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Roxas' POV

It didn't occur to me till we were fifteen miles or so away from the school that if Xemnas called, I wouldn't be able to answer.

I brushed off the queasy feeling in my stomach at the thought. Sora would be with Riku most of the day anyway…

"That's enough already! Axel, stop pulling your brother's hair, Reno stop smacking your brother, and Kairi, so help me if you threaten to dye Reno's hair purple one more time…" Beck yelled into the back seat, currently doing seventy in a forty mph zone…I was glad of my seatbelt for once. And to think, I used to believe that they were useless…

"But Mom!" Came from all three reads at the same time.

"No buts! Or you'll be dragging yours all the way home!" And with that, there was blessed silence in the back…for five minutes when Beck brought us sharply around a turn, causing Kairi to be squished against the door by her two larger brothers.

I tuned them out, looking out the window as the city passed around us. Shops went by in a blur. And I'm pretty sure I saw a cop car parked on the side of the road. I sank down lower in my seat while Beck broke the 80 mph barrier.

The cop didn't even bother.

"Um…where are we going anyway?" I had to ask three times for her to even hear me over the fighting in the back.

"Hm? Well…I honestly have no idea. I'm waiting for the terrible three back there to CALM THE FUCK DOWN! before I make any decisions." All three jumped, with Reno and Axel hitting their heads on the roof and yelping. I tried to stifle a laugh. I still don't know if I was fully successful or not.

"Heh um…Sorry mom…" That was Axel, with Reno muttering something similar. Kairi just sat there, glaring at the two.

"Bout damn time. Now, where to go…" She finally turned to look back at the road, much to my relief. "…How about a movie?" With that, she did what I'm sure was an illegal u-turn that had all our bodies moving this time, with Kairi and Axel pressing Reno into the door, and me just barely stopping myself from cracking my head against the window…

Beck was a whirlwind. I didn't even remember getting out of the car before suddenly being in a movie theater with Beck to my right and Axel to my left. Reno and Kairi were in the seats in front of us. Hell, I didn't even know what we were seeing.

My phone rand right as the lights started to dim. I was about to turn it off before I saw the ID and paled, quickly excusing myself out of the theater to answer it.

Axel's POV

I watched Roxas leave, a cold knot settling in the pit of my stomach. Problem was, I couldn't even understand why. It was probably his brother or something…

Mom glanced at me, then nodded her head in the direction Roxas took. Damn mothers and their instincts…I nodded and slipped out after the blonde, finding him right outside the main doors to the building. I slipped up quietly, fully intending to ask him if something was wrong…

"I can't alright? I'm not even on campus…" He winced and fell silent, listening to the other person. "You wouldn't dare…I swear to God, you touch him, I'll…" He went quiet again, getting paler and paler. "Just…ten minutes…I'll be there…" With that, he snapped his phone shut and turned around.

He squeaked and fell back when he saw me behind him. I really should of said something before that I guess…

"A-Axel, what're y-you doing here?" I shrugged.

"Just worried about you. You didn't look too good when you left…" He ducked his head.

"I'm fine…" Liar. But I kept my mouth shut.

"You need to get back then?" He nodded again. I sighed, running a hand through my hair. I so wanted to know…But I got the feeling he'd just lie again if I asked. "Alright, wait here. I'll go get the keys." I went to ask her while he just stood there. Totally ignoring the fact that I didn't have a license, Mom handed the keys to me without a word.

Roxas and I climbed into the truck quietly and I sped off, praying that I wouldn't crash. That's how my license went actually…

I got us there in about six minutes, Roxas bolting out before I could even turn off the truck. I sat there, watching him run back to the dorms at a dead sprint.

After another ten minutes of thinking, I slammed my hands into the wheel. "Fuck it." I slipped out of the truck and followed.

I didn't see him when I got to the dorms. Hell, I didn't see him the rest of the day. I drove the truck back to the theater after two or so hours of searching, spotting Sora at some point with a younger couple, who I assumed were his parents. It was easy to see where Roxas got his looks…

Reno and Kairi left me alone on the drive back. Even Mom said nothing. I slipped back out, shoving my hands in my pockets, heading for the dorms before I felt a hand on my shoulder. Mom.

"Axel, look after that kid alright? He's a sweet boy that's been put through way too much. And if you need me, call me. I'll be here in a heart beat with the armory in tow alright?" She gave me a quick hug before heading back to the truck before I could respond.

Another search of the grounds did nothing for me. He wasn't anywhere.

So imagine my surprise when I open my door around eleven and find him sitting on his bed, a pillow pulled tightly to his chest, just staring across the room.

"R-Rox?" He either didn't hear me, or just ignored me. I sighed before closing the door and slipping over, getting into his line of sight. He blinked up at me, sapphire eyes wide. I'm gonna go with didn't hear me then. That's when I noticed something. A dark, ugly bruise right under his jaw, disappearing under the collar of his shirt. "Roxas…what happened…?" I reached out and gently traced a finger over it. He flinched back, glancing away.


"Roxas…please tell me…" He just shook his head. "…Roxas, your brother is right across the hall, and your cousin's in the same building. I will not hesitate to get them if that's what it takes." I know it was harsh but…the kid was scared, and I wanted to know why.

"Please, d-don't…"

"Then tell me." He bit his lip and glanced away. I knelt down, looking up at him, resting my hand on his knee, more or less to make sure he didn't bolt. "I'm just worried about you Rox…" He stayed quiet. I eyed him sadly before standing and heading for the door. I said I'd get his brother, and I meant it.

The hand around my wrist definitely gave me a start…

"H-he said he'd hurt Sora…If I didn't do what he said…" His voice was quiet, just barely shaking. I blinked and knelt down again.

"Who Rox?" Though I already had a pretty good guess…

"X-Xemnas…" Knew it. I felt my insides twist and writhe. I reached up and gently ran my fingers across his cheek. He immediately leaned into the touch, which surprised me a bit, but I kept it up, sitting on the bed beside him.

"Rox…" I trailed off, not knowing what to say. He leaned against my side, staying quiet, the pillow still clutched to his chest.

Without thinking, I pressed my lips to the top of his head, immediately tensing when I realized what I'd done, expecting to get hit any second. But instead of hitting me he…relaxed, pressing closer against me side. I blinked before smiling slightly.

Roxas' POV

I don't remember when we laid down, me with my back against his chest. I just remember that it felt…nice.

He fell asleep, mumbling to himself. I only caught something that sounded like "never again…promise…" I didn't dwell on it. He likely didn't even know what he was saying anyway.

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