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Chapter seven

The calm after the storm.

Naruto stood there as the winds from his weapon's blast began to die down. His hair and cape were billowing all over and the scroll that held the numerous relics from the past was once again strapped to his back. Shukaku's scream had ended some time ago. Now they were just waiting for the results when the dust cleared away.

Naruto gave a satisfied smirk before he turned back to Temari and said, "Sorry if he was important to you, because I seriously doubt there's anything left after that."

Then he reclaimed his wand and reattached it to his belt, leaving the sand Kunoichi to stare in horror.

Sasuke was gaping at Naruto's weapon, the Wave Motion Canon. His eyes were wide and contemplative. The…power behind this thing, Itachi wouldn't stand a chance against something like this!

"Dobe can I have this?" he asked out of instinct instead of thought. Naruto laughed as he leapt from the tree and started walking towards the blast zone where Shukaku used to be but didn't actually answer the Uchiha's question. Sasuke just sighed and followed him. But not before strapping the wave motion cannon to his back, lest it end up in enemy hands, though it made things a bit complicated seeing as how the weapon is longer than he is tall and a lot heavier. Temari out of worry for her brother followed after them.

Upon reaching the area where Shukaku used to be, Naruto, Sasuke and Temari were greeted by the sight of a large smoking crater surrounded by broken shards of glass ranging in size from as big as a pen to as big as a freaking small building. If the situation wasn't so serious Temari and Naruto would have mused about how…pretty the area was, what with rainbow lights dancing all over the place like a fantasy ballet. And right in the center of that crater was Gaara. He was on his back completely naked and severely burned in several areas of his body. He was conscious. How, no one would ever be able to guess and he was breathing deeply. Naruto took one look at him before he drew his light saber and started walking towards him.

"Ya know?" he began, drawing Gaara's attention and making him gasp in fear. "You and I have a lot in common."

He stopped at Gaara's side and leveled the light saber at Gaara's throat. "Okay maybe not as much in common outside of the whole sealed demon thing but hey. I imagine your childhood sucked major ass as well."

Behind him Temari and Sasuke gasped.

"But I gotta honestly say, you're givin us demon containers a bad name by acting like a depraved psychopath bent on drinking the blood of your slain victims and claiming a giant sand and obviously MALE Tanuki to be your mother."

He ignored the voice in the back of his head that asked, "Since when the fuck do you know what standards demon containers are supposed to go by?"

Gaara just continued to stare with wide fearful eyes as Naruto seemed to contemplate lopping off his head.

"And I wonder what exactly drove you to this point in insanity but I'd be a damn fool to judge you simply on that basis."

He suddenly scowled. "But when you come here acting like king shit, threatening my home, even if said home is full of retarded retards, and you open yourself up to an ass whooping. Don't think I didn't have a lot of knowledge about your sand and let me tell you I have several things sealed within this scroll that can render your sand useless."

He sighed again. "It's a shame. I actually saw a kindred spirit in you. Oh well."

If anyone other than Sasuke and Temari were with him they would have openly gaped at the disturbingly nonchalant way in which he was about to kill someone. Hell they'd probably be up for days pondering and questioning the very village he's from if they bred soldiers like that to the point that even young people felt no emotions. However since it was just Sasuke and Temari, both who have been very close, personal and intimate with that sadistic bitch known as the mistress of death, such a reaction never happened, though one just as surprising did.

"No!" yelled Temari as she seemingly teleported into Naruto's light saber's path. Naruto's eyes got as wide as saucers and he only had enough time to pull back on his blade. So instead of cutting her in half like what was getting ready to happen, he left a relatively shallow burning slash across her back. Naruto and Sasuke both winced as she screamed in pain as the light saber danced across her back, incinerating the cloth there and filling the area with the smell of smoking flesh witch oddly enough had Naruto thinking of beef jerky.

Temari ignored the pain as she hugged her brother with all the strength she possessed. She turned to glare at Naruto and Sasuke, tears brimming on the edges of her eyes.

"Don't," she began. "Please spare him." Her voice was full of desperation and pleading. It was a look that made Naruto falter in his resolve to decapitate Gaara. Sasuke just huffed and crossed his arms, not really caring either way. He just wanted to go home, get some sleep and try to convince Naruto to give him that cannon. Naruto on the other hand had actually lowered his weapon and deactivated it. His eyes were locked with Temari's and he stared for a full ten seconds. Then he sighed.

"Fine, get out of here while you still can." Then he turned and headed back towards Konoha, Sasuke following next to him. "Dobe, you never answered whether or not I could have this thing."

Temari listened as Naruto once again laughed. And Sasuke growled in annoyance. She gave a smile full of gratitude. "Thank you…Naruto-Kun." Then she turned towards her shocked brother and shakily got to her feet.

"Come on," she began as she lifted him up, ignoring the wince in her back as she did so. "Let's find Kankuro's dumb ass and go home." Gaara could only nod.


If one were to watch the invasion of Konoha from above or from a different dimension like a TV show, they would have sweat dropped at how pathetic Konoha and Naruto's summons made Oto and Suna look. The damn attack was over before it even had any time to begin. The terminators tore through their victims like paper with the Konoha ninjas by their sides, fighting just as fiercely; In fact it was over so quickly everyone had time to gasp as the giant form of the Shukaku materialized in their forest. Then literally get disintegrated by a massive blast of energy. Hell. They even saw Sakura return to the village on the Hover board Naruto had lent her and had enough time to bombard her with questions. Desperate to see if she knew the ninja responsible for this crushing victory over their enemy. Some already knew, and word was quickly spreading.

Sakura was feeling a bit annoyed that she was left out of all of the action, but she also thought to herself, "Who the hell am I kidding? I would have gotten in the way."

Such a thought was of course a very depressing one, but she had no choice but to face that fact. Watching Naruto, improve by so much, leaving her in the dust in order to compete with Sasuke, made her seriously re-evaluate her priorities.

Her thoughts though were interrupted as soon as she landed on the ground and strapped the hover board to her back when an ANBU suddenly appeared before her.

"Haruno Sakura, Hokage-Sama and the council wish to see you right now."

"Gulping, the girl made her way towards the Hokage tower.


Upon returning to Konoha, Naruto and Sasuke were met up with by Sky-Net and the terminators. "Enemy terminated," said the machine with an evil smirk.

Naruto glanced around the village and upon seeing the remnants of the poor saps unfortunate enough to have gotten captured by one of the robots, sweat dropped.

"Well…uh, ok then, good job."

Sasuke, like any other thirteen year old boy was overfilled with curiosity in an instant upon seeing the machines and couldn't help but approach and poke Sky-Net, asking. "What the hell is this?"

Naruto barely managed to save him from the plasma blast a millisecond later. "Jeez! Sasuke you idiot!" exclaimed the blonde as the Terminator leader grinned evilly. The Uchiha looked quite shaken but was also glaring at Sky-Net with a fully activated Sharingan. "What the hell was that for?" he demanded.

Naruto sighed. "He hates Humans," he said. "Don't let him catch you alone."

Sky-Net glared at the boy. "I'm not that desperate for the bones of you flesh sacs."

"Yeah, sure," said Naruto while rolling his eyes. Sasuke continued his glare for two more seconds before his attention was taken by Naruto removing the Wave motion cannon from his back and sealing it back into his scroll. "Thanks for holding that for me Sasuke," he said with a grin as Sasuke growled. He wanted that damn Cannon!

Naruto seemed to notice Sasuke's displeasure and grinned.

Sky-Net, finally annoyed at being ignored huffed and jabbed Naruto rather harshly in the ribs.

"Ow! You metal asshole!" he exclaimed.

"I'm leaving. It's bad enough I've been here this long without killing any more of you humans."

"Oh shut up you drama queen!" Then he sighed and made a shooing motion with his hand. "Beat it. Tell the others I said hey."

Sky-Net glared with a mix of annoyance and amusement. "Until next time," he said as he and the Terminators vanished in puffs of smoke. Sasuke was amazed. Wands, energy swords, powerful projectile weapons and an army of living machines. What the fuck else does he have in that scroll!? More questions about his blonde teammate rose up.

Naruto sighed and got ready to speak to Sasuke again when two ANBU suddenly materialized in front of them.

"Uzumaki Naruto. You and Uchiha -Sama are to be at the council chambers in ten minutes." Then the ANBU was gone. Naruto sighed again.

"Damn that shit was fast," he muttered. Sasuke nodded, already suspecting what the council wanted them for.


When the sentinel reappeared in front of Deus Ex Machina grasping the slumped over forms of the first and second Hokage she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"Oh?" she began as she eyed the two humans in her pet's grasp.

"What did you bring for me?"

The sentinel made a few buzzing noises then bathed the two Hokages in an X-ray light, illuminating the trapped forms of Zaku and Kin beneath. The Deus Ex Machina widened her eyes in surprise.

"What an interesting technique," she began as her own eyes revealed to her the seal tagged kunai binding the Hokage souls to the sacrificed bodies. She then smirked.

"Let's see if I can't fix this." A plan formed in her head as she instructed the sentinel to lower the two captives.


The meeting with the council went very unexpectedly. He and Sasuke walked in and were met with the steady gazes of the council of course, Jiraiya, Ibiki, and Sarutobi who looked like he just woke up from a beating instilled coma. He was also surprised to see both Shikamaru and Sakura there.

"Ah…yeah…how's it goin everyone?" began the blonde with a nervous laugh as he rubbed the back of his head. Several pairs of eyes narrowed ever so slightly.

"Uzumaki Naruto," began Hamura, Sarutobi's advisor. "I'm sure you can already guess the reason you have been summoned here?"

"Uh yeah, but why are these three here?' he asked as he pointed to Shikamaru, Sakura and Sasuke.

"Because they seem to be the only ones who know most about those…weapons you have."

At this Naruto gulped out of nervousness. Great this was the last fuckin thing he needed right now.

"And?" he began, cautiously.

"Where did you get them?"

Naruto was about to respond with "what the fuck do you mean? You should already know!!!" But he froze. "Holy shit they don't know! How the fuck did that happen!? Didn't I blurt it out to the whole freakin world!? Hah! What luck!"

"They were an inheritance." He said smoothly. And it was true. As a human he had inherited that city. The machines told him themselves.

"I don't believe you boy," said an old man covered in bandages. "You are an orphan. No one knows who your parents were and no one cares. So tell the truth."

Naruto sighed and said, "Yeah well, I didn't say I inherited them from my long lost parents. How corny would that shit be? Besides, I don't need any parents. After all I survived without them for this long right? You however are close ta dying right here if ya don't watch what you say you old Bastard."

Sasuke, Sakura and Shikamaru all gasped at his response.

"Damn Naruto must have balls of steel to say that," thought Shikamaru.

The man's single visible eye narrowed dangerously and Naruto was already preparing to summon Sky-Net again, consequences be damned. He wasn't a punching bag anymore. Sarutobi released a blast of killing intent and glared hotly at the old man. "Danzo Watch your mouth or I'll kill you myself. I'm not in the mood for you pompousness today. Let the boy speak and refrain from insulting him!"

Danzo actually recoiled in shock as did numerous other council members.

"Sarutobi, Are you really going to let him get away with threatening a member of the council!?" Danzo was not happy nor were Hamura and Koharu.

"Hey! I just saved yer asses from a fuckin Biju, a BIJU! I can say whatever the fuck I want to. I'm entitled that much if you fools have such a poor level of gratitude."

Seems that a near death experience can change a man, because Sarutobi suddenly went demon style on them with the amount of killing intent he was aiming at the council. Sakura, Sasuke and Shikamaru were at a loss for words. Jeez they were obviously witnessing a feud, an old feud too. What the freakin hell was goin on? Sasuke was sure it had to do with what Naruto said earlier after he had wasted Gaara, about being a demon container.

However thanks to Sarutobi's aura, one that practically screamed, "SAY THE WRONG THING AND I'M GOING TO ASS RAPE YOU WITH YOUR OWN FUCKIN DISMEMBERED DICKS!!!" the council forcibly relaxed themselves.

This made Naruto relax as well and after a few seconds, he spoke.

"If ya wanna know what's goin on I'll be happy to tell you some stuff. Ya don't have to be such asses about it." There were some glares cast at him but he ignored them. "Besides, It's not like I'd be doin any good by tryin to be greedy. I can't use all the shit I have anyway. There's only one of me…technically." He grinned at the thought of the swaths of Shadow clones he can create.

"Just how much do you have in your possession?" asked Inuzuka Tsume who if she was honest with herself was quite amused by the boy's attitude and a very impressed with his tenacity and strength. She saw those machines he summoned as well as the incineration of the Shukaku. Anyone with working eyes had seen it. She had to admit that she wished she was a bit younger…

He grinned.

"Seven golden ages and two dark ages," he said. Simple as that. That all he needed to say to get his point across.

And across it got.

"Are you SERIOUS!?" screamed Sakura while other council members gasped, Ibiki choked on his tea, which he had mysteriously acquired sometime during the last minute and Jiraiya who face planted.

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at their responses. "Well I don't have EVERYTHIGN on me but…yeah you get the idea."

There were a few more gasps.

"Yeah, it's amazing what we are actually capable of eh? All of the things I have are things we had created sometime in the past, all ya really need to understand is that these things are freakin OLD, Hecka old, well except for my light saber. I built that like two days ago."

He gave a smirk at the gobsmacked expressions on the faces.

Inoichi Yamanaka spoke up.

"I saw you summon those…machines. Where did you get such a powerful summoning contract?"

Naruto shrugged. "Oh that? It was made for me by them. They offered." Then he grumbled. "I still don't fuckin know how the hell Deus even managed to create that scroll but oh well."

He smiled then turned to Jiraiya. "Oh and speaking of summons, you, me and a certain Bastard toad are gonna have a little chat when this is done. I don't like being insulted and ditched while fighting a giant fuckin sand demon in order to save my home because of a retardedly inflated ego. Your frog's fuckin dead. I hope you let him know."

"I'm going to help him," said Sasuke. That damn slime ball almost caused them the win against that demon. If Naruto hadn't pulled out that cannon… His thoughts faded away as he thought more about that weapon.

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow in confusion and uncertainty. He wasn't sure but Naruto's eyes told Jiraiya that he wasn't lying. Gamabunta was freakin toast.

"Now then," began the blonde again as he turned towards Sakura. "All of these things are the products of a past accomplishment of our species." He held out his hand and Sakura gave the hover board to him a bit reluctantly. Naruto turned the thing over in his hand twice before he pressed couple of buttons and let it drop where it hovered a foot above ground with a gentle hum. "We've been through seven golden ages already and this period, the ninja one, is one of our weaker ones," he explained. Several council members' eyebrows rose, mocking looks upon their faces. Naruto just smirked.

"Something…happened while I was training. I stumbled upon a preserved spot filled with these products of the past, and that includes those living machines you saw earlier. I studied there and trained. I mean c'mon. It was freakin AWSOME! I'd have to be a fuckin dumbass not to take advantage of that! I learned so much! I gotta tell ya Iruka's history lessons suck compared to that. But then again they sucked anyway heh heh. Anyway we're an old species. Older than our history books tell us. WAY older. Hell we existed before the Biju did. We're probably the reason the Biju exist. We have THAT kind of potential. And the world's bloodline limits? Heh forget all the crap you were taught. When they first started appearing the holders were treated like Jinchuuriki. That's right Hyuga, Your ancestors were not those of some superior royal family or some junk. They called the early blood limit users Mutants, Perversions of nature and other derogatory names."

"No way," said a council member.

"Yes way," said Naruto as he gave the hover board a gentle shove where it glided over to Sakura who looked at it with wide eyes then to Naruto who nodded with a grin. "Luckily the humans and the Mutants finally learned to get along and the bloodlimits stabilized and began to become repetitive in family lines."

"Wait," began another council member.

"If what you say is true, then why is there no history of it? If our ancestors were really as great as you claim then we should really have some sort of evidence, and for that matter, if what you say Is true then it is imperative you reveal to us the location of this…preserved spot so that we may secure it incase en enemy gets a hold of it."

Naruto looked directly at the council member, a middle aged man who seemed full of himself but was rather logical. The man obviously didn't like something like what Naruto had described being left unguarded, obviously believing that only Konoha was entitled to such powerful artifacts. Naruto could understand that logic.


"No can do on that second one. That spot was given to me and it will be up to me to decide on what to do with it and who gets what." Naruto meant every word. The first thing to truly belong to him and they wanted to take it?

Fuck that bullshit.

The council broke out into a symphony of demands and reasons on why the boy should reconsider what he just said but Naruto wasn't budging on this. Nuh uh. Not this time. They would have resorted to all out threats and yelling had it not be for one thing.

And that was Sarutobi shooting out of his chair and shouting with a chakra enhanced demon head Jutsu, "SHUT THE FREAKIN FUCK UP YOU BUNCH OF BABBLIN BABOONS!!!!!"

Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Sakura huddled together, so overwhelmed by their own fear at the Hokage that they completely forgot anything else.

The council too shut up.

"Now then," began the hokage as he turned to Naruto,

"While I can understand your position and your desire to keep what is yours, you must also understand that news of you is already spreading. This…spot you speak of, everybody and their momma is gonna be here looking for it."

Naruto nodded, instantly recovering from his fear induced shock. "Yeah. I know it won't stay a secret for too much longer, however you don't need to worry. The…area is very well protected." Naruto's gleaming eyes were all Sarutobi needed to see before he was satisfied, the image of that sentinel dancing through his mind. The council members looked ready to say something again when Naruto said, "Please keep your pants on guys. I DO plan to help out the village. Heh our medical facilities especially are about to get one hellova freakin boost. Can I go now Old man?" Sarutobi chuckled and gave a dismissive wave.

Naruto grinned then turned to the three other genin in the room. "C'mon," he said. The he glared at the Toad Sannin. "Your frog had three days to live." The all four genin were out of the room.

Sarutobi sighed and rubbed his temples. "I'm WAY too old for this crap," he muttered.

"Uh Hokage-Sama you forgot to promote him and the Nara boy," said another council member.

"SUNNOVA-Oh never mind I'll promote the some other time."

There were sweat drops all around.


As Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sasuke made their way through the village, one thing became apparent. The people were looking at Naruto like…Like a…Human. Like a hero.

The blonde was shocked at first when a woman ran up to him, gave him a kiss full on the lips and thanked him repeatedly for his acts during the invasion before running off, vanishing into the crowd. And she was a FINE ass woman too, nothing but curves and perfection with a dash of angelic face. Naruto didn't even care if she might have been a worker in the red light district. He had just been KISSED! THAT is some awesome shit to get to experience. Sasuke's only reaction to witnessing that was the slight widening of his eyes.

The three genin followed silently behind Naruto as they headed towards his house. Each one of them was lost in thought. They didn't really pay attention to the people as they crowded around the blonde, shaking his hand, patting him on the back and little kids calling him the Technin. They were each glad the boy finally had his moment of glory but that wasn't really their main concern.

For Sakura she had a few things to say to Naruto, Mostly around the fact that he had actually slapped her ass. Her face heated up a bit at that though one wouldn't be able to tell if it was from anger or not. The other was pure curiosity. The hover board was once again strapped to her back, she marveled at the technology in the seemingly plain slab of metal. She wanted to see more of what he had. She wanted to learn.

Shikamaru was in a way similar. The only things he saw were the weapons he had used against Neji and of course the Pawning of the Shukaku but that was it. And from what he had observed from Sasuke, there was much he didn't get to see. Lazy he may be he is still a genius and geniuses cannot deny their overactive brains precious knowledge. It just wasn't in the genes…or a law of nature they could break for that matter.

Sasuke wanted power. He wanted that Wave motion Cannon. Fuck Orochimaru! If Naruto was willing to share with Sasuke his weapons and magic and whatever the fuck else he had under his belt then Sasuke would Stay his Uchiha ass right in Konoha to get those things. Hell he would never call Naruto a dobe again! He'd teach him every jutsu he knew! Sasuke saw opportunity In Naruto he never thought existed until about three hours ago. And then there's the freakin KYUUBI!?

Fuck Orochimaru! Naruto is where its at!

The four arrived at Naruto's rundown apartment a few minutes later and waited as the blonde fiddled with the door and swung it in. Excitement and anticipation was welling up inside them as they followed the blonde in.

"Alight." Began said blonde.

"Since you two are my Teammates, He pointed to Sakura and Sasuke. "And you're too fuckin smart for your own good," grins at Shikamaru. "I'll give ya guys the full run down on what went down. But you can't tell ANYBODY shit until I'm ready to tell anybody shit. Got it?"

There were three nod's, one obviously more impatient than the others.

Naruto grinned and grabbed his scroll.


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