be frightened. There was shit confidence, and then there was self confidence. If it had been Dante she would feel slightly threatened, but this joke? HA!

Dickboy bent over and she caught a whiff of the cologne he had bathed and lotioned himself with. She waved her hand in front of her face and coughed in displeasure which only seemed to anger him further.

"What if I told you it wasn't money we wanted from you?" He growled with a smirk on his face. She returned it, leaning forward and crossing one leg over the other. She lifted her finger to beckon him closer.

"So you want what I have under here then?" She whispered seductively as she lifted her skirt just a ways up her thigh. The twerp eyed her skin, swallowed and nodded as if he had just hit pay dirt. He thought tonight was going to be easy. If only he knew... she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Or would that be skirt?

Lady reached up and pulled a large handgun that was strapped to her thigh, pressing the barrel into dickboys crotch. Everyone around her froze as she eyed him glowingly.

"I told you boys... you don't want anything I'm carrying."

She cocked the gun for emphasis as her eyes locked dangerously on the boy it was pointed at. His friends stood still around, unsure what they should do since big and ugly hadn't given them any indication yet.

She was grinning at him, almost daring his friends to try something, but he only put his arms out to tell them to hold. Apparently he was smarter than she gave him credit for. Unfortunately she hadn't expected to hear a scream coming from the end of the car. An older lady had gotten on and had been frightened at the sight of Lady's gun. All it took was that split second distraction to find herself weaponless and held by three of them.

"Not so cocky now are you?"

Lady was strong, and she put up a hell of a fight. She had managed to cause two of her captor's bloody noses, and yet still they managed to hold her down. The older woman at the end of the car had uselessly ducked out of sight.

"Get off me!" Lady hissed as she kicked, bit, and clawed to get out of their grasp. Finally she found an opening and crawled out of their reach, kicking one in the process. They moved to grab her ankle so she kicked, breaking fatboy's nose with a disgusting crunching noise. He fell back clutching his face, but the others didn't seem to notice.

Lady turned to crawl into a standing position when she was yanked up by the arm and tossed behind someone. She blinked confused and saw deep blue somewhere in front of her.

She saw the dusty brown boots that lead to the long blue coat and finally to the back of a mass of disheveled white hair, the way Dante wore it when she first met him but so much longer. What the hell?

"Dante?" Lady asked out of habit. He turned briefly to look over his shoulder and Lady had to take a step back. She didn't know why, but she did it just the same.

He turned back to her attackers and Lady could see from her vantage point a sudden look of terror on their faces as they gazed at the figure before them. She was never sure what it was they saw on his face that day because she was standing behind him, but whatever it was made them run so quickly that almost all their pants fell down to their ankles. Lady had laughed at the sight of them tripping as they desperately made their way out of the car and into the next.

Then she remembered her rescuer and her eyes fell back to that blue coat. Could it be?


It was a long stretch to believe it was him, but as he slowly turned around Lady felt her heart squeeze in her chest. Dried blood clung to the shredded vest/shirt at his front, and he was dirty with mud, dust and God knows what else. Lady took a cautious step forward.

"Vergil? Is that you?" She asked again.

"Is Dante not with you?" He asked, his voice so hoarse that is sounded like he'd never used it before. Lady shook her head as she looked at him. This was so strange. She'd barely ever met Vergil before except the three way fight in Temen-ni-gru, and that wasn't exactly a warm and fuzzy affair. "Do not mention this to him."

"Why?" She asked almost immediately. He did not answer her, only turned to walk away, but then a knee buckled beneath his stride and Lady moved forward just in time to catch him. She heard him curse silently as his weight pulled her to the ground. She found herself sitting on the metal floor with Vergil laying against her shoulder and just staring at the other side of the car.

"What's happened to you Vergil?"

His eyes rolled upwards to look at her, and for some reason she felt flush when they connected with her own. She quickly looked away from him. " I mean, you died didn't you?" He let out a derisive laugh that came out more like a wheeze. She could never get use to his voice sounding so gravelly.

"If only I had."

She idly dusted off his shoulder, not knowing what to do. He wasn't even making an attempt to get off of her and honestly he looked exausted. The subway car came to a halt, it was Lady's exit.

"Come on, get up." Lady finally said, helping to hoist him into a standing position. She walked over and grabbed her bag from the seat. She walked towards the exit before stopping to turn and look at Vergil. "You coming?"

"You wish to take me home with you? How kind...," he said tonelessly.

"I'm not doing this out of kindness for you. I'm doing it for him." Lady said dismissively looking out of the car at the empty station beyond.

"Dante?" Vergil asked and Lady jumped when she realized he was suddenly at her back. She spun on the spot to face him, HATING when Dante would do that to her. Didn't men realize sneaking up on her was a stupid and deadly mistake?

"IF you have any ulterior intentions Vergil I won't hesitate to kill you. I don't typically invite strangers home with me, so understand I don't like people invading my comfort zone."

Lady took a step backwards, out of the doors onto the platform to get more space between them. Vergil stood and watched her inquisitively, almost interestedly from inside the car. The lights by the door began to blink, indicating that the doors would be closing.

It was up to him to step back or step off to stand beside her. The moment his foot pressed down onto the pavement Lady felt a shiver deep within her. Almost as if foreshadowing the things to come.


Lady opened her front door with a jiggle of her keys which was more of a habit and only way to get the door to unlatch. She couldn't pinpoint the exact reason why she had invited Vergil back home with her but she was sure somewhere along the lines it had to do with Dante.

He had unwittingly become family to her, and so secretly she would've done most anything he asked...within reason. Somehow the idea of Vergil wandering the streets on a cold night didn't sound like something Dante would like. Considering if Dante knew he would've taken Vergil in himself, but Vergil made it clear he did not want Dante to know he was back. She'd never bothered to ask if Vergil was ever planning to tell him, and somehow that gave her a strange feeling in her stomach. Especially since any attempts to ask him WHY he wouldn't see Dante was met with quiet indifference.

Finally the door gave way and Vergil followed close behind her. She felt very vulnerable with him around, possibly stemming from the fact he was always staring at her without pause. He wasn't even sneaky about it, just stared wherever he pleased when it suited him. This made her stand at the bottom of her stairs and usher him forward.

"Upstairs to the left is the bathroom if you want to get cleaned up," she said as she pointed him in the right direction. He eyed her unmoved for a moment before turning and walking up. The reason she didn't just show him upstairs was she was keenly discomforted by the image of him trying to look up her skirt as she climbed them. A foolish thought considering this WAS Vergil, but somehow the look in his eyes as he stared at her didn't sit right.

She waited until the bathroom door closed completely before walking up the steps to grab some towels and clothes. She had enough of Dante's old t-shirts to last her a lifetime and she owned her fair share of boxer shorts and even a couple pairs men's pajama pants. She rarely shopped in the women's section anymore with how often she was stuck in men's getting things with Dante, occassionally seeing something she deemed "cute" and buying it.

She stacked a clean cotton shirt and grayish plaid pajama pants on top of the towels before walking to the bathroom door and knocking on it.


"Clean clothes and towels," she called through to him. The door opened just enough for him to reach through, his long arm coming out to be handed all she had.

Lady looked at it closely and noticed a multitude of scarring over every inch of his skin from the back of his hand all the way to his shoulder which was visible upto the doorway. She suddenly felt the weight of eyes on her and noticed above the shoulder was one blazing blue eye once again focussed on her. He was watching her watching his arm with a sort of cold interest. She swallowed and shoved the clothing into his hand, which was stupid considering no person's hand is large enough to grab such a thick load. The towel fell from his fingers and Lady knelt over to pick it up.

As her hand took hold the door opened wider and she looked up to see him kneeling in front of her, his hand reaching out. Lady flinched back from him for a split second before it dropped to help her with the towel.

She sat back as he pulled the towel into his lap and her eyes widened at the scars that continued beyond that arm to his shoulders, neck, chest, and dissapearing into the waistband of his pants. He stood tall, saying nothing and closed the door on her.

Lady picked herself up and found herself staring at the door dumbfounded. Dante would never talk about what had happened in Temen-Ni-Gru, then again she never asked. The death of Vergil had always been a meloncholic subject and it was even worse AFTER what happened on Mallet island. She could feel the guilt he felt sometimes when he drank heavily. In his older age it didn't happen as frequently, but when it did Dante's habit of never talking about his family was eliminated.

One night he had climbed in beside her while in, what she thought, was a drunken stupor. It was one of the nights she chose to sleep over at Devil May Cry, Dante having put a cot in an empty room upstairs for when she was too tired to drive home.

He used it too of course on occasion when he was too drunk to remember where his room was. Tonight was a late return from Love Planet no doubt. Lady thought the place needed to be torn down for giving Dante a place to hide from his problems. She hated it for giving him false comfort at a cost of both money and a small piece of his soul each time he left feeling no better than when he came.

Lady had jumped automatically, grabbing her gun and pointing it at Dante. She was half asleep and it took her a couple minutes to realize it was him.

"Teh, Dante! What the hell?" She had hissed as she dropped her gun.

"I'm sorry...," he replied softly.

"Yeah, well you should be! I have to be up in a few h- Dante?"

She had pulled him to lay on his back and she was mortified to see silent tears rolling down his face. No facial expression to indicate his pain, not even a tremble of his lip. He stared blankly up at the ceiling as more and more tears poured from his eyes.


His glassy eyes turned to look at her and it was within them she saw the anguish. Even with his emotionless face, those eyes spoke volumes as they looked at her imporingly.

"Can I stay here tonight?" He asked in a tremulous tone, as if another breath might break him. She nodded, unsure why she would agree to something so out of character. Maybe she had come to respect him, and care enough to know she couldn't deny him when for once he was asking for real comfort rather than drowning his sorrows elsewhere. Possibly because she loved him, even if she would never admit it.

Lady settled down next to him and he remained just beside her. She kept a watchful eye on him and it took him a long while before the tears stopped. When they did she felt his hand slip into hers as their arms were side by side. He turned into her and hid his face just next to her cheek. She could feel the drying tears and it made her want to ask him what was wrong. She didn't need to though.

"Vergil," he said softly and then went quiet. Lady sighed and squeezed his hand, turning in to lay forehead to forehead with him. He had once told her that as children they would fall asleep in seperate beds but somehow wake up laying just as they were now laying. She would be a substitute brother if it's what he needed to get a night's peace.

The next morning Dante had been gone from her side, and when she did find him sitting at his desk he said nothing to indicate anything had occured. In fact he was in rare form as ever, making jokes and being all around too happy.

She had walked over and set a hand on his shoulder, which shut him up right quick. She let the grip linger before turning to get her morning coffee. He grabbed her wrist though and she turned back to see him.

"Thank you," he said softly, his eyes to the floor before turning to look at her. She grasped onto his wrist and squeezed before pulling her hand free and going about her day. It hadn't been brought up since.

After that things between them had changed. He was less of a perv around her, although on occasion he would make some comment to make her think otherwise. The subtle change in him woke feelings within her she tried to supress previously. Maybe it was the fact he had finally shown a weakness to her that suddenly made her feel comfortable with him. She would've thought these unvoiced feelings would make things weird, but it only allowed her to let her guard down in his presence. Something she had never done with anyone before.

Lady sat in her living room now and thought about it all. In a way it was very selfish of Vergil to keep his return from Dante after all he had suffered and blamed himself for having been the one who had taken him down on Mallet. At least Dante had tried to save Vergil from the hell gate, but it was his own hand that had taken Nelo's life.

It made her angry that Vergil had come back this way. She decided to tell him so the minute he came down. It took almost two hours for that to happen though. Lady was wondering what the hell he was doing up there and was about to go knock when she heard someone descending the stairs. She was dead tired and grumpy to boot. He actually looked surprised to see her still awake.

"You did not have to wait up for me," he said smoothly as he entered the room.

"Did you think I would just go to sleep with a stranger wandering through my home?" She asked peevishly.

"I suppose not, but we are not strangers so much as poorly introduced."

"Poorly introduced? You tried to kill me!" She growled.

"I did not ask you to stand between Dante and I. You really have no one to blame but yourself. Besides, you were the least of my worries within that damnable place. That is why I passed you by in the library." He replied coldly as he came to sit on the couch. He let out a great sigh, as if sitting alone felt like heaven.

"That was you then?"

"It was..."

She furrowed her eyebrows as she gazed at his closed eyed profile. He had smoothed his wet hair back to lay flat, not at all the spiky mess she had once seen on him in his younger days. It was almost like looking at Dante, except there was cold contempt etching his face.

"You should contact Dante."

"No," he said simply as he leaned back.

"Why not?! He'd want to see you!"

"Because I'm not ready to see him yet."

"You arrogant jerk! What about Dante's feelings? He thinks you're dead!" She yelled at him, trying to calm the urge to hit him.

"He should, he killed me after all." Vergil mused deviously, and it only made Lady's eyes darken.

"You don't deserve to see him if that's what you think."

He turned to look at her pompously, slighty interested at the same time.

"I knew it," he smirked.

"Knew what?"

"Here I thought I would be facing Dante on the subway. I followed his scent, and it lead me to you. You wreak of him."

"That's because we work together." She said flatly not liking the little smirk in the corner of his mouth.

"Is that all?" He whispered leaning a little too closely to her ear. It made a shiver run up her spine as she turned and pushed him back to his side of the couch.

"YOU! Don't assume to know anything about me! Or Dante for that matter!" She yelled indignantly, ready to kick him out. "You're the one who has been gone all this time!"

"True... But you're not denying it."

"Because it's none of your business!" She growled standing up. She grabbed the pillows and blankets she'd brought down for him and literally threw them at him. "Goodnight!"

She stomped her way behind the couch, determined to have the last word on the matter, but he grabbed her arm as she passed causing her to lean over the back of the couch as he gazed up at her.

"Thank you," he said humbly when she glared at him. For just a moment she was reminded of Dante, except for some odd reason his possessive hold on her and his stare made her blood race. Like if she didn't break the hold now he might pull her down. The second his eyes fell to her mouth something in her broke.

Lady wrenched her hand from his and hurriedly left the room, almost fearing that he might come after her. Such was the fierceness in his eyes at that moment despite his tone that she found herself running to her room, slamming the door shut and locking it. She never locked her door, not even when Dante stayed over. Yet she felt vulnerable as she stared at it. As if he were standing just on the other side straining to hear her every breath.

She got no sleep at all, so gripped by this sense of vulnerability that everytime she closed her eyes she thought she heard someone touch the door knob. She forced herself awake each time but despite that she eventually fell asleep.

She woke with a start, thinking she'd just dozed for a few minutes and found it was almost one in the afternoon. She cursed as she rushed out of bed and began pulling her boots on. She had slept in her clothing and didn't much care if anyone saw how wrinkled they were.

When she ran to open her door though it took her a moment to register why her door was locked and the night before came flooding back. The feelings though weren't as strong with the sunlight coming through the windows.

Slowly she unlocked itand pulled it open. She poked her head out to find a quiet hallway before her. She stepped out and went downstairs to the living room to find...nothing. Nothing but a neatly stacked pile of blankets, pillows, towels and clothes. She wandered about her tiny apartment to be sure that he wasn't lurking somewhere, but he really wasnt't there. Lady wondered where he went and worse still if he would be coming back?

Her clock chimed one and she remembered she was seriously late. She shrugged it off and grabbed her keys for her bike. She wouldn't be riding the subway for as long as she lived.

She made her way to Devil May Cry, practically busting through the door.

"I'm here!" She huffed heavily as she slumped to her knees on the floor to catch her breath. She looked up when no one answered to find... Dante still asleep on the couch. "HEY!"

"Mmmm?" He groaned as he rolled over.

"I can't believe you're still sleeping, it's after one!" She laughed at him, sitting just beside him on the edge of the couch as he turned inward to the back of it.

"Mmmmhhhmmm," he sighed still not turning to her. She leaned her back against his and used him as an armrest.

"I take it you didn't sleep either?"

"I would if you'd stop talking," he bellowed through a yawn. She smacked his butt and he growled annoyed with her. He turned quickly onto his back, causing Lady to fall back against his stomach.

"Idiot." She murmured as she stared up at the ceiling. At that moment of seeing his face she thought of Vergil. Should she tell him?

"That's it?" He said in a sleepy growl. "No snappy comeback?"

"I'm too tired to fight with you today," she replied trying to fight back a yawn of her own.

"That would make two of us. C'mere."

Dante opened his arm to let her lay down with him and she just eyed him.

"Don't look at me like that. Shops closed today."

"Says who?"

"Says me, now lay down. I have both pillows and blankets here with me, so you'll be cold up on the cot." He smirked through red, tired eyes.

"I could just go home," she grinned back at him.

"Do you really want to go back there?"

Her eyes darkened. She thought about the possibility of Vergil being there waiting for her, and her being alone with him. She didn't want to consider that. She felt safe with Dante, even if he was a pervert. She could never explain it. Plus she felt guilty that she was hiding Vergil from Dante.

She laid down beside him as he pulled the covers over them to snuggle her close with a deep sigh. She allowed herself to curl into his arms and found it was just as comfortable as that one night, except they were in a much closer proximity.

"Dante," she began but he cut her off.

"Just go to sleep. I'm not going to attack you," he paused then added "Unless you want me to?"

She pinched the side of his ribcage and he squirmed.

"Ok, ok! No attacking!"

She let him go and nestled back in close. She didn't know why she allowed him so close when she let no one even breathe at her crossways. It had been years since Dante had taken her in, since that first meeting in Temen-Ni-Gru. He had become her friend somehow and perhaps deep down she got as much comfort from being held by him as he seemed to. Maybe somewhere deep down she did love him, and perhaps that was what had scared her about Vergil the night before. Keeping him secret from Dante threatened the trust he had in her and in turn threatened their relationship. He did these things and allowed her close because he believed he could trust she would never hurt him.

Is that all you do...?

She pushed her face into his chest to hide it from him, as if he could see the guilt written all over it. She would not see Vergil again, and feign knowledge she had from this point on. If Vergil wanted to see Dante then he would all on his own. As for her, she would be happy to never see his face again.

Lady woke slowly sometime later to find herself wrapped in the two blankets and missing one Dante to go along with it. She sat up on her arms to look around but she saw no sign of him. Then as she dropped her head onto the pillow a small peice of paper fell from the back of the couch. Her eyes adjusted to Dante's unaturally pretty handwriting, one thing he had always been embarressed about, and read it aloud.


I had a job tonight late which is why you caught me napping. You looked so cute I couldn't bare to wake you up. Took plenty of pictures though to remember it by...


... just kidding.


Feel free to stay over if you're still tired, if not I'll catch you bright and early tomorrow.

Sincerely... Stupid, jerk, bastard or any other choice terms you've used while reading this.

"You forgot moron," she chuckled at the peice of paper.

Lady nestled back down into the warm blankets, still clutching the note as she began dozing back off to sleep. She felt so warm, and somehow safe as she nuzzled herself into Dante's blankets. The idea of going home wasn't something she wanted to think about, considering she had this feeling Vergil might show up there again.

What had scared her the most was that Vergil was Dante's twin, and how when he had grabbed her images of things best left to her dreams came flooding to the surface. It was easy with Dante because he seemed resolved that she wouldn't fall for his tricks, so she didn't have to worry about him taking advantage of her. Vergil though... she had no clue what his intentions were when he grabbed her the night before.

Lady groaned as she buried her face in the pillow. Truth be told her first impression of Vergil in the tower had been curiosity. The contrast between brothers was so different it was amazing. She had secretly joked that if she were to ever fall for one it would've been Vergil because he wasn't the clown Dante was. Even the first time his eyes connected to hers she fell prey to a little glimmer of a blush at his hard stare. It was the first time she had ever fallen victim to an instantanious crush. She called it that because in the same second she felt a twinge of something he had attacked her and pushed all other thoughts out of her head. Crush forgotten, she wanted to kill the bastard.

One never forgets the embarressment of a first crush though, and what happened the night before was proof of that. As much as she had given Dante a hard time back then she internally wouldn't deny they were both extremely good looking. Almost TOO much so for their own good. It made Dante cocky, and Vergil indifferent.

Vergil's words kept coming to her mind about the relationship she shared with Dante. Secretly she did harbour affection for the devil hunter, but Lady was not the type to act on such feelings. She had his friendship and that would always be enough for her. It had to be, because she wasn't going to let anything ruin it.

Her mind eased, cleared and she fell back into sleep.

It was dark by the time she stirred for the third time that day, the only difference being that Dante had apparently returned, because she could feel him nestled against her again, pinned between her and the back of the couch. She sighed deeply, intending to see if she couldn't just fall back asleep so she wouldn't have to go home. He stirred slightly, reaching his hands up to take her face in them before pressing a small kiss to her forehead.

"Pervert," she mumbled when he had pulled back, but then his hands slowly directed her face upward and he pressed a kiss to her lips. "Dante..." Her voice seemed to tremble as she lifted a hand to take his wrist. "What..."

He silenced her with a much deeper kiss that sent hot electric coarsing through every nerve. She couldn't believe he was kissing her, let alone that she was letting him. She had planned to contain her feelings for him and was resolute that he would never take advantage of her like this. Yet a part of her had always wished he had tried, and here it was.

If it had been anyone but him, or if it had been years earlier things wouldn't have gone this far. But since it was him, the first person since her childhood she truly felt she could trust she couldn't help but love it. The fact she didn't taste alcohol on his mouth eased her that this was something he did soberly and possibly from his heart.

She felt his hand move up her arm until the fingers intertwined with her own carefully, gently locking together. She sighed as she leaned her head back when he found the curve of her throat, her muscles straining upward towards his warm mouth as it sought her skin with such urgent need.

Her agile hands ran along his back, trailing down his spine until she found the bottom of the starched shirt and pulled it up to feel the soft skin beneath it. Except the skin there was not smooth at all, but rough and...

Lady pushed herself away from him and off the couch as she groped blindly for the tall floor lamp at the end of the couch, finally making contact with its cold steel before finding the switch and turning it on.

She saw the white hair and blue eyes watching her, but to her horror it was not Dante laying casually on the couch.

It was Vergil...