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"Oooh!" Michiru fumed, thoroughly frustrated. The unbearable heat had made everyone irritable, and whereas Shito was being typically aloof (if not more so than usual) Chika had said the wrong thing again (a rather lurid comment about she and Yomi) "Sometimes you just make me so… so… UGH!"
"Ferryman, turn the AC up." Shito murmured, fanning himself with his hand… well, Chika's hand to be specific.
"The hell you will! AC costs money, don't touch the dial Ferryman!" Chika snapped. Yuuta sighed and handed everyone glasses of lemonade (against the bosses wishes) "And make you so WHAT gopher, don't say something you can't back up. "
"Ooh, you're just looking for a fight today aren't you." She hissed.
"You started it!"
"Can you two quiet down!" Bekko growled. "Do none of you have work to do?"
"It's too hot to work." Shito said gruffly.
"How did I start it?" Michiru asked thanking Yuuta with a bow of her head and sipping at her drink.
"You over react to everything!"
"And you never think before you speak!"

"Kita-san," Shito murmured. "Don't rise to it."
"Stay out of this!" Both she and Chika said angrily before glowering at each other.
"You two fight like an old married couple." Yuuta giggled, trying to prop Koyomi (sleeping) up, when he found he couldn't, he threw a blanket over her.
"You too small fry." Chika grumbled.
"I do TOO think before I speak, I personally think it would be hot if you and Yomi…"
"Finish that sentence and you'll wish you could die!" Michiru warned, her hair practically standing on end.
"I personally…" Chika said daringly. "Think it would be hot…" Her eyes glared daggers right at him. "If you and Yomi…" She scowled. "Got it on in public."
"Well… well you know what I personally think!" She stammered, feeling her cheeks flush in embarrassment. "I… I personally think…" Her brain sought any ammo she could use against him and it was out of her mouth before she even realised it. "The only reason you use an astral sword is to compensate for smallness in other places."

His mouth fell open in shock. Shito snickered behind his hand and Yuuta giggled. Bekko merely sighed, he really didn't want blood on his carpet. Chika leapt up in alarm, looking ready to punch her.
"You heard me!" She said angrily, turning on her heel. She heard Yuuta giggle even more behind her.
"Oi… Michiru… you don't really believe that do you?" Chika asked, suddenly adapting a lazy drawl.
"Maybe." She turned round to face him and blanched, his trousers and boxers were around his ankles and his… thing was on display! She squawked and flailed, before covering her eyes in shock. Yuuta fell about in hysterics.
"Put it away." Shito said, barely blinking at the inappropriate behaviour.
"Just proving a point." Chika shrugged, pulling his underwear back up.
"Natural hair colour then." Yuuta added, once he'd recovered from his giggle fit. Michiru was still pale and hiding behind her hands.
"Shut up you… oi gopher, you can open your eyes now."
"I'd really rather not." She squeaked shyly. "I… I have to go home… and… wash my eyes… in acid." She murmured, and blindly staggered out the door.

"Well…" Shito yawned as Chika sat down. "I suppose that's one way to turn her lesbian."
"What was that you bastard!"

A/n: Just a quickie oneshot. I thought this was something Chika would do. I… have had this done to me before. Never insult a man's tackle unless you're willing to come face to face with it. Lol.
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