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I laid silently on my bed, confined to the four walls I was forced to call home.

With my arms spread to the side, I stared blankly to the ceiling at an attempt to enjoy my sorry excuse of a 'day off'. Usually, I would have been obligated to complete useless missions for the power obsessed man (If you could call him a man) who brought me here in the first place. I loathed him with every ounce of my being. I wished by some miracle he would just drop dead, and never be heard or seen from again. But of course, I was well aware that there were no such things as miracles, and if I wanted him dead, I would have to take it upon myself. But such power was not available ay my disposal - yet, and I would have to train and work my fingers to the bone to carry out that ambition.

It's been almost a year since I had left my home in Iwagakure. I didn't exactly have a choice, because it was quite literally a life or death situation. It was either I left with him, or he would do in my family. Even though he had power over me in that way, I made it my duty to assure that his life was as difficult as possible. I disobeyed him, irked him and tested his patience in my perpetual effort to rattle him up. I did know my place however, and I knew that he could kill me as easily as snapping his fingers.

However I also knew for a fact that the Sannin wouldn't kill me - at least not yet. Before he could even dream of tossing me aside, there was still something he wanted from me - needed - and he wouldn't kill me until he got it. So I guess you could say that I was safe, for now.

My clans' kekkai genkai: the Dipuri-shon - translating directly into 'Depletion'. It gave the wielder the ability to deplete the chakra from their opponent and store it in their own arsenal for an extended period of time. I thought that it wasn't that great of a bloodline trait anyway, so why he even wanted it for himself was beyond my reason. I thought that the bloodline trait was a quick and cowardly way to weaken the opponent instead of fighting them honourably - and a way that you could demonstrate your true strength. To most, it was a revered technique. To me? It was the equivalent of hair pulling.

Though, despite the fact that I wasn't exactly very fond of it, it was very useful in pressing situations. I have found myself using it on more than one occasion. Either way, he was greedy and I knew that he wouldn't stop until he obtained each and every technique worth his time. And unfortunately for his victims, was far too many.

Which brings us to his new addition.


For the past several months there's been some talk around the village that he's had his eye on someone - a boy. It's never quite been confirmed but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it were true. Rumor had it that he hadn't been able to procure the boys' brother because he had become too strong for him. Therefore, he was forced to get the next best thing, his sibling. It brought me joy to consider that there was someone out there stronger than him - someone he was afraid of. Whoever he was, I was a fan.

Nevertheless, my curiosity was getting the better of me as I wondered if this enigma of a boy would prove to be anything short of a challenge for me. The fact that that was the only thing I had to look forward to here was pathetic.

I sighed heavily, life here was a never ending bore.

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