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Between Love and Duty

Chapter 1: Volterra


I hated being Prince. I stood in front of the mirror fixing my tie as I awaited my cue to head to another day full of royal duties. At twenty-five, I was expected to be the perfect Prince. I was the oldest of two, and would one day be king. Therefore, I had to attend all these functions and pretend to like them.

Today's agenda wasn't too bad. I had the afternoon off, and I planned on getting some quiet reading time at the Library, and I did not mean the one in the castle. I needed to get away and just disconnect myself.

"Come on, Edward. We're late." My younger sibling, Alice, said.

"They won't start without us." I answered her as she rolled her eyes.

"But you know what mom said about being late." She reminded me as I grabbed my phone following her out of my room. My mom was very particular about us being polite, and that included being on time to all functions. No matter how early they were.

"I know, I know." I sighed boarding the limo after Alice. Today we were going to be opening a new Children's Wing in the Volterra National Hospital.

It wasn't that hard, since it only required me to say a few words that had already been written for me. It's not that I didn't care, I really did. I just didn't have the energy to possibly do everything that was asked of me. Therefore, delegation became a necessity.

"It's only about two hours." Alice added as I laughed. I knew she was just as anxious for the function to be over and done with. She was back for the summer with her boyfriend, Jasper, and I knew she wanted to spend alone time with him.

"Where's Jasper?" I asked noticing his sudden absence. They rarely left the other's side.

"Dad doesn't want us to appear too serious too soon." She answered rolling her eyes. "Apparently our citizens should only see him from time to time, since I'm so young."

"You're twenty-one." I pointed out as she shrugged.

"It doesn't look good that I have somebody and you don't." She finally admitted as I turned my attention outside. My love life, or lack thereof, was a big deal for my parents and under constant scrutiny from the media.

"That is not an issue." I said coolly.

"Apparently it is." She replied as the limo came to stop saving us from a certain fight. My sister and I were best friends, two peas in a pod, but we disagreed on my love life. I would not let her win, and I would not involve myself with just anyone.

Our argument could wait until later. Our duty called. I stepped out of the limo offering Alice my hand before making our way inside the hospital, the whole time smiling politely for the flashing cameras.


We were finally in Europe, and I couldn't be happier. I had always dreamed of coming to Europe, and for the next three months Rosalie, Emmett, and I were going to be staying in Volterra. The history was incredible, and I knew Rose couldn't wait to shop.

We had all just graduated college and my dad and stepmother had given us a three-month getaway to Europe. We were going to discover it all!

"What are your plans for today?" Rosalie asked as she came in looking as flawless as ever.

Rosalie was my stepsister. Her dad had married my mom when we were both five. She was the complete opposite of me even though she was only two months older than I. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes, and was extremely tall. She was gorgeous. I, on the other hand, had mousy brown hair and plain brown eyes. I wasn't tall, and I definitely didn't have a model's body.

"I wanted to see the National Library. I heard it was among the best in the world." I commented. I loved to read, and I was dying to see it for myself.

"You come to Europe, and you're going to hide yourself in a library." Rosalie stated in disgust. We were best friends, but there were some stuff where we just didn't see eye to eyes.

"I'm not going shopping." I stated knowing that she was going to be dragging Emmett around all the stores today.

"But Emmett is not fun to shop with." She whined as I shrugged.

"I'll go with you eventually, but not today." I conceded as she smiled giving me a hug.

"Rose, are you ready?" Emmett asked coming inside the room. Emmett was Rosalie's boyfriend for almost five years. He was extremely tall, muscular and good-looking. They were a perfect pair.

"Will you be alright by yourself?" Rose asked as I nodded.

"I'll be fine." I assured them with a smile.

"Don't stay in the library all day." Rose warned as I rolled my eyes.

"Go have fun, Rose. Go buy everything you see." I urged as Emmett laughed. Nobody I knew could shop the way Rose could. She knew what she wanted, and she got it.

"Go sightseeing, Bells. There's a lot of history in this place." Emmett suggested giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Have fun!" I called as Rose grabbed her purse and Emmett rolled his eyes. I knew he did not want to spend the day shopping.

I didn't know how I had gotten out of it. I never could, but I wasn't about to complain. I grabbed my messenger bag, passport, wallet, and cell phone before heading out. I was going to explore.

I walked out of my hotel studying my map. We had picked a hotel that was near everything and the Library was just two blocks away. I walked through the streets marveling at the beautiful architecture. The tall arches and columns made me feel as if history was still alive in Volterra.

I reached the library walking up the steps and through the arches before stepping in to a scene straight out of my dreams. There were paintings of famous authors and a multitude of dark cherry wood desk.

Instead of asking for directions I decided to just explore. I walked down the aisles touching the leather-bound books. It all seemed surreal, as if I had gone to another planet. It was within these walls that history had happened. It was incredible.

I walked for a long time studying different books before deciding to head back to the hotel. Rose and Emmett would probably be back, and we would have dinner together. I thought of everything I wanted to do while I was in Europe, all I wanted to see and experience.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I barely registered where I was going. I felt my body hit a solid mass causing me to fall back on my behind along with a bunch of books the man had been holding.

"I'm so sorry." I said making my way to pick up his books at the same time he had squatted to pick them up. Our foreheads bumped and I found myself staring at the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen.

"Are you alright?" He asked extending his hand to me. He helped me up, and I felt my hand tingle where he had touched. Almost as if sparks were flying.

"I'm fine." I managed to say my cheeks burning pink. He was gorgeous. He had green eyes and bronze hair. He was the man of my dreams.

"Are you sure?" He asked as I nodded.

"I'm sorry." I repeated handing him a few books.

"No need to worry." He answered his eyes staring into mine. I bit my lip taking a deep breath before walking away. My hand still tingling.

I quickly walked away my face red with embarrassment. I had been in Volterra for less than twenty-four hours, and I had already made a fool out of myself in front of a gorgeous man.

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