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Jacob is the sun

chapter one

Bella's pov

ever since the day Bella left Jacob in that bed, all broken and and hurt, she's been having second thoughts. it's been 4 months since then, and she was marrying Edward in a couple of weeks.

she loved Edward and wanted to be with him, but her heart keeps trying to bring her to La Push. whenever she got into a fight with Edward she'd just drive away, not knowing where she's going. her little drives always took her to La Push. it's been happening more often lately, ever since her dad told her Jacob had returned.

that's were she found herself going now, to La Push. but this time to see Jacob, this time she knew she was coming here. she had just gotten into another fight with Edward and she couldn't take it anymore! she broke up with him, took all her stuff and drove off. she got home and put her stuff in her room, then she got to thinking about why she kept fighting with Edward. it wasn't really for the reasons the fights keep starting. not because he bought me too much or crap like that.

i knew the true reason. i wanted to be with Jacob, he was my life, my sun. i loved him so much and i needed him, not Edward. Jacob was right, Edward was a drug for me. and now that I've lost the sun and have been surrounded by darkness, I'm no longer addicted to my drug. i have to find my sun.

i got to La Push and saw the whole pack there. they were talking to Jacob and they were all laughing. Jacob smiled then they heard my truck and all of them looked up. Jacob's face instantly went to one of sorrow. i pulled up and got out of the truck. Paul growled at me and started shaking. i rolled my eyes and looked at Jacob. "Jacob can we talk," i asked.

"there's nothing to talk about," he growled.

i looked at my feet. "yes there is," i said. i looked back up. "i broke up with Edward and i think you deserve to know why," i said, "but if you don't want to talk to me I'll go home."

"go home," he growled.

i sighed and nodded. i got in my truck and drove back to charlie's house. i went to my room and got a piece of paper.

dear charlie,

I've lost my sun, dad. the one that lights up my life, and i lost him by choosing Edward. Im surrunded by darkness now and i don't want to live in darkness anymore. i don't want to be blind to the world. i lost my light 4 months ago, but i had edward to keep my mind off of the darkness. but he just ended up putting me into deeper darkness. now that i finally realize that my heart never truly belonged to edward, it's too late to get who my heart really wants. i lost him and it's my own fault. and i will deal with what i've done, but i can't stay in forks with my sun living just down in La Push. tell Jacob i love him.

love, bella.

i put the note on my bed and got all my stuff. charlie was still at work so i don't have to worry about him trying to keep me here. i walked out to my truck and put all my stuff in the back. and then i drove off, trying to find somwhere the darkness wasn't a black hole that i couldn't escape.

that night charlie called my cellphone and started yelling, "bella, get back here right now. you left without a single word except for the note, you didn't tell me where you're going. and now you're gone and edward is here. he looks so heartbroken!"

"you never liked edward so why do you care about that one? the words on that paper are all the words to be said, and i don't even know where i'm going. i'm just trying to leave the darkness. i'm not in love with edward, i'm in love with jake. and it's too late for me to get jake now, after all the pain i caused him. i can't come back, dad. i'm sorry," i said.

i heard a knock from inside the house. then i heard, "why is edward here? bella told me she left him." it was jacob, and he was growling.

"read this," said charlie.

i could tell it was my note by the fact that his voice broke when he said this. "i have to go, dad. i'm not coming back, i'm sorry," i said. then i hung up and pulled into a hotel i saw. i rented a room for the night and went up. i put on my thin, silk night gown alice bought me. it went to midthigh and then stopped. i got in bed and cried. then i heard a howl. it sounded farmilliar, like Sam's howl, or maybe jacobs. but i was just imagining it. they wouldn't be here, they all hated me now. and none of them matter escept for jacob. and he hates me more then the others.

the howl went again, this time closer, and my window shook. i looked at the window and it flew open. 5 wolves jumped through the window and my hotel room was full. one of them ran into to backroom and phased to human, i didn't see who or what color they were, he was too fast. i looked around and didn't see the russett fur i was hoping for. i sighed and looked down. then an arm went around me. i looked at who had put there arm around me, and i saw jacob.

"jacob," i said.

"did you really mean what you wrote in that note," he asked me.

i looked around the room and then at jacob again. "i was going to tell you all of that earlier, but you wouldn't talk to me. if you want the whole thing you can stay and talk to me," i said.

he nodded and looked at the pack. "i'll be back by morning. please go before you break somthing," said jacob. 4 of the 5 wolves jumped out the window. the last one i knew as Sam. Sam nodded to me and jacob, then he jumped out through the window. jacob pulled me so my back was against his chest. "i promise i'll listen this time," he said.

i smiled up at him and looked at the wall a few feet away. "ok, well, ever since that day, after the battle. after i told u i loved you and still said goodbye, i'd been having second thoughts of edward and i. i thought i still loved him though, so when he asked me to marry him i said yes," i said, "then after he invited you, you ran off. you said you were my sun, and you were right. when u left, so did all the light. i was surrounded in darkness, but i stayed with edward, thinkng he could help me make the darkness go away."

"you once told me he was like a drug for me, you were right then, too. and when all the light was gone, i got over my addiction for my need. so he just ended up pushing me farther into the darkness. i needed my light. we found everyday after you ran away, about stupid things. i never told him that i was fighting about you instead of what he thought we were fighting about. whenever we would fight i would run off and drive. i was always in a daze, and i always ended up in La Push. my heart was telling me i needed to be in La Push. and when you got back the fighting with me and edward got worse. and i'd still find myself going to La Push every single time. except the last fight we had, when i broke up with him. i got my stuff from their house and went home. and i thoight about you, and then i knew that the reason i broke up with edward is because i needed somone else. because i needed you," i said.

he pulled me closer to his chest. he kissed the top of my head and asked, "so we can be together now? you chose me and the endagement is no longer there?"

i nodded my head and closed my eyes. "i missed you holding me," i said. i sighed in content, i had my jacob.

"and i missed feeling you in my arms," he whispered into my hair, "you're mine now, Bells. you can't leave me again."

"then when can i move into your house," i joked.

"as soon as we get back," he said.

"how do you think charlie will feel about that," i asked, chuckling to myself.

"Bella, you lived with the bloodsucker for a month. I'm sure charlie would let you have sex with my if you wanted to after that," he said.

"you want to try that," i asked.

he chuckled. "we'll try sometime, Bells," he promised.

i turned over so i was looking at him. i kissed him. he pulled me closer. his tongue stroked my lower lip, urging my lips to part for him. i moaned and parted my lips willingly.

his tongue went in and it explored my mouth. then i was thrown across the room. i hit my head and passed out.

"Bella," yelled Jacob. he glared at edward. "how dare you hurt her," growled Jacob.

"she's mine. she agreed to marry me, i won't let you have her," Edward hissed, "she's marrying me or she's not marrying either of us."

"you don't deserve her, look at what you just did. she's hurt and it's because of you," yelled Jacob.

then they both smelled it, blood. edward loved the smell and took a larger breath. his head whiped around to look at me. he crouched down and stalked towards me.

Jacob knew he had to save me so he phased and attacked edward.

guys! - Jacob.

what is it Jacob? - Sam.

then they all saw what was going on in Jacob's mind.

no! Jacob you have to get her and run. werewolves are faster then vampires. we'll meet halfway there - Sam.

jacob threw me on his back and started running. heran as fast as he could but could hear that edward was almost as fast as him.

hurry! get here as soon as you can! he's fast. - Jacob.

we're going as fast as we can Jacob! just don't stop for anything! - Sam.

Jacob ran even faster then he was now and he ran as fast as he possibly could. then he could hear the pack. he saw then and ran and got behind them.

Edward hissed. he was staring at me. then i started to wake up, and my pulse speeded up. more blood came out. Edward lunged.

Jacob tried to dodge but edward grabbed my hand in his teeth and pulled me off of Jacob. he put my down and bit into my neck. i screamed in pain.

Jacob growled and attacked Edward. then the rest of the cullens were there. they saw me curled into a ball and Alice ran over.

"Bella," she said, "oh my god!" she yelled when she saw the bite on my neck and hand. "carlisle, he bit her! twice," she screamed. carlisle ran over to me and looked.

"the venom hasn't spread. we can get it out. but you have to do the hand. be carful," said carlisle. the wolves all growled and rosalie, emmett, and esme stood to protect us. then carlisle sucked the venom out of my neck.

Alice sucked the venom out of my hand and as soon as she didn't taste anymore venom she pulled away and ran behind a tree. she spit the blood out, not wanting to be craving the taste of it.

then she ran back over and Carlisle had stopped sucking the venom out. he bandaged the wounds with his shirt which he ripped up. he looked at the family. "the venom is all out," he said. then he looked at the wolves. "and she won't become a vampire," Carlisle Hissed, "now get Jacob off of my Son!"

then Edward rammed jacob into a tree and broke jacob's back. then he lunged at me again. alice pulled me away and emmett held Edward back.

"get her out of here, Mutts," yelled Rosalie. they were all over with Jacob. Sam turned and growled. he glared at edward then the walked over jerked his head to his back, looking at me. "you want me to get on," i asked.

he nodded and i crawled onto his back. jacob was howling in pain and i was sobbing as i heard it. finally they got Jacob to calm down while they were carrying his wolf body back and he phased human and started cussing and screaming. they all phased to wolf and put jake on Jared's back. they all started running back and everytime Jacob screamed, i'd sob his name into Sam's fur.

when we got to sam's house he dropped me on my butt on the floor and they all ran into the forest. they all phased back and got dreesed. they also put clothes on Jacob. when they brought jaske back he has stopped screaming and cussing and now he was just whimpering. i ran over. "jake," i cried out. i ran over to then and jake looked at me. he saw me and even though he was in pain he smiled.

they put him down and i went to him. i put my hand on his cheek. "i'll be fine, Bells. just like last time," he promised. i kissed him and his eyes closed. when i pulled away he opened his eyes and said, "why'd you stop?"

i laughed alittle but the tears that were still rolling down my cheeks told him i was so scared. he reached up and wiped away the tears. "everything is going to be fine Bells. i'll be completly healed in like 20 minutes," he promied.

"20 minutes," i asked.

"maybe less," he said.

i smiled and kissed him again. his eyes fluttered closed and his lips moved with mine. Paul groaned. "get a room," he growled. our lips parted and i looked into his eyes and stopped breathing completly. he looked into mine and gasped. we stared into eachother's eyes.

Sam chuckled. "Imprint," he said, "a late imprint but it's one all the same."

i took a big shaky breath as he reached up and brushed my hair behind my back. he smiled at me and his eyes lit up. i sat up and he sat up with me. he kissed me and pulled my head so he was crushing my lips.

when our lips parted 2 minutes later he smiled and said, "i love you, Bella."

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