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Chapter 1

Bored out of his mind Severus Snape fought the desire to yawn. This was not his idea of spending the evening, waiting for his Lord-who-had-jet-to-show-up-Voldemort. But still he knew better than to show any weakness among his fellow Death Eaters from the Inner Circle.

A sudden rush of power alerted him of the arrival of the Dark Lord. Along with the others he rose and bowed, not moving as he waited for his Lord to settle down. The dark Lord strode through the large room and then sat down on the throne at the end of the table.

"Have a seat, gentlemen. What news have you brought? Lucius? "

The fair-haired man rose gracefully and spoke with a deep voice which sent shivers down Severus' spine.

"My Lord, our idiot of a minister has instituted a new law which declares all people with magical creature inheritance as dark beings."

At once his companions began to mumble among themselves, but Severus didn't hear them because of the shock he was in, then fury began to boil inside of him. 'How dare that blockhead try to hurt m…' Then his thoughts were interrupted by the Dark Lords musings.

"Splendid, the fool is helping us gaining followers. It's time to make our move and try to sway them to our side."

Pausing to take a sip of wine the Dark Lord let a calculating gaze sweep over his Inner Circle.

"Crabbe, Goyle, Rabastan I want you to make contact with those who are known to have blood of magical creatures in their ancestry. Do your best to recruit them. I want you others to keep your eyes open and report if you find someone unknown to us."

"My Lord," Severus suddenly interrupted "The Potter line has a creature inheritance, but I don't know if the blasted boy has inherited it. The minister of magic hates Potter fervently, so it isn't unlikely that this is the cause of the new law. It would place The-Boy-Who-Lived in the dark creature category."

A veil of silence rested in the room and Severus could feel everyone stare at him. 'Oh hell! I spoke without my Lords permission.' Closing his eyes, he awaited the sure to come crucio. But it didn't fall.

"Calm down Severus, I won't use the cruciatus. Do you know anything about his inheritance, and how come that you have this knowledge?"

"The bumbling fool told the Order since Potter's seventeenth birthday is coming up. The Potters have been very secretive about it and it only appears every hundred year. Its highly unusual and it requires great magical strength."

Suddenly a "pop" signaled a house-elf's arrival.

"Master, there is an owl trying to get past the wards. What do you whish for Lyra to do?"

But before Voldemort had a chance to answer a window burst open and an owl as white as snow flew in and landed in front of Severus.

Severus stared at the blasted bird which he had recognized immediately as Potter's. Only when Hedwig hooted urgently and stretched out her leg he saw the letter.

"Well, Severus I hope you have an explanation to why Harry Potter's owl carry a letter for you. Everyone know that you loath the boy or is it merely a facade perhaps?" The Dark Lords silky voice cut through the silence and brought Severus out of his shock.

"My Lord, I have no idea why the blasted boy has sent me a letter. "

"Well, don't just stand there as a fool. Read it for us and then I'll decide if you're loyal to our cause or not. Lucius, Bellatrix, take his wand and make sure that he can't escape."

But before they could move Severus handed his wand over and then carefully took the parchment from the owl. When he un-wrapped it he noticed the red spots on the paper and a sense of ill-boding hit him.

Mr. Snape, I know that we have never met before but my name is Petunia Dursley, formerly Petunia Evans. My sister's name was Lily Evans, but you may have known her as Lily Potter. I write to you because I have no one else to turn to. My nephew Harry Potter is in danger. Please, you have to rescue him! I fear for his life! My husband abuses him and I can't stop him. The old fool Dumbledore knows but won't do anything. You are my and Harry's only hope!

Petunia Dursley

Severus stared at the parchment in his hands. He couldn't believe what he had red. 'This can't be… Potter is supposed to be spoiled and pampered as the golden boy he is…' Once again he threw a glance at the words. 'Have I really been so blind?' Then shivers ran down his spine. He suddenly was aware of the other's gazes on him. He raised his head slowly and met the Dark Lords crimson eyes.

"Well, well, well. Who could have thought that you were friends with Lily Potter, Severus" Voldemort whispered. "Why haven't you told me before?"

Severus felt the others' stares and forced down a shudder. This turned out to be one of the worst days in his life, thanks to Harry-bloody-Potter!

"I don't deny that I was friends with her" Severus fought to keep his face blank and voice flat, but on the inside fear and despair raged. "But then she broke away from me when she learned that I was one of your loyal followers. I had hoped that she would follow me, but the blasted Potter had poisoned her mind." He took a deep breath, raised his head and then met the Dark Lord's gaze. "She never spoke to me again." Then he bent his head and merely waited.

He would die, he was sure of it. For a long time he had known that this moment would come. The moment when his treachery was found out. But still he was torn. 'I merely fell in love… where is the treachery in that? Is it treachery to want to have a family with someone you love? Even if this someone is the enemy?' Severus didn't know, but he knew that he didn't have any regrets. 'I'm ready to die…' But suddenly a picture appeared in his mind. The picture of a small, scrawny child with messy black hair and sparkling green eyes hidden behind glasses. Harry Potter, the son of his beloved Lily. 'NO!' His eyes opened and his magic flared. 'I'm not prepared to die yet! There is still someone who needs me… I've already failed him and won't do it again!' Raising his head again Severus rose to his full height and met the gaze of Voldemort. And the Dark Lord smiled a genuine smile for the first time in a long time.

"Welcome back to us Severus."