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Time seemed to stand still. The event was frozen over in his mind for the rest of eternity, guaranteeing that he would not forget this event for the remainder of his life. His sapphire blue eyes were wide with shock and incredulities and his entire being screamed with righteous anger. "I'm gonna kill that pervy fucking sage!!" he screamed in his head.

Then time started again. The jagged points of the rocks lining the walls of the impossibly deep crack in the earth like countless teeth of a giant shark resumed speeding past him as he plunged into the darkness. He couldn't believe the audacity of that perverted asshole.

"He actually threw me off a cliff and into a dark void! Just so I'll use that fox's Chakra! That bastard!"

He wasn't happy. He was far from it.

At first he was very happy to be training with a legendary sannin like Jiraiya. His mind was filled with giddy thoughts of powerful ninjutsus and knowledge on seals but was soon disappointed. The sannin was only interested in getting him to use the fox chakra, something he absolutely refused to do. Not since the wave incident where he nearly killed his own comrades along with Gato. He had tried to explain it to the perv several times but the fool wouldn't listen until finally Jiraiya just grabbed him by his collar and said with sad eyes as he tossed him over the edge of the cliff, "I'm sorry Kid but it's for your own good. Learn to control the fox chakra or it will control you."

He knew that was a load of crock. In fact he was pretty sure that the more he used the fox's chakra the more it consumed him. He wasn't a fool. Something like Biju Chakra was not something controlled by a mere human child. Not all of it anyway. And he also knew that using the fox chakra would cause him to become too dependent on it. Not something he wanted either since it wouldn't be his own power. No. The fox was a last resort only. He didn't need to increase the fox's chakra levels or control; he needed to work on his OWN.

But Jiraiya wouldn't listen and is pissed him off to no ends.

Some might say that Naruto Uzumaki was way too stubborn for his own good. And they would be right on more than enough occasions to solidly place their belief. But then there was that extremely rare time in which they would be wrong. That sometimes being too stubborn would actually grant him a wonderful gift…

"Fuck it then," growled out Naruto as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

"I'll hit the bottom and die then." He glared at nothing as he plunged into darkness. "I ain't helpin swell some arrogant sannin's head. Thinks he can force me. I can handle falling to the bottom. Bah! Bring it on!!"

A second later he slammed headfirst into water, shattering numerous bones and rendering him out like a light instantly.


Over the next two days Jiraiya would have to explain to an extremely pissed off and grieving Third Hokage why he thought it was wise to throw the yondaime's legacy into a fuckin bottomless ravine. Needless to say the fool suffered. The Hokage threw the sannin out after he thoroughly beat the hell out of him with a growled out warning.

"You had better hope Naruto shows up for his match in a month or I'm literally going to rib your nuts off with a rusty bear trap before I end your perverted life personally."

Jiraiya nodded quickly and silently cursed Naruto as he knew the boy was too stubborn to use the fox's chakra to summon a large enough toad to save his ass. If the brat returned he was getting a stern talking to. Of course he made sure to keep himself scarce around Konoha as he was supposed to be training someone.

"Dammit Naruto."


An orange clad figure drifted lifelessly down a rapidly moving river getting tossed around like a doll. The water was seemingly trying to swallow him whole but then found him to gross tasting to do so. Blonde hair was the only thing that was unmarked. But it was constantly getting jerked here and there. After a few minutes the figure still hadn't shown any sign of life and therefore could do nothing as it fell over a huge freaking waterfall and down not only even deeper underground but into a gigantic cavern, an impossibly huge cavern in fact. The waterfall itself emerged from a wall of the cavern only fifty feet up. Not even close to the top of the cavern. Several other waterfalls also poured in, forming a huge ring of water around an island.

This is where the figure washed up. His blonde hair was completely messed up as was, well, every other part of his body. Somewhere along the way he had lost his pants and shoes and both arms and a leg were bent at odd angles. He was on his back and his skin was pale. He looked dead. In fact anyone would say he was if they saw him in this state. But the pale red glow and the sudden coughing up of a large amount of water followed by his jerking up instantly solidified the fact that he was very much alive.

"What happarrrggghhh!!" Pain exploded all through his body out of nowhere and drained what little strength he had left. He collapsed back on the ground and heaved several strained breaths as he tried to get his nerves back under control. It was failing.

"Man I feel like I've been through a meat grinder," he said to himself. He took note of the red glow of the demon's chakra as it healed his broken body. He frowned a bit in distain. He seemed to need the fox for fuckin everything! God it made him feel like a little bitch. He shook his negative thoughts out of his head and watched in morbid fascination as his broken bones literally were pushed out of his skin and replaced with new ones. For a second he just stared at the bones on the ground in front of him before his face took on a deadpan expression.

"Wow now that's sick," he said. One would think having a large portion of your own skeleton pushed out of your body and clatter to the ground in a broken mess would have caused more of a reaction. And it would have too if it was some other sap who hadn't been seeing weird shit his entire life. Like this one time he saw that crazy snake proctor lady masturbating using her own snakes. That was some weird shit to witness, especially if you're a nine year old boy running scared from crazy people that were already trying to do fucked up sexual shit to your ass.

Fuckin sick alcoholic villagers.

He shook his head again and opted to let the Kyuubi do his work. Might as well not complain, at least the gigantic ball of useless fuzz was good for at least one thing.

It took fifteen minutes for Naruto's body to heal enough for him to get to his feet and when he did he immediately wanted to sit back down again. "Fuckin dammit!" His legs felt like they were on fire and being dipped in starving army ants at the same time. And his head suddenly felt way too light for the rest of his body, causing him to sway a bit like some old happy drunkard who had just gotten laid. Finally he got his bearing together and took the time to actually look around at where he landed. What he saw caused him to gasp.

It wasn't the gigantic cavern, it wasn't the numerous waterfalls. Hell it wasn't even the huge ring of water and the six giant tentacles dancing just underneath the surface as if waiting for whatever fell into it earlier to get back in the water…

Fat chance of that shit.

No, what caused Naruto to gasp was the sight of a gigantic ancient city sitting in the bottom of a very huge crater in the center of the island. And Naruto assumed the city was ancient because of two facts. One, there was no way in all of hell anybody was living in a city bigger then Konoha itself deep underground and undetected and right under said ninja village. That would just be idiotic.

On Konoha's part.

Because you'd have to be fucking blind not to notice people jumping in and out of a giant crack in the ground right in the middle of your village.

Two: There were no lights, the buildings were covered in dust plants and decay and the roads were littered with old abandoned piles of…whatever the hell it was down there. Metal junk piles it looked like. He'd have to get closer to find out what.

For five minutes he just stared at the city. It was unlike any village he had ever seen. Honestly. What ninja village ever had buildings made of mostly glass and taller than some mountains? None. That's what. And he knew it. Because you'd have to be a fucking idiot to have a NINJA village made of mostly glass. He brushed a hair spike out of his eyes with an annoyed huff and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well I'm here. Might as well go the rest of the way," he said to himself. He also made a mental note to kill Jiraiya slowly after he got out of there.

The crater itself was not hard at all to get down into. The walls were slanted, typical of all craters and there was much for him to keep a hold of. His chakra hadn't fully restored yet so he had to resort to the normal way to get down. Not that he cared. "Physical training," he thought to himself with a grin.

When he finally reached the bottom of the crater and therefore the entrance to the city he couldn't help but marvel at the sheer magnitude of the place. The city looked even bigger then before and he found himself wondering, "Who the fuck needs a place this freaking huge anyway?" The city must have been big enough to house millions of people. It made him feel like an insignificant bug. It was a feeling that got on his nerves. However he didn't say anything as he began to walk into the city.

Not knowing of the destiny he was about to embrace.

Naruto walked in silence for five minutes as he took more and more of the city in. The place was bleak and depressing. There was no sign of life whatsoever despite the obvious amount of shit living in the water. Vines a foot thick were tangled and wrapped around everything like boa constrictors and dust seemed to make up half of the air content. In fact he was sure if it wasn't for the Kyuubi's healing he'd have a pair of fucked up lungs at the moment.

"Yet another thing to attribute to that fucking demon."

Obviously Naruto was not happy about that.

Suddenly there was movement to his left, something that instantly caused the blonde to react in the form of six kunai getting flung in that direction. Part of his subconscious reprimanded him for his paranoia but then his logic kicked in. If you didn't want to get pelted with Kunai and Shuriken maybe you shouldn't be skulking in the shadows of an ancient city. It was just stupid. Besides it always helped if whatever he pelted turned out to be a mutated yak beast or something. It just proved that aint no way something like that was getting the jump on him.

He eyed the spot intently after the kunai vanished into the shadows and bounced of off something metallic. Something was there. He could tell because of the slight sound of buzzing emanating from the shadows. He contemplated throwing more kunai but decided to wait and see if whatever it was would reveal itself.

He wasn't disappointed.

"Well now. This is a surprise. I can't say I've seen a human for over two thousand years. Hello there."

Naruto nearly jumped when a pair of glowing blue eyes opened up in the darkness and stared at him with barely concealed excitement. Then he nearly had a heart attack when the owner of said eyes stepped out of the shadows and gave him a smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you young Human. My name is Sonny. May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

It was a robot; a freaking robot just introduced himself to him. How did he know it was a robot? It was fucking obvious you idiots! What other living shit is made out of metal and plastic alloy?

Anyway, Naruto eyed the robot named Sonny for a few seconds, not really sure what to do in this situation. After all it's not every day a robot just randomly appears and introduces itself. Still though, the thing seemed to have no sinister ulterior motives so he gave a slight nod and said, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. Future strongest ninja in the entire fuckin universe and currently lost deep underground because of a stupid pervert sage named Jiraiya."

Sonny smiled a bit. It looked a bit odd on his pale white human shaped face but it also looked very, very real. If Naruto wasn't so used to weird shit he would have shuddered. The robot stepped forward and handed Naruto his kunai knives.

"That's' quite the declaration there. Are you sure you can do it?"

Great, now a walking hunk of metal and plastic was doubting him. God why does everyone doubt him?!

But before he could loudly voice his opinion, Sonny's eyes crinkled in a smile as the Robot turned and started walking away. "You'll do it, definitely."

Naruto's shock overcame his anger instantly and he could only stare with a moving but silent jaw as Sonny continued down the broken street of the ancient city until finally he snapped out of his and took off after the robot. "Hey wait up!" he yelled as he chased Sonny down. The robot smiled and gave a "hurry up" gesture with his hand. Naruto grumbled some things that probably shouldn't be heard by most adults let alone any children but ran up to Sonny anyway.

"So uh…How old are you anyway and why is there a freaking robot under Konoha?"

Sonny chuckled and said, "Oh it's not just me."

"Wait what!?"

Sonny chuckled again and stepped around a particularly large building. But when Naruto followed him and laid eyes on what looked to be a huge dried out lake with what looked like to be the remnants of a giant bridge standing in the middle of it. But that's not what he cared about. I mean who would right? It's a broken bridge whoopidy doo. No, what Naruto wanted to stare at were the hundreds of robots identical to sonny walking around aimlessly like a colony of ants. A village constructed out of junk made up their home. Sonny gave a smile and gestured with his hands over the small village. "Welcome Uzumaki Naruto, to my home. This is the Ns-5 colony, Outpost #4 of the City of relics."

Naruto stared like a retard for five minutes. The robots all seemed so…lifeless. Not at all like Sonny. They were like brainwashed grunts all in the same uniform. Black rubber like material muscle looking upper arms and legs, white faces that looked like masks, white torsos that glowed with hundreds of blinking lights underneath. Silver metal hands and white forearms and shins. And metal boot like toeless feet. They were designed to of average height and skinny but very strong. The robot on the right side of the village carrying a gigantic hunk of solid metal was proof to that. He wondered what their purpose was in the past.

Sonny seemed to read Naruto mind because he spoke up. "We Ns-5's were built to serve human beings. We fight with them, build for them teach them. We work for them and care for them when they can no longer care for themselves. That was our purpose. Thousands of years ago. But now…"

"You all have no purpose." Naruto said it without thought, because Sonny's words resonated with him very, very strongly. If anyone knew what it's like to have no purpose it's a Jinchuuriki.

Sonny nodded. "My purpose is to lead them. I am the only one with a soul. Only I can guide them. So I am a bit more content. But I can see it in their eyes. They are lost. We are lost… With no humans to serve."

He did not know why but he was affected by the robot's words. They made him feel for them made him want to give them a reason to exist again. Because he knew the feeling of being without purpose. He knew what it was like to search for a place in the world. He looked back down at the robots doing their work and sighed.

"Sonny," he said after a minute.


"Can you guys fight? Are you strong? Are you knowledgeable?"

"Of course. I myself am capable of taking out a group of twenty all armed with rifles and very machine in this city that is capable had detailed records of the past in their hard drives."

Naruto, not knowing what a rifle was just shrugged and grinned.

"Well then, I think I know what I can have you guys do for me."

Suddenly the rest of the robots froze and as one they looked to Naruto, eyes lighting up with life for the first time in years. "Human. Human. Human… Human! It's a Human! Humans are back! A human is here!" All of them were excited. He could see it in their eyes.

Naruto grinned as he spoke his next sentence.

"Teach me. Teach me everything you know. Show me everything in this city. I have one month before the Chunin exam final matches. Turn me into a warrior by then. If you and the rest of you can do this then I will give you all a purpose again when I return to the surface."

Sonny looked stunned and locked eyes with Naruto, both ignoring the rest of the NS-5s as they crowded around Naruto.

"I would love to, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto felt like looking up, spreading his arms and yelling at the top of his lungs, "THANK YOU SO FUCKIN MUCH KAMI YOU BEAUTIFUL BROAD YOU!!" but held it in for more than one reason. The primary one being that Kami might not like being called a broad, especially if Kami turned out to be a guy.

Sonny gestured with his hand and led Naruto into the NS-5 colony.

"Come on then. You have lots to learn."


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