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This Photograph is Proof

Chapter 1: Rosa's Ride Home

"That movie was so lame," Matt grumbled as we exited the theater. "Sorry. It looked good," he said shaking his head.

"It's alright," I replied, following him to his nice car. The one his rich dad bought him for his birthday. It was nicer than mine, and mine's pretty nice.

"So… am I taking you home?" Matt asked. I knew he wished I'd say, 'Nah let's go to your place and fuck' but that wasn't happening. Matt was just too... something.

"Yeah, you have work soon anyway," I reminded him, thankful that there was an excuse not to hang around with him any longer. He gave me the creeps sometimes, but I had a hard time shooting him down when he asked me out. Besides the fact my parents are in love with him, Matt used to be a really good friend of mine. Right up until high school, then he started hanging around with the football team too much. He got weird... sleazy in a way without actually overstepping my boundaries. It's hard to explain...

The drive was silent, besides the low sounds of Abba coming from the radio. It made me a little sick. Disco is just a no. I stared out the window at the passing shops and houses, not really paying attention to anything. Soon, Matt stopped in front f my house and looked over at expectantly.

"Bye Matt. Thanks," I said politely, kissing him on the cheek with slight hesitation and jumping out of the car, then running into the house. I didn't want to give him the opportunity to invite himself in. Especially since my parents weren't home. Rosa might've been though. She's the housekeeper.

"Rosa!" I called into the oversized, unoccupied house. I heard her faint reply from the backyard and dropped m purse on the table as I passed by it and slid the glass door leading to the pool open. She was taking a bag of garbage to the plastic trashcans pushed up against the side of the paneled white house.

"Back already senorita?" she questioned curiously, raising her dark eyebrows. I shrugged and leaned against the patio table.

"Yeah, Matt had to work," I explained with half honesty. That really wasn't the biggest issue with hanging out with him anymore. He always had to turn it into a date. Always tried to do the classic arm over the shoulder yawn. Always trying to lean in for a kiss whenever he thought the timing was right, in which case I'd usually turn my face so he connected with my cheek instead.

"You don hang around him much no more," she commented, her accent thick, but since she's been working for my family for so many years, I never had trouble understanding her. I could even speak pretty decent Spanish.

"Yeah. Do you want a ride home Rose?" I asked, knowing it was almost five and she was going to be walking over to the bus stop any time now. Rosa kind of lives in a restricted area, for me at least anyway.

"You not supposed to go over there," Rosa scolded me in her broken English. She shook her head disapprovingly and I huffed. I don't understand what is so bad about Dogtown, really. A bunch of punk kids and pervy guys. It's not like I'm going to be gallivanting around the place in a string bikini though. I just need to get my photos developed.

"Come on Rosa! Since Jenson's closed, I have to go to Devo's to get my photos developed! No where else does it nearby!" She shook her head and began mumbling to herself in Spanish about how my father would have her head if he found out she let me step foot in that area of Venice Beach. "Rosie, please! I need to," I whined. I seriously had about six rolls of undeveloped film at this point.

"You go there and you go right back home, comprende?" I nodded eagerly and Rosa closed the lid of the trash, going back inside to wash her hands while shaking her head. Ignoring her obvious disapproval, I ran to my bedroom, grabbed my camera and the bag of film I had stored. Then I stripped out of my tank top and dove under my bed, emerging with a Hendrix t-shirt Rosa had turned into a cute tank top for me and covered my top with it. Hey, I wanted to blend in as much as I could down there and my car was going to stick out enough as it was.

The shirts under my bed were part of my secret stash along with a few shoeboxes full of records, 8-tracks and cassettes, an envelope of concert ticket stubs and about three rolled up band posters. Music like Hendrix, Zeppelin and Alice Cooper were the things my parents had worked so hard to shield me from. It didn't work though, not in the slightest. Rosa knew about all of it, but she kept quiet.

She lets me get away with a lot.

Probably because I treated her like a human being as opposed to a robot the way my parents did, when they were even around. My dad's a big businessman and travels all over the place for his company. I'm not even positive what he does. But Mother always tags along so I'm left at home with access to a bank account they're always putting money in for me and Rosa to keep me company from nine to five Monday through Saturday. Not that I mind her company. The bank account is like my parents apologizing for ignoring me and leaving me behind on all the cool vacations they go on.

I skipped back into the foyer, finding Rosa clutching her purse and using the corner of her top to clean a spot on the front window. "Cut it out Rose." She looked a little embarrassed and I laughed, leading her outside and locking the door behind me.

I jumped into the open top of my car, not bothering to open the door, for which I was scolded by Rosa of course, and put the key in the ignition, pulling some shades over my eyes. The sun was brutal today. Once Rosa was settled in the passengers seat and buckled in, I took the liberty of scaring her a little and peeling out of the driveway. Another scolding in Spanish.

I listened to Rosa's directions. Left onto Santa Monica Boulevard. Take the first right and go straight to Route 10. Take a right at Route 10 until you take a right onto Main Street. We stopped near some Zephyr shop with a bunch of skaters in the middle of the road. I honked my horn loud at them when they didn't bother moving. "Get out of the damn road!" I yelled when they didn't move, even though they clearly were aware that my car was there.

A curly haired, peroxide blonde kid about my age came up to the passenger's side on his board. "Hey Rosa. Who's your friend?" he asked, exaggerating the roll on the 'R' of my companion's name. He leaned on the windowsill and wagged his eyebrows at me and I scoffed. Guys are so stupid.

"Ay Tony! Usted la deja sólo. Ella es una chica buena." I listened to Rosa tell him to leave me alone because I was a good girl in Spanish and flushed. She could embarrass as bad as the average parent could sometimes.

The boy, apparently named Tony, ignored her and peered over at me again. "Hey baby. Nice ride."

"Thanks, but could you and your friends please move? I've gotta get her home." Rosa has two kids that get out of their day care program in less than ten minutes and she has to be home for them.

"Yeah? You comin' back?" Coincidently, where they were hanging out at Zephyr was right near Devo's, so I would inevitably be coming back. Amused by this Tony guy's personality in general, I nodded. "Hey you fucks! Get out of the way!" he yelled to his friends.

Like the Red Sea, they all flooded to either side of the road. A blonde with a hat on skated in front, slamming his hands on the hood of the car and hoisting his body onto it, crawling so he was closer to the windshield. "Hey baby you're so fine you make me stutter, wha-wha-what's your name?" I was a little taken aback by this guy's forwardness, but... he's cute.

Rosa gave me a look that screamed 'don't humor him' but I couldn't help myself. "Liv."

"Do you spit or swallow?" Okay. Not cute anymore. I gave him a disgusted look as his friends erupted into laughter. Great.

He smirked and the Tony guy yelled at him through his laughs. "I said move the fuck out of the way Jay-Boy!" He threw Tony the finger before sliding off my car and picking up his board. I should've just hit the gas, but I restrained myself. Stupid pervert. He'd deserve it.

Jay-Boy, or whatever, threw a wink at me before making an obscene tongue gesture between his index and middle finger and moving to the side of the road. I stepped on the gas immediately, scaring the crap out of Rosa again.

"Dobla a la izquierda!" she cried as I almost sped by the turn in my frustration. Those boys were just crude. Actually, they weren't even all boys! There were a few girls hanging around as well. "Livvy, you stay away from those alborotadores."

I frowned. I definitely got that vibe. She called them troublemakers and I'm almost positive she was right on the money there. "I will. How do you know that Tony guy anyway?"

"Stop here. His house, right there. My vecino." She told me, pointing to the house across the street from the one I'd stopped in front of on Rose Avenue. Ha, Rosa lives on Rose Avenue. Funny.

So they're neighbors. "Always loud, drinking. No buena." She opened her door and stepped out, shutting it behind her. "You go right home from Devo's, sí?"

Sighing, I gripped my steering wheel tighter. "Yes Rosa, I promise." She gave me a satisfied smile and nodded before rushing into her run down house. I watched until I was sure she was inside and then turned around, heading back the way I'd came to run in and out of Devo's. I hope those kids are gone...