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Axel's POV

"Please Cloud? Just a hint?" I stared at the clock, idly wondering how long it would take for Cloud to start snapping at Demyx to shut up.

"I told you Demyx, they'll be here In less than ten minutes. You'll know them when you see them." Should've known. Cloud doesn't snap. Must be a hard life that.

"But how?" Oh. Dear. God. Demyx has just entered the whining stage.

"Because…" He was cut off. And this time not by Dem. (Although he was pretty close)

No Cloud was interrupted by a…kid. A brown haired kid had come flying through the doors, and given Cloud a standard Demyx greeting. A tackle glomp. Bye-bye Cloud.

"Sora! Get off me!" Sora? That was Cloud's cousin's name…Wait. SO this kid was seventeen? Wow…I took a closer look at him.

Brown spiked hair, bright blue eyes…and he was only about 5'5" or maybe, just maybe, 5'6".

He also happened to be wearing a tie die shirt that had a smiley face on the front, and the words "Gotta problem with it?" across the back.

Okay then.

"Sorry Cloud." Cloud just stood up, chuckling. He ruffled Sora' hair. Wow. Blonde emo over there is getting touchy-feely. That doesn't happen often. I wonder if I should run…

"Where's Roxas?" Cloud seemed to be looking through the doors. I braced myself for another sugarball.

He didn't come.

Instead, Sora's smile changed. It went from blindingly happy to…sheepish?

"He…uh…got distracted." I heard the smack before it registered that calm and collected Cloud had slapped his hands over his eyes.

"He's not here ten minutes and already…" The rest was lost to a mumble as Cloud left, presumably to find the missing Roxas.

Demyx was on Sora in a second. And I mean that literally (not THAT way…pervs…) There's a reason its called a Demyx greeting.

Five minutes later, a rather flustered Cloud (by flustered I mean one hair, count it, one hair was out of place) walked in, basically dragging who I took to be Roxas behind him.

Their entry was not exactly quiet either.

"Goddamit Cloud! Get the fuck off me!" Wow. And this was Sora's twin? (Cloud had filled us in on the basics. Such as his cousins were twins, his age and…I think that's all he said…hm…)

"Not a chance Roxas. Now sit your ass down." Cloud's voice never rose. Was this a normal thing between them?

"It's not like I'm gonna run!" Cloud eyed him for a moment, before dropping him.

Roxas got up and brushed himself off. And I got my first glance a the boy.

His hair was blonde and spiked to one side. Don't see that too often. His eyes were the same blue as Sora's, if a bit brighter. Made all the more so by the eyeliner he wore.

And that's when I noticed what he was wearing.

Baggy black jeans with chains at each hip and down each leg, a black torn sleeve tank-top, with the words, "Die now, Live tomorrow" sprawled graffiti style in white across the front. He was also wearing black combat boots and two black armsocks. In short? Exact opposite of Sora.

"Everybody? Roxas. Roxas, the thing talking to your brother is Demyx, the shadow in the corner is Zexion, and the idiot on the couch is Axel.

And for calling me an idiot, I promptly flipped him off. Just because I'm not exactly smart doesn't make me an idiot.

Cloud returned the favor, but was still glaring at Roxas…who was returning it twenty times over. I was getting chills just looking at them.

Sora coughed nervously.

"Uh, Roxas? Why don't we go see our room?" I expected Roxas to just ignore him. He seemed too intent on glaring Cloud to death. Man, if looks could kill…

"Alright. Am I allowed to go outside Cloud?" And hello sarcasm…

I think I saw Cloud's jaw twitch, but he nodded.

Roxas came back in, hefting two duffel bags over his arms and a trunk (one of those big plastic ones) on his shoulder. Damn…

"Roxas? Where's the backpacks?"

"Outside. I'll get them in a sec. Let's get these to our room first alright?" Sora looked about to say something, thought better of it and walked over to one of the elevators.

"What floor are we again?"

"Fourth I think. Come on." And with that, the chaotic twins disappeared.

Fourth floor? There was only one empty room on the fourth floor. The one right across from mine and Riku's room…aw shit.

I think I might've jumped slightly when Demyx started talking.

"Cloud? You okay?" There is only one way to tell when Cloud is angry. And that is, if Cloud isn't moving/ When you can't see him breath, run. Fast.

Cloud took a deep breath before answering. A very deep breath.

"I'm fine." Sure Cloud. Sure. I chose to speak. Bow before the awesomeness of my voice.

"So those two are the terrible two? I think Destiny Prep just got a bit more…exciting."

Normally Destiny Prep boarding school didn't get new students. And when we did, they were always the same nerdy types who never spoke out of line…the perfect students…that usually make me sick.

For some reason, and call me crazy, Sora didn't seem the type (and I have a fallen Cloud for proof) and Roxas definitely wasn't.

Normal POV

There were two boys here. Brothers. The brunette was awake, staring at the unfamiliar ceiling. The unfamiliar room. It would all become familiar, the boy knew.

The boy thought back a few hours and sighed. His brother was to be moved to a new room tomorrow. They had been here less than twelve hours.

The boy looked at his sleeping brother, curled at his side, and smiled. Roxas never did like the dark.

That thought made him frown, not a common expression on his face.

Only he knew of Roxas' fear. He had never known why his normally strong brother feared the dark so, but they never spoke of it.

How would his brother survive in the dark of his next room?

The boy sighed again and curled closer to the blonde.

Roxas would survive. He always did.

That thought was not a comforting one, but Sora was asleep before he could think of a better one.

Axel's POV

My head was sore, but I banged it against the wall one more time for good measure.

"I was wondering why you were special Axel. I guess I know now." I glared at my silver-haired roommate…ex-roommate.

"Shut it. You couldn't have told me you were changing rooms this morning?" Riku sighed and looked up from his packing (which he had been doing since this morning and was just finishing).

"For the thousandth time, I couldn't find you and I was busy packing. My god from the way you're acting, people will begin to think we're dating."

That shut me up. Quick. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with gays (Riku, Cloud, Demyx, and Zexion all being so, and sometimes I wondered about myself…) but dating my best friend? No.

"And it's not like I'm going fat. I'm right across the hall." That was true…But there was one little thing bothering me…

"But come on. You didn't see the kid…"

"Actually I did. Do you not see this bruise?" Oh. Oops. I hadn't actually. But I saw it now.

It wasn't big, but it was already purple and blue, and it was located on the top of Riku's arm. I assure you, that's mostly muscle. Hard to bruise muscle. Ouch…

"He was actually aiming for my head before Sora grabbed his other arm."

"All the more reason for me to hate you switching rooms. The kid's got issues. Anger issues. And I don't want to be stuck with him."

"I know Axel. I used to go to school with him." Huh? I gave him a confused look. I don't think he saw it but he must have known it was there.

"Twilight High two years ago." Oh right. Riku hadn't been a freshman here.

"Didn't think I'd see him again after his expulsion." Riku laughed.

"So he was expelled? For what?" Okay so I was slightly interested.

Riku thought for a second. "Fighting. He was expelled pretty early in the year too. Don't know where they went after that." He shrugged and went back to packing,


"Roxas and Sora."

"You said only Roxas was expelled though."

"Sora dropped out when he was. Where one twin goes, the other follows"

I flopped back on my bed.

"What are the chances Roxas has changed just a little bit?"

"Considering the greeting he gave me, I'd say, none. Now shut up and go tot sleep." Fine. I had the urge to stick my tongue out at him…but knowing Riku, it would probably be in my best interest to restrain myself.

As I listened to Riku's even breathing across the room, I couldn't help but wonder…

Why the hell was I still awake?!

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